One Shot, Two Stories

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Monica’s Tangled Web and One Sister’s Rant are joining together to tell two stories, using one photograph.

We’re each posting the same snapshot (courtesy of Keoni Cabral, my friend and photographer extraordinaire) and we’re each writing a different first line. And here’s where you come in.

Readers, we want you to continue the story. Add one sentence to further the plot along and, before you know it, we’ll have one photograph with, what should prove to be, two very distinctive stories.

At the end of the week—or maybe next—we’ll post both stories in their entirety. I’ll post One Sister’s Rant story and you’ll need to head over to Bella’s blog to check out Monica’s Tangled Web story. Won’t that be cool??

This fun exercise is the brainchild of  Cathy Kozak, from While the Dervish Dances. Here are her instructions:

  1. Visit the comment section.
  2. Check your place in the story by reading others’ comments first, each of which will contain a sentence.
  3. Be sure to number your comment and add a sentence of your own that propels the story forward. Make sure you read the comments/sentences others have left before yours, to ensure a logical link.

We encourage you to contribute to the story here and to the story on One Sister’s Rant. Contribute as often as you like!

Tell your friends to contribute, too! Tweet, Facebook or post to whatever social media tool you have. We want this to be as long and involved and as fun as possible–and we can’t do it without you, so spread the news!

Bella and I can’t wait to see what, collectively, we all come up with. Without further ado, on your mark, get set—GO!

The First Sentence:

1. On a misty February morning, barely a week before Valentine’s Day, Charlie opened the back door to let the cat out, then boarded his jeep and drove away.

Your turn!

44 thoughts on “One Shot, Two Stories

  1. 41. The photo of Pamela filled him with repulsion and then excitement, for he suddenly remembered who he really was:

    “My name is Ryan and I’m in love with Olivia! Grandma, I must find her straight away!”

  2. 38. He was Ryan Rosling, Hollywood heart throb in the peak of his acting career. Grandma Dottie knew she couldn’t just drop that bomb on him. No, she would have to ease him into the realization of who he was and how he had showed up on her doorstep here in Idaho just a few days before.

  3. 36, Little did Charlie know that while Dottie had filled in the gaps of his life caused by his amnesia, she had failed to tell him that his real name was Ryan.

  4. 32. He edged in slowly, and before his eyes could adjust, he felt several pairs of eyes turn in his direction.

    • 31. Charlie peered into the darkness of Hank’s Dude Ranch Bar, the smell of cigarettes and chicken fried steak hung in the so-called air.

  5. 29. The truck. The accident. The ominous phone call. Christ, even the cat. What was factual? What was merely half-truth? And what was pure illusion, the hazy ghosts of an overactive mind grasping for signs of his intangible reality?

  6. 28. Charlie swiftly shook his head and wondered if the bump on his head was responsible for the random hallucinations that kept flashing before his eyes.

  7. 27. Charlie didn’t know the resolution of getting rid of Pamela would come so easy, as he was in the middle of his life and wanted to recapture his playa days with the Giselle, who was sleeping in the bed of his truck strip-butt naked.

  8. 26. He answered, quickly saying “hello” into the receiver and suddenly heard, in a booming voice; “I’ve taken your beloved Pamela and, unless you finish the job I asked you to do, I’m taking her with me to Brazil and you’ll never see her again.”

  9. 25. It was the thing that had come between them, the thing they’d fought about time and time again, until finally he’d had enough and was about to–just then his cell phone rang, and he knew by the special ringtone it was Pamela.

  10. 20. “I’m sor …”, he started to apologize, but her honey voice and soft smile changed his apology into anger, and he finished with: “What the hell is your truck doing parked in the middle of the road?”

  11. 16. Charlie buried his throbbing head in his hands but felt a sudden presence behind him. He turned toward the morning sun and the silhouette of someone approaching.

  12. 14. Gradually putting the pieces together, he wondered not only if she wasn’t just using him, but if perhaps she was the mastermind of the sinister plot he’d been suckered into – or was he just being paranoid?

  13. 9. Charlie reached into his jacket for a cigarette, and fumbling, took his eyes off the road for a moment, just long enough to slam into the back of a pickup.

  14. 4. His timing was ironic, as it was on a Valentine’s Day a few years ago that this whole adventure started.

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