I Coulda Been a Contender

For in the early 80s I had a brush with fame. Yes, I was beltin’ out the tunes and dancin’ up a storm. I was hitting the high notes and smacking the low ones, much to my voice instructor’s chagrin. Continue reading

A Birthday Ends & Life Goes On

Of course, now that I’m a whole year older, I can’t help but wonder, why don’t I feel a whole year wiser? You’d think at my age I’d be able to impart all kinds of wisdom and knowledge like some wise Sensei. But inside I’m still the same person with not so much an iota of enlightenment. Continue reading



  I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been doing fine all year. Had a great summer, with many activities and whatnot filling up my “dance card.” Busy, busy, busy. That’s me all over. Then September hit and lo and behold … Continue reading

The Dance-Off

Which one’s better? Zumba or Soul Line Dancing?

That’s what I set out to find out. All because one of us—I’m not saying who—decided to throw down the gauntlet. And once that happened, all bets were off.

It was me versus Elise.

Zumba versus Soul Line Dancing.

The east side of the freeway versus the ocean side.

Brunette versus blonde.

Fitbit Flex versus some other, fancier model.

In other words, it was Hammer Time. Continue reading

Carmen’s Story: Every Two Minutes, Part II

Carmen’s Story: Every Two Minutes, Part II

I learned that rape doesn’t just happen to one person. It happens to the family, the friends and the neighbors. Everyone gets hurt. They feel guilty that they weren’t there to help you. Continue reading