Sleep, Read & Laugh Your Head Off

Happy New Year!
By the way, when is the right time to stop saying that? I mean if you ask me, I’d say it well into April. I’m thinking April 15, Tax Day, might be the cut-off. Continue reading

How to Become a More Cultured & Giving Citizen of the World

But thanks to applying herself, Paulina’s attending a university in northern California. And now, as she sets off to college, I made a list. A list of things I think she should try to integrate into her life. Continue reading

Don’t Quote Me

Don’t Quote Me

My personal trainer, Anthony, says I worry too much and that I should do what he does and not pay attention to the news. Frankly, I can’t help myself, even if Anthony says I have a better chance of dying from processed foods, carbs and sugar overload than I do from being gunned down by a terrorist. Continue reading

My Summer of Reading!

This is going to be my summer of reading! Yes, I’m going to read every book I’ve been hoarding, storing, stashing, perusing and downloading. This very summer. Mark my words! Continue reading