Pedal to the Metal


Jill and I, none the worst for wear (except for enormous bandage on my hapless index finger), after biking a whopping 75 miles! (By the way, that’s the Coronado Bridge behind us.)


It’s not everyday I put the pedal to the metal. But Jill says we rode our bikes 30 miles on Saturday.  I think it was more like 20.  After all, when we passed the first marker on the bike path, it read “5K,” which I assume means 5 kilometers, but neither of us knows for sure how to convert that into miles.  Is 5k the equivalent of 3 miles or 15?  Don’t ask us.

Actually, I’m going to say it was 35 miles, round trip, more or less.  Although, if you factor in the treacherous winds we had to ride against on the way back, which made us have to put the pedal to the metal in order to remain upright, it was more like 40.  I’d stake my life on it.


So, Jill and I rode our bikes 40 miles round trip. Maybe 50. I don’t recall, but somebody ought to give us an “A” for effort!

If you ask me, I think Jill makes the perfect bike-riding companion.  She’s all game when it comes to bike riding, and takes it as seriously as I do.  For starters, she shows up on time and is never late.  If anything, I’m the one who nearly didn’t make it yesterday and had to ask Jill to meet up 30 minutes later than planned.

All because of a bloody water bottle. It true. Lots of blood only it was my hand that was bleeding profusely, not the bottle because as far as I know bottles don’t bleed.


Don’t ask me why Jill doesn’t wear a bike helmet. She soon observed that she was the only one on the trail without one.

I always prepare for a bike ride.  That includes inflating the tires, gathering the essentials to put in my bicycle basket.  Sweatshirt in case it gets cold? Check. Bicycle helmet that makes me look ridiculous? Yes! What else is new? Anti-biotic wipes? Indeed! Mini-Air Pump in case I get a flat along the way? Goes without saying. Water bottle for quenching thirst?  Absolutely.

And this is where things went south. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t unfasten the spout on the water bottle. Not for the life of me. And I was running late.  So, to speed things up I grabbed a sharp knife to cut the plastic piece that was sealing the water bottle shut.  Wouldn’t take me but a second to get it open, I thought, and I’d be on my way.

Boy, was I wrong.

I used that stinking sharp knife once. Didn’t cut the plastic. I tried again. Nope.  Then again, this time pointing the knife toward me.


Lunch at the Loew’s Coronado Bay Resort is served!


I sliced two knuckles on my left hand!  One in particular began to bleed profusely.  How stupid of me was that??

For the next half hour, I had to deal with my bloody hand, washing it under cool stream of water, wrapping it tightly in a paper towel to get the bleeding to stop, etc.  It was touch and go, and I thought I might need to cancel the bike ride altogether as I considered going to the Emergency Room.

Thankfully, the bleeding finally stopped. A little Neosporin and three Band-Aids later, I was on my way.  I arrived ten minutes late, but that’s okay. Jill had texted me that I should take my time.


And when at last we met up, we had a grand day of it.  Nothing but one long enormous bike trail ahead of us. Made me feel like were riding our bikes forever.  My legs were pumping like crazy. The sun on my back energized me. I was exhilarated!

“Um, Jill?  How long is this trail, anyway?”

Jill said the trail went all the way to Imperial Beach, which might as well have been in another state because it felt like we’d never get there. We kept pedaling and pedaling, and when we finally did make it there, we stopped, sat on a bench and took in the view.

“Can we call an Uber to take us back?”  I asked Jill.

She gave me a look that said, “Not going to happen.”

Sigh. Eventually, we got back on our bikes and started heading back, and the only thing keeping me going was knowing that we planned to stop for lunch at a resort hotel we had passed earlier.  Took a while to reach it, and though I kept asking Jill, “Are we there yet? Jill just shrugged.

And then, suddenly it appeared. The entrance to the Loew’s Coronado Bay Resort. We were able to sit outside, on a terrace, where they served us a rather tasty lunch and where we could keep an eye on our bikes.


All in all, it was rather a beautiful day for two gals enjoying a brisk bike ride in the biting wind.  When we finally got back to the parking lot where we’d left our cars, my legs felt weak, my face was sweaty, but I was ready to do it again.  In two months.

Jill said that’s the soonest she can go again, and frankly, I’m counting on it, because if you ask me, Jill makes a great bike-riding companion.

11 thoughts on “Pedal to the Metal

  1. You look like a pretty happy camper to me . . . Seriously, there is something so satisfying about pushing yourself a bit — and then indulging in a lovely meal 😉

    • Deborah, it was a glorious day and wonderful fun. I like to complain, but I’m ready to do it again. Jill is so easy going and I’m high maintenance. I think she gets the short end of the stick, while I’m one lucky duck, lol.

  2. What a gorgeous day and how fantastic that you have Jill, a perfect cycling friend. I felt like I was riding with you. I can now run a 5K, it is a little over 3 miles, I only know this because I ran one last year. I worried reading about your bloody ordeal, I’m glad neosporin, my answer to everything worked. I will be writing soon, so much to chat about, the current “climate” among things. I’m glad I saw your post today. I miss you my dear friend, the Summer will hopefully help remedy my posting/writing draught.

    • Don’t get me started on the current climate. I want to bury my head in the sand, quite frankly. Suffice it to say, I only listen to music in my car, not the news. The news is too painful.

      On a happier note, I look forward to your upcoming posting! 🙂

  3. Ouch, Monica! You really must be more careful. You could’ve sliced off your fingers!!

    Lovely day for a LONG bike ride! Growing up, we never wore helmets, and I can’t imagine me wearing one today. Well, maybe I ought to rethink that, considering how clumsy I often tend to be.

    By the way, 5K translates to just over 3 miles ( I get confused over that, too. Glad you had such a fun day, despite its iffy beginning!

    • Debbie, I had a similar incident years ago when I was in college. I practically cut a nerve in the palm of my hand. Required three stitches. Quite a mess and I still have the scar to prove it. You think I would’ve learned.

  4. You do tell a tale Monica. Your description of the distance travelled reminded me of a fisherman saying how big his catch was!!

    Looks a super place to cycle Monica. Have you got the app you can get for your iPhone that will record distance, speed etc and then you can look at it on a map on your main computer when you get home. Can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called.

    Then of course you would accurately know the distance travelled, which means that future descriptions of your trips out would be more accurate mileage wise but far less entertaining!!

    I reckon Jill would be an ideal cycling companion, especially if she paid for lunch!!

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