Fields of Gold

Spring Break in this household just kicked the bucket. Kaput. Gone in a flash, just like that.

Entrance to the Huntington Library, Art Collection & Botanical Gardens--an amazing place to visit.

And, as I drove my daughter to the airport, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I found myself wanting to belt out my own rendition of “Sunrise, Sunset.” Because, if you ask me, the passage of time is captured best in this song’s lyrics:

“Is this the little girl I carried…I don’t remember growing older, when did they?”

“Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers, blossoming even as we gaze.”

“Sunrise, sunset, swiftly fly the years, one season following another.”

Well, friends, it was a whirlwind week. Not enough time is my usual mantra, and I mean it now, more than ever. Sunrise, sunset.

And, of all the things we did together this week—two movies, tea with friends at the Huntington Library in San Marino, shopping, lunching at our favorite cafe, etc.—the most glorious of our experiences is captured in the photographs below.

We floated, we too, mother and daughter, in fields of spectacular color. For the ranunculus are in bloom!  Row upon row of reds, yellows, whites, pinks and oranges–as far as the eye can see. A world of enchantment, like a bouquet of  Technicolor extravaganza that has been sprinkled with golden fairy dust. Way too beautiful for mere words. And fleeting, too, for in four weeks this will all be gone. Sunrise, sunset.

There was me, excitedly running ahead with my camera, taking over 100 shots from every possible angle. And there was my girl, my chica who recently turned 21, following close behind with all the patience in the world. She has it all and I have none, my New York spirit still strong, while hers is firmly planted in laid-back California. Different, yet the same.

Blinding brilliance; heaven on earth.

The view from the hillside.

And one more.

It’ll be months before I see my daughter again, but I’m already looking forward to it!

For now, it’s back to the grind. 😉