Dear Justin Trudeau, Won’t You Be My President?

It’s election season and I’m obsessed. I want to know what’s going on every moment of every day in the world of politics. I want to know who’s in the lead in the polls and who put their foot in their mouth. And I need to know what that ghostly fellow, Julian Assange is going to do next. WikiLeaks, wiki-shmeeks!

Well, this I can tell you: All this craziness has me thinking of one thing and one thing only:

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My Tribute To Baby Boomer Robin Williams

My Tribute To Baby Boomer Robin Williams

There’s nothing that says mortality like when someone of your generation dies.

Robin Williams is gone, and if you don’t know that it’s because you’ve been deeply engrossed in America’s Got Talent, Cops or Hardcore Pawn. (Yes, that’s a real name of a reality show but don’t ask me what it’s about because I don’t do reality shows.)

So Williams is dead and you know what that means, don’t you? Continue reading