Independence Day at the Movies

In honor of Independence Day, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite films about independence, and many of these have nothing WHATSOEVER to do with the Fourth of July. Continue reading

A Loving Homage to the Movies

From as early as I can remember I could be found in the darkness of a movie theater with a fistful of malt balls in my hand, my bottom firmly planted on a seat somewhere in the middle row of the theater, and my legs dangling over the seat’s edge, barely skimming the floor, which was covered in chewing gum and a sticky coating of Coca Cola. Continue reading

Miscreants & Wise Guys

Miscreants & Wise Guys

Part 3 of Camp Life (Warning: Explicit Language) All points lead to hell and there’s no escape, that’s for sure. And it’s especially true of my time at Camp Prison-Shit, because, dammit, we were in wild country, where anything can … Continue reading