In My Next Life…

The next time I’m born I don’t want to have a mouth because if I do I’m probably going to have oral surgery 15 times, as I’ve had in this life and I’m not keen on it, plain and simple.

But wait, if I don’t have a mouth then I can’t eat. Frankly, I don’t mind not having the ability to talk but I don’t want to starve–unless, of course, I take food intravenously, which sounds inconvenient, especially when eating out. Boy, can you imagine ordering? Yes, I’ll have the sushi, intravenously. The spinach salad, intravenously. The filet mignon, intravenously–no, wait. I don’t like beef. Doesn’t sit well with me. Bleah!

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I’m Featured!

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Dear Readers,

While I’m still recovering from Oral Surgery #43 (You can read about my travails, here), you should know that I’m famous! Well, not quite famous, but I’m featured today on the homepage of The Lady Bloggers Society, which has posted my story, titled, Twitter-dee and Twitter-dum.  I hope you’ll check it out!

Oh, and you should know, that I do enjoy tweeting now. I get it. I really do. It’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys, if you ask me.  In fact you should follow me! @monicastangled is my handle.

Thank you, Lady Bloggers Society, for taking a chance on me!