The Princess and the Gal From Queens

No doubt you’ve heard that there’s a royal wedding afoot. Which reminds me of the last royal wedding and of course, remembering that wedding causes me to reflect on just how alike Princess Diana and I were. We had a lot in common, she and I.  Birds of a feather, if you ask me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I never thought I was a princess.  But there have been times when I would have preferred to live like one.  And sure, I’m a Latina and she was born in England. There’s no denying that there are a few differences. But here’s what I’m really getting at: For a while there, Princess Diana and I led parallel lives.

First, there’s the obvious things.  She was a princess and I hailed from Queens. You can’t get more royal than that. Plus, we both wore our hair short, though she’s a blonde and I’m not.  And we were both rather shy in our youth, especially at public appearances, though hers were televised and photographed incessantly, while nobody followed me around—whether to the mall or to the grocery store. In fact, the only paparazzo I knew was my father. He was always snapping photos, which was very annoying. So, I can totally relate to all the attention the princess received.

Then, there’s the fact that Princess Diana and I each married in the same year, though her wedding was a bit flashier than mine, and she married in the perfect month for weddings, June.  As for me, I was newly employed, with little vacation time, so I had to schedule my nuptials during the holidays, just after the New Year. It was a mere four degrees in New Jersey that day, with the wind chill factor putting the temps way below zero. Miserable weather for a seemingly auspicious start.

Princess Diana and I were married the same year! Though mine was first.

We each wore fairytale wedding gowns, though mine was off the rack and the sales lady practically bullied my mother and I into making the purchase. I’m sure, Princess Diana had a slew of people helping her with her gown, and I doubt any of them tried to push her into buying wholesale. Her gown became a fashion icon and is currently touring the states.  Mine spent years stored in a box somewhere, until I dropped it off at Goodwill one day.

Our first borns were boys, and mine was every bit a prince until that is, he started walking and terrorizing our poor cat.  When the princess and prince visited the U.S., a gala dinner at the White House was held in their honor. At the time, I was working at an office just a few blocks away. There, she got to dance with John Travolta, who I happened to have a major crush on, ever since seeing him in Grease.  Turns out, Diana had a crush on him, too! You see? Parallel lives, indeed! Coincidence? I think not!

We both married men with cheating in their hearts, and our divorces became final around the same time. Which is about when our parallel lives began to part ways.  She became a jet setter, jaunting all over Europe and tripping the light fantastic.  While the only tripping I did was on my way to pounding the pavement in search of a job.

Yes, Princess Diana and I were kindred spirits, though we never met and she never did respond to the 47 letters I sent her, in which I described all our similarities. Sigh. Maybe I’ll have better luck with Kate. After all, I’m just certain she and I must have a good deal in common!