Dear Summer, Goodbye


You are no different than the rest.  Just like all the other seasons you waltz in like you’re going to stick around forever, but the next thing I know you’re on a fast-pace conga line outta here, and along comes Fall.

Honestly, I thought we had it all.  What happened?

I mean, we were going to have fun this summer. Go on lots of bike rides, hikes, polish our tap-dancing routine and enjoy concerts in the park.  John Phillip Souza and three cheers for the red, white and blue! That sort of thing.

But just like that, you decided to take off. Was it something I said or, perhaps, did? Didn’t I have you at hello? IMG_0319

Oh, Summer. One more barbecue for old time’s sake? One more walk on the beach at sunset? One more lazy, hazy day of summer before we forever part ways?

I don’t get it. It’s as if you can’t wait to get out of my life. My mama used to say there’d be days like this, but not whole seasons.

I had plans for us, Summer. Stay up late and star gaze, roast marshmallows, lay out by the pool and get caught up in the latest page turner.  We could’ve had it all, my friend. This could’ve been the Summer of Love.

But instead you were on the fast track out of my heart–soon becoming nothing more than a faint memory.

Et tu, Summer?

IMG_0379Well Summer, I guess it’s over between us. You’re dead to me.  At least you will be in just a few short weeks.  Autumn is on the horizon and I’ll take my chances with him.

Maybe this time, I’ll be lucky. Maybe this time, Autumn will stay. Who knows? Maybe we’re meant to be. I got a feeling this one will be a keeper.

Or not.

So long, Summer. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Oh and, Happy Labor Day. For most of us, it’s a day off. For you, it’s your swan song.

6 thoughts on “Dear Summer, Goodbye

    • “Turn of phrase.” Sounds lovely. Thank you so much, Karen, and I hope you’re enjoying the sweetness of these last days of summer. I have an out-of-town visitor and it’s been fun seeing my town through her eyes. I even went on a tour of La Jolla and learned a bit of its history! Such fun!

  1. I’m looking so forward to Autumn, Monica!! Summer here has been dreadful — far too hot, far too humid, and way too much rain. Frankly, I’ll be GLAD to see it slip away and be replaced by cooler days and nights — and I love sweaters, corduroy, and boots, ha!! Glad to see you back in the blogosphere, my friend. And I love your photos today!

    • The only thing I don’t like about fall is that I feel the seasons are rushing by. Halloween gives into Thanksgiving which gives into Christmas. Soon it’ll be 2019 and we’re all a year older and wondering what the heck was accomplished in 2018? I think I’m still in shock with how fast time flies!

      Happy Autumn!

  2. Excellent post Monica.

    1st September here tomorrow which is the first day of autumn for us.

    It’s been a funny old summer here with am couple of months of really hot weather, in typical British fashion most people moaned it was too hot as they sat in the shade with a long cool drink and their e-reader.

    I think we often plan what we are going to do when the seasons change and with regularity we never do what we had planned. Somebody once said that in most countries people plan when they need to but the British plan when they have too.

    Me I just go with the flow, far easier and a darn sight less effort!!

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