A LEGO a Day: Day 94

When my son, Josh, was seven, one of the things he loved most was creating elaborate scenes with his favorite toy, the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles. Of course, all the scenes he’d conjure up depicted various stages of fighting. Inevitably, Josh would ask me to take a photo of his scenes, using my old, pre-digital camera. Trust me, my photos could never do his battle scenes justice.

Now, I’m excited to share with you someone who has taken photos of a classic toy to a whole new level. This fellow WordPress blogger, Dan Phelps, is a genius!  Dan, a 5th grade school teacher from Tennessee, brilliantly uses the LEGO toys to create visual stories, often with comical, twisted captions.  He posts a new photo everyday, so you’re going to want to check his site and check it often–if not daily! Below is a link to one of my favorites.  Enjoy!  You can find more at Dan’s site, http://legomyphoto.wordpress.com/.

Day 94.

At that moment, TK-788 and TR-114 made a pact to never speak of this day again to anyone.