It’s My Birthday, Bitches!

The Lips Bar where the Mimosas and Bloody Marys pour freely.

Yesterday was my birthday, and to celebrate I thought I’d try something fun and exciting.

After all, when the kids have flown the coop, and all that’s left in your empty nest is you and a dog that thinks he descends from royalty—which, I might add, is his Number One excuse for not having to take out the trash—it’s time to pull out all the stops!

Thankfully, I work with the most amazing group of smart and savvy women. And, if you ask me, we’re not just working together, we’re having fun!  It’s nonstop merriment and mayhem. For, even the most mundane of tasks can be made all the more fascinating because of them.

Yes, I adore them all!  (And, Jack, if you’re reading this, this goes for you, too. 😉 After all, you’re a terrific assistant!)

Which is why, a few of us got together and headed over to Lips for a dining and show experience that was out of this world!

We’re talking Drag Queens, bitches!

Oh, yes, these gals call everyone bitches–and, it’s a badge of honor when it’s directed to you! They also keep the innuendos flying, never missing a beat.

On Sundays, they offer their World Famous Gospel Brunch, hosted by “Sister Nun-of-the-Above,” who bares a close resemblance to Cher. But, believe you me, there’s nothing religious about this brunch—though they do take up a collection for the “drag queen orphans.”

See for yourself, all the fun we had:

From Left: Suzanne, Clare and her sister, Hannah, me and Ashley.

Isn’t this the greatest group of gals you ever saw? Present company excluded, of course. Clockwise from left: Hannah, Ashley, Suzanne, Ana, Me, Susan, Trisha and Val.


Sister None-of-the-Above got us all going with the rousing Drag Queen anthem, “We Are Family.”

The hits kept coming, thanks to these hot mamas!

From Left: Ana, Susan, Trisha and Val. Trisha organized the whole celebration. You are awesome, Trish!

And a fun time was had by all! Thanks, Bitches, for making my day!