And They Call it Puppy Love

A Guest Post by Henry

While Cook is distracted with the holiday festivities, and not showing an iota of interest in blogging, I am coming to the rescue. As fortune would have it, I get to write another post. Herewith, is a list detailing how we’ve been spending the holiday thus far.

1. I have been catching up on the news. It goes without saying that there are few things far cuter than a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Except, maybe, one sitting upon your lap. I know this because, as you no doubt recall, I am a Cavalier and, as you know very well by now, we, Cavaliers descend from royalty.

Poor Charlie, caught in the middle of a custody dispute. Photo, courtesy of The Daily Mail.

Which must be the reason that Playboy mogul, Hugh Hefner, and his ex-fiancée, Crystal, have been fighting, according to the London Mail, over the custody of their Cavalier, Charlie. Poor Charlie. I suppose that’s what they mean by “puppy love.” Glad it’s not me, for I’d hate to be in the middle of any disagreement, even if it is between a tycoon and a bunny.

2. And now for some pleasant news: I’ve been enjoying good home cooking of late. Cook baked some rather tasty cinnamon rolls and my Lady-in-Waiting made and decorated fancy Christmas cookies. I ate one that looked like a candy cane. Scrumptious!

3. And now, the bad news: Cook broke out in hives this week. She says she was minding her own business, browsing the internet, when suddenly she was overtaken by a burning sensation spreading over her scalp and face and down through her arms. My Lady says she was hot to the touch. To me, she looked like a red tomato with the complexion of a dried sponge. Rather blotchy, if you will. Wish I’d had a camera to snap her photo while she scrambled like a mongoose, pouring cold water on her head and wrapping ice in the kitchen towel to cool her face. Luckily, the Benadryl took effect rather quickly and soon the rash and hives subsided.  All’s well, I suppose. Cook says it was a new medication she’s taking that nearly did her in. I say, what goes around, comes around. Not sure what it means, but it sounds rather clever to me.

Cook baked this cinnamon bread. A tasty morsel, indeed!

4. Everyone went to the cinema–twice–leaving yours truly minding the abode. Luckily, I am good at this, for I am very brave and prepared. Though, I must say, I slept through their absence and, if truth be told, when I’m in a state of repose, I hear virtually nothing. Cook says I’m like a teenager in that way, and can sleep the day away if responsibilities—and Mother Nature—didn’t get in my way. She is quite right.

In any case, the household took the night off and went to see The Adventures of Tintin, which they seem to have enjoyed greatly. My valet said the film was memorable for a dog named Snowy, who absolutely stole the show. I’m not surprised, really, as dogs do like being the center of attention. The other movie they saw was Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Cook said she liked it a lot, that it was exciting and funny, too. But I’m not partial to any film that doesn’t have at least one dog in it.

5. My Christmas gift left much to be desired. All I asked for was something to remind me of home. Which is why Cook gave me a box of crumpets and a DVD titled, The Lost Prince. While I enjoyed the crumpets very much (they were divine, with a hint of liver), I was utterly disappointed with the DVD.  Turns out, it wasn’t about a Cavalier at’ll, as I had been led to believe. Instead it was about a human prince who suffers from hemophilia. What was I supposed to do with that, I wonder? I watched it from beginning to end, hoping for a glimpse of my peeps, but there was nary a Cavalier to be seen in any of the scenes.  I prefer last year’s gift of Young Victoria, starring Emily Blunt. Clearly, Queen Victoria was fond of Cavaliers for there were several frolicking in the film. And we do look rather sprightly when we frolic. Which is what makes us so irresistible, I suppose, and which is, no doubt, why Mr. Hefner and Miss Crystal are fighting tooth and nail for the possession of Charlie.  Well, buck up, Charlie! Chin up and all that. Be strong, mate!

6. We have big plans for New Year’s Eve. Cook says she’s going to prepare a sumptuous meal of boiled chicken and rice for me. I am quite beside myself with joy.

My Lady-in-Waiting's holiday cookies. The candy cane cookie was delightful!

Happy New Year, Friends! That means you, Roxy, Bassa, Bongo, Lola, Charlie, Uptown Dog and all my canine friends, wherever you are!

To the rest of you, cheerio!