Powering Through Vacation

Poor thing, she’s still coughing. Well, it’ll be okay as long as I don’t get sick. In fact, I never NEVER get sick. I’ve been taking the flu shot for years which has been key to staying healthy. This year I didn’t get the flu shot and still didn’t get sick, even when all my colleagues at work were dropping like flies.


Is that my throat feeling sore? Continue reading

Open a New Window

During my recent trip to the Netherlands, I fell in love with this quaint, enchanting country. Everywhere I looked I felt surrounded by history, right down to the windmills, which are a national treasure. Continue reading

Somebody, Talk Me Down!

I can’t watch the presidential elections anymore. I can’t. I absolutely cannot! It’s killing me. If I hear one more insult, one more low blow, I’m going to run for the hills. And by that I mean Canada or, better … Continue reading

The Longest Week

The Longest Week

This has been the longest week ever. It’s the last week before Christmas and I swear it doesn’t want to end.  Not only are kids everywhere counting the days until Santa comes down their chimney, but I’m waiting for my … Continue reading