My Summer of Reading!

This is going to be my summer of reading! Yes, I’m going to read every book I’ve been hoarding, storing, stashing, perusing and downloading. This very summer. Mark my words! Continue reading

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

You may recall (and if you don’t, you have a very short memory), that I have been honored with the Kreativ Blogger Award, thanks to my blogger pal, Isabelle and her blog, As the Actress said to the Bishop.

I’ve already fulfilled the first rule, passing the award on to 10 very cool blogs that are definitely worth reading (See London Actress Picks Me!). So now, it’s on to Rule #2.  A little drumroll, please…

Guam, the little island with the friendliest people.

Here are 10 things I’ve yet to reveal about myself:

1. My favorite color is purple. No, orange. Ok, purple it is.

2. My mother had meningitis while pregnant with me and we almost didn’t make it. Luckily, one of her sisters nursed her back to health, and thus I was born.

3. I once spent a whirlwind week in Guam. Met the governor, was interviewed on the radio and featured in a TV spot. I also made the front page of the local newspaper. Capped off the week by enjoying a typical Chamorro barbecue and sampling the island specialty–Spam. Yum!

4. When I was a kid, my uncle gave my family a dog. Jeffrey lasted with us for two whole weeks. Never having owned a pet, we didn’t know what to do with the poor thing. And so, we gave him back. I still miss him.

5. I just finished listening to my first audio book ever, Ken Follet’s Fall of Giants. It was incredibly engrossing, all 32 hours of it.  I listened while walking my dog and wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to concentrate, but now I’m hooked on audio books. Devil in the White City by Erik Larson is next.

The Mister Softee truck brings back fond memories from my childhood.

6. I’m not a big fan of ice cream. If I buy a pint, it can stay in the freezer for six months to a year. Yet I still have a soft spot in my heart for the Mister Softee and Good Humor Ice Cream trucks of my youth, and the jingles and bells they’d play through the streets of Queens, signaling to us kids that their cold treats were just around the bend.

7. I like to drive fast and have little (none, really) patience for those who don’t. It drives me crazy. No pun intended.

8. For me, it’s Diet Coke all the way. So much so that a couple of years ago, I found myself in Atlanta for a conference and made the trip to Mecca. Which, for me meant visiting the  World of Coca-Cola museum. The two-hour indoctrination included an animated film homage to the soft drink–inside the Happiness Factory Theater–a guided tour through the history and art inspired by Coca-Cola, and an all-you-can-drink sampling of beverages from around the world. My favorite: Pineapple Fanta.  And all this while being surrounded by fellow Coca-Cola die-hard enthusiasts. Only thing missing: Support groups to help us navigate in a world that often favors Pepsi.

9. When I was in sixth grade, my teacher discovered I had an adequate singing voice and recruited me to join the glee club.  As a result, I had dreams of grandeur and making it big on Broadway.  We all know how that turned out.

10. I spent eight years living in Seattle and I totally loved the overcast, rainy weather as well as the long summer days.  Which is why I settled in San Diego. Makes no sense, but who cares? I’m happy!

So thank you, thank you.  I promise I won’t let the Kreativ Blogger award go to my head.