Color Me a Kid Again

Color Me a Kid Again

Now that I’m back from Brazil, you’re probably wondering what has this busy-as-a-bee woman been up to lately? Sure, I’ve been doing this and that. And true, I’m constantly on the run and when I’m not, I’m desperately trying to … Continue reading

Art Meets Glass & Then Some

And Your Chance to Win a Giveaway! Read on—

Recently, I attended the annual Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show. It’s the largest indoor show on the west coast, and I should know. I’ve been going to it for nearly 20 years.  In fact, some would say (me and Henry, that is), that I’m a Harvest Festival connoisseur. Which is my code for, I know good art when I see it.

Marsha Anderson and her gorgeous work.

So, this year, I went with my handy-around-the-house friend, Gale, because she loves to shop at the festival almost as much as I do, and because—always the practical one—she brought along the discount admission coupons.

Well, my favorite thing about the festival is discovering something new to swoon about. And this year, I found it in plates. I wasn’t even in the market for plates, but when I saw these I immediately fell in love with the brilliant colors, and just had to have a few!

Above is a photo of the booth, taken at the very moment I discovered the best treasure of the festival. The lady in the photo is none other than Marsha Anderson, the artist and owner of Art Meets Glass. My pulse quickened as I entered her booth and once there, nothing could pry me out.

I LOVE her stuff! It has all the ingredients I crave for in the perfect art piece: bright, bold colors, whimsy, charm, and fruit. I’ve always found it hard to resist cherries in art. Now, I feel the same about pomegranates.

I ended up buying several pieces, including a beautiful necklace—which I’m giving to my daughter for the holidays, so mum’s the word!  While shopping, I briefly chatted with Marsha and learned that she is new to my neck of the woods.  We decided to keep in touch, and because she is as amazing as her art, she’s offering my readers my very first giveaway!

You can win this necklace giveaway! Read my post to find out how!

The Giveaway:  Just in time for the holidays, one of you (providing you reside in the United States or Canada) will receive a charming pomegranate necklace. All you need do is tweet this post (if you have a Twitter account) and leave a comment by November 25th. Also, if you include your Twitter handle in your comment, I’ll follow you (assuming I’m not already), and I encourage my readers to follow each other!

Marsha will randomly pick a name from among the comments and I will announce the winner in an upcoming post. Make sure you note in your comment whether you tweeted it, and also whether you live in the US or Canada.

I recently sat down for a Q&A with Marsha to learn more about her and her fabulous art:

MTW: Tell me a little about yourself, how long you’ve been doing this, and how you discovered your talent for painting plates and making jewelry.

MA: I have always been an artist.  If I couldn’t buy it, I would make it.  I remember selling little clay items at a local craft show when I was only 11 years old.  I discovered painting glass while admiring a painted wine glass and wondered how I could make something similar.  After much experimentation with different paints and brushes, I developed my own style.  My plates became the canvas on which I paint.  The fact that they are functional is only secondary to me.

MTW: Your art is so vivid, colorful, and whimsical, a style that is uniquely your own. How did you come into this style?

MA: I like color and I am not afraid to use it!  I used to find cards and art that I liked to use for the image in the middle of my plates.  I realized that if I were going to sell my art, I would have to create original designs.  Once I got started, I couldn’t stop.  I try to create images that appeal to everyone.

MTW: Where do you draw your inspiration?

This plate is all about the holidays!

MA: I draw (literally!) from what is current.  At a show, I pay attention to which designs sell the most or are noticed more than others.  Every year I create new designs to keep it fresh.  I love the colors of fall and I am drawn to rich, jewel tones.  I realized that my Judaica (Jewish art) was highly desired and I created a new line of which I sell wholesale to synagogue gift shops nationwide.

MTW: What do you hope to convey to people through your art?

MA: Joy.  I love to see the response of a person when they walk by my craft fair booth and stop, dead in their tracks, to exclaim how beautiful the plates are.  I hear from many customers that my plates make them feel happy.  I feel happy when I am creating.

MTW: Which, if any of the designs is your personal favorite and why?

MA: I love pomegranates and I love the pomegranate image that I create for my round plates.  I am able to change the colors to create totally different looks by using the same pomegranate painting.

MTW: How can people bring a little more color into their own lives?

MA: Buy something that “pops” and place it in a spot that you see everyday.  Wear a piece of jewelry that becomes a conversation piece and enjoy that little connection you will have with another human being.

MTW: Where do you find your bliss?

MA: I find my bliss when I am creating, making new friends, laughing, sharing, learning, and being with my amazing family.

MTW: Any other hobbies, interests?

MA: Napping (not kidding), teaching, socializing with friends.

MTW: Teaching?

Now you’ll always know what time it is with this charming clock.

MA: I’ve always loved children.  When I graduated from college with my BA in art, I decided to get my teaching credential.  I was a substitute before I became a 6th grade teacher.  I stopped teaching when I had my first son, but I continue to substitute teach when I can.  I also piloted a religious school program, for 3rd and 4th grade, which taught Judaism through art.  I was only able to complete the first year of this two-year program because we had to move, but I intend to introduce the idea to some local synagogues next year.

MTW: Tell us little bit about your family and life in Southern California?

MA: I moved here from the Bay Area only four months ago with my wonderful husband, two amazing teenage boys, two annoying pugs and my arts and craft business.  We couldn’t have picked a better place!  I spend my days painting, walking the dogs at the beach, hanging out with new friends, and parenting my very funny boys.  My husband travels so I consider myself a “single, married, mom.”  I have already made so many new friends.  We all think that San Diego is the perfect place to live.

 For more information, or to purchase, please visit Art Meets Glass.