Monica & Bella’s Excellent Adventure!

Characters Welcome!

Remember how much fun you had when One Sister’s Rant partnered with Monica’s Tangled Web and asked you to join in creating a story, based on a photo of a cat on a bench?  Well, here we go again! Sort of.

This time we’re giving you the premise for a fictional story, one that, with your help, is sure to evolve into an excellent adventure.

Picture if you will: a high school reunion on the high seas. It’s been 20 years, and anything can happen. Mayhem, merriment, mystery—even murder!

And, the best part of this story? You.

Because, to make this story come alive, we are enlisting you. We want you to create a character, a member of the class of 1992.  So read the premise of the story below, and then, before you start giving life to your character, be sure to read the rules!

What? You didn’t think there’d be rules?

Of course there are rules! Otherwise, how else would we end up with a story that makes sense and flows? (More or less.)

So, are you interested in making this story come alive? Then, read on!


Twenty years have passed since the Class of 1992 graduated from the Gene Kelly High School of Performing Arts.

Some went on to find work in the theater, while others took different paths.

Some moved away and others remained in the sleepy town of Mojito.

Some were housewives and others became business owners.

Some married their high school sweethearts, while others remained single.

Yet, the Class of 1992 had one thing in common—none had seen each other in 20 years.

But this is about to change, because for one long weekend, they will come together to celebrate their 20th class reunion on a cruise bound for Barbados.

Love, lust, envy, jealousy, and regret will surface during the next three days and before they reach port, one will turn up dead: Lupita Davenport, wife of Thurston Davenport, III, who, as heir to the Davenport Pickle Company, is also known as the Pickle King.

THE RULES (Bear with us, please!):

1) You will create ONE fictional character and be in charge of said character through the development of the story.  However, If you do not follow up, Bella or I may choose to eliminate the character in a crafty fashion. Your character is your creation. She/he can have any description, career, life that you want him/her to have.

2) You cannot write the story lines of other characters. However, the story lines will overlap as other readers introduce their characters. If you do not like the turn your character takes at any point in the story, we encourage you to steer him/her in a different direction. You should not kill off your character.

3) All characters must be fictional (preferably from your imagination), and should be a member of the Class of 1992. However, you can also create a character who is a teacher, custodian, or anyone else who is affiliated with the school. Children and pets are not allowed on board. Sorry!

4) Please read the entries before yours, so as to continue the storyline and keep your character in context. If the story starts to ramble, the narrator (me or Bella) will step in to re-steer its course.

5) Finally, your character can be any gender, race, or nationality. He/she can be straight, gay, or bisexual. Diversity is encouraged! However, our blogs are rated PG. Keep this in mind when writing your story lines.

Note: This post will run for three days and you can post as many entries as you wish. However, we ask that you limit your entry to one to three sentences at a time, so as to give others a chance to engage in the story. Finally, at the end of the three days, Bella and I will determine the identity of the murderer, in each of our blogs, from among all the characters you create. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to keep your character from being singled out as the murderer!

Time to create your character! And, when you’re finished here, be sure to visit Bella’s blog to create a character for her story (can be the same character), though, read the preceding entries before diving in. Looking forward to seeing how your characters develop!

And now, the high seas await!


Bloodcurdling screams pierced through the ballroom as music continued to play softly in the background. The maid, who had come to polish the crystal chandelier, continued to scream as she  looked down on the macabre scene in front of her. Lying face down in a puddle of blood, was a beautiful woman with skin, the color of caramel, and raven black hair. Her ball gown, a designer label, was torn on one side. A streak of light made its way through a door that had been left ajar. The bright light shone directly on the gold-colored name tag pinned on the woman’s dress. It read, “Lupita Davenport.”