Sleep, Read & Laugh Your Head Off

Getting more sleep in 2019 is something Henry, my Cavalier King Charles, is happy to do.

Happy New Year!

By the way, when is the right time to stop saying that? If you ask me, I’d say April 15, Tax Day, might be the cut-off. Though some might say Valentine’s Day is the last day to wish folks a happy new year.

I just don’t know the answer, so please know that I’m not wishing a Happy New Year in order to offend.  Rather, I’m just playing it safe.

Happy New Year!

Now that 2019 is here, I was thinking this might be a good time to make my new year’s resolution.  I do this every year even though I know full well that whatever resolution I come up with will fall by the wayside before the week’s out.

Alas, I have absolutely no willpower.   Take for example my love of all things chocolate. Not white chocolate–yuck! I mean, does that even count as chocolate?

But what American in his rightful mind can resist chocolate-covered peanut butter pretzels from Trader Joe’s? Best. Snack. Ever. (And to those Brits who despise peanut butter, relax. You can’t even taste it in these pretzels.)

Anyway, I digress.  This year I have a New Year’s resolution I’m sure I can achieve.  Assuming I stick to it, of course.

More sleep.  Turns out sleep is good for you.  I always thought it a hindrance to living. I mean, why spend a third of your life in slumber when you can be up and about, successfully tackling your endless to-do list?

But lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of ailments. Curse you, Mister Sandman for not making me sleep more!

Well, this is the year I’m going to aim for seven to eight hours of blissful sleep every night.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do and wish me luck, that’s all I ask.

In addition to more sleep, I plan to continue what I started in 2018 and read more. One of my favorite reads last year was, “The Sun Does Shine: How I found Life and Freedom on Death Row” by Anthony Ray Hinton with Lara Love Hardin.

This is an amazing, thoughtful, and emotional book.  A must read for anyone with a heart and anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of racism and the prison system in America–two issues that need to be fixed.  

It is the story of Anthony Ray Hinton who in 1985 was charged with two counts of capital murder in Alabama—a crime he DID NOT commit.  Yet, despite the fact he was nowhere near the crime scenes, he was sentenced to death and remained on death row for 30 years. Let that sink in. Thankfully, he never gave up trying to prove his innocence.

What got me most about the book was his relationship with his mother.  The love they felt for each other weaves through the book with compassion and hope. I felt their pain and found myself wanting to console them both.  Here’s a quote from an early chapter:

“I walked up to the witness stand and turned around and looked out over the courtroom. I was happy to be able to see my mom and face her eye to eye. She smiled at me, and I could feel my heart tighten. God, how I was going to miss her…When she had left after that last visit, it had made her smile to hear me say I would be home soon sitting at our table and eating one of her Sunday afternoon cakes. She could bake a cake so good it would make the devil himself confess his sins and beg for mercy just to have a bite. Sometimes, late at night, I would close my eyes and see her red velvet cake with buttercream frosting so clearly in my mind, I swear I could actually smell all that butter and sugar. My imagination was both a blessing and a curse.”

In conclusion, 2019 is the year to read and sleep more. It’s also the year to sign up for improv classes, as I’ve done, and laugh your head off. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Now, what’s your plan for 2019? Do tell!

8 thoughts on “Sleep, Read & Laugh Your Head Off

  1. Happy New Year! Yes, keep saying it until one day you just don’t anymore … it’s nice to hear. And then the days roll around again and before you know it, it’s Easter, the Fourth of July, all the way to Hallloween, Thanksgiving,a and Christmas again, and then guess what, it’s Happy New Year again. My resolution not only for the new year but I hope for always is to pace myself more, if I feel like resting, I’ll do so, then it’s learning, taking classes, attending cultural events, and if I can a train trip next fall, living with the practices of Mindfulness and meditation, and keeping mind, body, and spirit healthy. So for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  2. Hoping that one more resolution is to write more blog posts? They always make me smile. As for resolutions, I try not to beat myself up too much about them especially since I’ve already failed at the more sleep thing. Tryin not to give up on the goal. We could always just plan naps in your office every afternoon….no?

    • Yes, blogging more is a secret wish. We’ll see. These days I’m so involved in so many different things, it’s hard to sit down at my computer and write, write WRITE! Still, I will try!

  3. Monica, you weren’t kidding about your love for the color red, were you?!! Henry looks so peaceful — Dallas refuses to sleep on a bed, or anything soft, for that matter. He much prefers the cold floor, probably because of all that fur!

    I can’t guess when’s the “right” time to stop wishing people a happy new year. Somehow it seems people just stop saying it eventually. Maybe it’s something you say to friends/acquaintances if you haven’t seen them since Jan. 1??

    I don’t make resolutions. Sure, there are things I want to do better, but sadly, most resolutions fall away before Feb. 1, it seems. Good luck with yours!!

    • Yes, red is awesome color! Dallas is funny. My dogs always seek out whatever gives them the most comfort. The softer the better! San Diego has been having a crazy cold winter, so I just love getting cozy in my red flannel sheets and falling blissfully asleep until 4 in the morning, when Henry wakes me up! Sigh. Last weekend I had my first improv class. What a doozy. It’s sink or swim and so far I’m treading water. Yikes!

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