First Love


This blog series is set during those last years of high school before we all part company and move on. It is based on truth and yet sometimes, the truth is stretched and re-imagined.

James at 16: Prologue

Chapter 1: How We Met

Chapter 2: In Like a Lion

Chapter 3: Petulant Me

Chapter 4: Wounded Prey

Chapter 5: A Perfect Childhood

Chapter 6: Go Ask Alice

Chapter 7: Love Unexpected

Chapter 8: The Walls of Jericho

Chapter 9: My, She was Yar

Chapter 10: Saturday in the Park with James

Chapter 11: Cat’s Out of the Bag

Chapter 12: The Misfits

Chapter 13: Signing Yearbooks

Chapter 14: The Grace of God

Epilogue: Killing Me Softly



Chapter 1: Misfits, Losers, Miscreants, Wise Guys & Clowns

Chapter 2: Misfits & Losers, Part 2

Chapter 3: Miscreants & Wise Guys

Chapter 4: Breaking Curfew

Chapter 5: Monsoon Summer

Chapter 6: End of the Road





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