Girl Scout Cookie Season & Me, ‘Honorary Girl Scout’

Girl Scouts of America just launched a new campaign, Year of the Girl. Visit their website for more info.

No post today!

Instead, please head on over to check out my latest blog for The Huffington Post, where you’ll find out why I, a Latina from Queens, never became a girl scout—except from afar, that is. And why, despite this, I believe in the Girl Scouts of the USA and their mission to empower girls.

Which brings me to my next question: Are you planning to buy any cookies this year? I sure hope so, because, when you do, know that it’s for a great cause.

So, after you read the post, Girl Scout Cookie Season: How Cookies Led Me to Become and ‘Honorary’ Girl Scout, be sure to come back, and tell me which is your favorite Girl Scout cookie. Mine is Thin Mints–no, I mean, Tagalongs! No, Thin Mints, I think.

Oh, and, if you were a girl scout—or a member of Campfire USA, Boy Scouts or 4-H Club, for that matter—please be sure to share your favorite experience in the comment section. After all, I just love hearing from you!