Dog on a Bench Makes Like a Statue


So I went for a very long walk with my Maltipoo, Oliver Twist.  At 4 years of age, the ragamuffin has a lot more energy–and stamina–than poor Henry, the King Charles Cavalier who descends from royalty who is, dare we say, getting on in years.

Having recently celebrated his tenth (Ten, count them. 10!) birthday. It’s all I can do to get Henry to walk from his food bowl to the couch.  So, if you ask me, long walks with him are definitely out of the question.  Not going to happen, no sir.

Anyway, there was Oliver, blithely following along when suddenly, we encounter these interesting statues by the entrance of a rather trendy restaurant, where the prices are, well, guaranteed to knock your socks off.

“But I’m not wearing any socks,” Oliver astutely observes.

“Don’t be silly,” I mutter. “It’s just an expression!”

Anyway. Oliver barks in alarm at the canine curiosities and puffs his chest out as far as it can go, which makes for a scary sight, indeed. He then inches closer, as if to sniff their butts.

“Oliver, cut that out,” I hiss.  “They’re not real!”

Oliver sighs and I roll my eyes.

And so we continue our walk. When we arrive at a nearby park. Oliver jumps on a bench and declares,

“Now, I’m a statue!”


To which I matter-of-factly reply, “Nonsense. You’re not even facing the right way!”

This causes Oliver to ponder for a moment. Then he turns to his left and asks,

“How’s this?”


By George, he’s got it!

I gleefully exclaim, “Oliver, you’ve captured the statues–hook, line and sinker!”

“But I don’t have any hooks,” he says in genuine exasperation.

I laugh out loud, though some would call it a guffaw. And as for young Oliver, well, he takes a bow.

End of story.

3 thoughts on “Dog on a Bench Makes Like a Statue

  1. Well I must say young Oliver certainly looks impishly handsome as he captures the pose, boy does he have it, all of it. Lovely to see him. Poor Henry, not easy to take those long walks now and while he may not approve of being called elderly, he’s far from it of course, I think he deserves to rest, leaving all the posing, er, jumping and shenanigans to Oliver.

  2. Monica, I do sympathize with Sir Henry. Dallas, too, is 10 (shh, we don’t want to say that too loud!), and I’m afraid his long walk days are behind him. Something tells me we both miss them, though. Sigh.

    As for young Oliver, he’s looking magnificent! Very statuesque, you know. Nice to hear he’s too well behaved to lift a leg on the doggie statues, too!!

  3. Admit it Monica, you’re just looking for excuses to take pictures of Oliver!! He is looking a happy chappie, you obviously spoil him!

    There seems to be statues of everything these days, I wonder if there would be a market for statues of statues? Now theres a thought.

    Also look on the bright side if Henry is as slow as you say he is then you won’t need a fast shutter speed for those candid shots of him snoring.

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