Writing for HuffPost & Other Media

KPBS Hey Neighbor!

Disability Awareness Month Local Hero Travis Ricks Helps Challenged Athletes Thrive

Disability Awareness Month Local Hero Alex Montoya ‘Swings for the Fences’

Cosmetologist Tessie Bonner Saves Lives Through Breast Cancer Prevention

Montford Point Marines, Part I

Montford Point Marines, Part II

Kumeyaay Elder Keeps Language & Plant Lore Alive

Linda Bounds on Being Boundless

World War II Hero Advocates for Veterans

Yale Strom, A Champion for Klezmer


 Gay San Diego:

Gay Broadway Actor Brings Quasimodo to Town


San Diego Uptown News:

Lori Walton: Living to Give

Omar Passons: Grand-scale Giving

Lorraine Hutchingson: Against All Odds

San Diego’s ‘iMayor’ Leaves the City Better than He Found It

The fire fueling the Latino Film Festival

Margaret Huffman Bids Farewell to Fleur de Lis


HuffPost College/Black Voice:

Dr. Aaron Bruce Urges Students of Color to Prepare to Become International Leaders

HuffPost Comedy:

Pundits on Parade

We Need an Election Dance-off

Huffpost Latino Voices:

My Fake Family Tree

HuffPost Women:

One in Three is One too Many

Girl Scout Cookie Season: How Cookies Led Me to Become an “Honorary” Girl Scout

HuffPost Weddings:

Destination Wedding: New Jersey Style

Why You Shouldn’t Propose on a Holiday

HuffPost Parents:

It’s FAFSA Break!


Lunch With the 50+ Set

Come Fly With Me? Not Like it Used to Be

HuffPost Divorce:

How Whitney Houston Saved My Life

Is Open Marriage Really What Newt Wanted?

New Year’s Resolutions Post Divorce

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Thanksgiving That Never Was

The Divorce Savings Plan

The Journey To Divorce

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Syndrome

Can You Trust Your Spouse with Money?

Divorce–Whose Party Is This Anyway?

Strangers = Cheap Therapy

Me, Rocky Balboa

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