Empty Nesting

Dear Daughter, I love you!


Spring Break, FAFSA Style: Spring Break’s a bust! Sarah’s home from college for one week and one week only. After a school quarter filled with reports, exams and intense studying, this is the time for her to have some much needed R&R, and some tender lovin’ comfort, courtesy of her mom (aka, me).  I take the week off from work so I can administer all my love and affection, prepare her favorite meals, and have lots of mother-daughter moments going shopping, seeing movies and just doing nothing. In other words, for us Spring Break represents the hopes that we can have some lazy, fun-filled days. Ah, bliss.

Dear Daughter:  Another birthday, already?  How many times have I told you to stop these foolish shenanigans? Do I need to get a lawyer to make you cease and desist from throwing it in my face—the fact that you’re getting older? Think of all the times I begged you to be my little girl again. I don’t think that was too much to ask. Unrealistic, maybe, but miracles have been known to happen…

The Boomerang Kid:  So much for my empty nest!  Just when I was getting used to it being void of offspring, life threw me a curve ball.  A curve ball in the shape of my son, Josh.  Yep, he’s coming home.  He’s quit his job and he’s packing up his things and moving back in…

A Genuine Gritty Christmas:  My kids are home! Which means no time to blog (and also why I did not post yesterday). No time for anything at all except spend time with Sarah and Josh and make sure they are well fed so that they know how much their mother loves them. That’s what mothers do when their kids descend on the home front. Besides, it’s the holidays…

My Night as a College Student:  I figured out the key to survival as a college student: you have to be a vampire. Or, at least, be ready to live like one. Here’s why I know this to be true.  Recently, I got to spend one wintry night in my daughter’s dorm room. That’s when I discovered that college students can stay awake until daybreak, the hour vampires fear most. During the night these young folk eat, drink and mindlessly chatter as if it’s the middle of the day. They do not know the meaning of a good night’s sleep and thanks to them, neither do I…

Empty Nest, Indeed:  It’s time to partition off my life again now that my daughter, Sarah, has returned to school. She’s a sophomore now and you’d think, having survived my oldest child’s departure as well as Sarah’s freshman year, that this would be old hat. But Sarah was home all summer, giving me a taste of life pre-empty nest and spoiling me rotten by wanting to spend time with me—the little fiend! Sigh.  And now she’s gone, and all I can say is, Vaya con Dios!..

Hooray for Football Season!:  Football season is here! I’m so excited that I’m beside myself! It’s time to get out all my San Diego Chargers gear—my a-bit-on-the-snug-side Charger tees, my Charger sweatshirt and my Charger baseball cap. My Charger banner too.

Mother and son go Charger crazy!

I’m a big Chargers fan, you know. At least that is the case since I figured out that my son Josh, really, really is a BIG Charger fan. He’s a mega-obsessed fan who knows every member of the team (I’m lucky if I can name one), where they attended school, their statistics, their injuries and what their odds are for playing well this season…

The Best Mom:  I am probably the best mom ever. At least that’s what my 25-year old son told me in a text he sent me to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. Really? Probably the best mom? Which leaves me wondering, what could have put me over the edge to make me the best mom in my son’s estimation? Did he find someone else’s mom more deserving of this acclamation? Aren’t all kids supposed to believe in their heart of hearts that their mother is the best? Am I simply a failure at motherhood?..

2 thoughts on “Empty Nesting

  1. i had to laff at that…”probably” the best mom…sadly, I can relate…oh the joys and “sorrows” of motherhood.

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