Elbow Heal Thyself



Keukenhof Gardens

My arm is doing much better, thank you very much.  Vastly improved, if I say so myself.  There’s a smidge of pain when I extend the arm, but it’s so minor I barely feel it.  And knowing that I’m on the mend–99.9% back to normal–makes me one happy camper!

Yes, I’m back in the saddle, again.  I have resumed my Zumba classes. I am enjoying walks with Henry and Oliver.

Hello trees!

Hello park!

Hello children playing in the park!

You could say, my arm is Herculean because I’m lifting more than 2 pounds once again.  It’s a great feeling knowing I can lift my five-pound tote bag that I take to work each day.  Yes, I can even brush my teeth and shampoo my hair with both hands. And, I can play the piano once more (though I’m still not very good at it).  Indeed, I can do many other mundane tasks that I could do before the fall.

The fall.  The cataclysmic fall.  Thank goodness no one had the wherewithal to record it and post it on YouTube. How mortifying would that be?  On the other hand, I could’ve gone viral. Fancy that.

Anyway, I’m so much better, honest and truly, that getting that fractured elbow seems all but a distant memory. Fractured elbow? What fractured elbow?  Elbow, heal thyself–and it did!

And physical therapy does wonders.  To me, physical therapy is like summer camp.  Twice a week, I spend an hour doing crafts, paddling a canoe, singing camp songs, and kibbitzing with with my camp counselor, ahem, physical therapist—all for the betterment of my right arm!

In other words, I knead a playdough-like substance, rolling it out and using cookie cutters to make interesting patterns.  My therapist spills out tiny plastic frogs and turtles onto the table and I must use pincers to place them back in their container. I lift tiny weights (because that’s all my arm could handle) and then I climb onto a machine that, when I close my eyes, makes me feel like I’m paddling a canoe on a lake at Camp Wamapo.   I play with other gadgets, too.  Too many to recount here. Suffice it to say, all are designed to bring back full mobility in my arm.  And it’s working. All systems are go!

I swear, if all of the physical therapy patients, were divided into two teams, mine would be the winning team!  That’s because I’m fiercely focused on healing and getting my arm back in shape so I can get on with life.


Somewhere in the Netherlands

In fact, earlier this month, I was able to actually roll my luggage with wheelies, and head to the Netherlands to see the tulip fields. Magnificent!

If this should ever happen to you, here are a few things I suggest you do to while away the hours.



Things You Can Do While Waiting to Heal:

Binge watch TV:  I watched Bloodline and The OA on Netflix; and Mercy Street and Sherlock on PBS.

Read that book you’ve been meaning to get to, like East of Eden by John Steinbeck.

Walk tall and proudly wear your sling. You may be down, but you’re not out!

Walk to the local shopping center and take in a movie.

Walk to the local bank and make a withdrawal.  Ask for $50 all in one-dollar bills.

Walk back to the bank the next day and make a deposit of those said bills, because what else are you going to do with your money?  It’s not as if you can drive anywhere fun where you can spend it.

Wax poetic about the good ol’ days, before your injury, which was just a month ago.

Things NOT to Do When You Have a Fractured Elbow:

Somersaults and handstands


Offer a boost to a clown who is trying to scale a wall.

Incidentally, this is not a good time to take up karate or judo, either.

And, if you must knit or crochet, try doing it with only one hand.


Finally, may I suggest you not drive until you’re able to turn on the ignition (which can be incredibly painful at first)?

And did I mention I traveled to the Netherlands to see the tulips?  Sheer joy!

15 thoughts on “Elbow Heal Thyself

  1. Monica, why didn’t you write and let me know you were coming down? I would’ve loved to meet you for coffee! Aw, I’m so sorry we couldn’t meet! Did you go to the Keukenhof? I went a couple of years ago and it was delightful! I had never seen so many flowers in all of my life. Let me know if and when you plan to come back so we can get together, please! 🙂

    • Bella, so good to hear from you!! It’s been too long and I would love to catch up. I totally forgot that I’d be nearby in my travels. We had a wonderful, amazing time taking a cruise through the northern region and yes, visiting Keukenhof. What a delight! I took a million pictures!
      Good news, we are returning next April, my daughter and I. We will be on a different cruise that ends up in Amsterdam. Would love to see you then, so let’s talk!! Besos, Monica

  2. Pleased your mending well Monica.

    Never been to the Netherlands, then again I have never been outside of the UK. Must admit never felt the urge.

    Trust there will be a blog post all about going Dutch!!

      • In answer to your question I would guess most of your readers!! You have a fan base!!

        Where does the phrase happy as a clam come from I wonder? I normally say I am as happy as a dog with two trees!!

      • I never heard of “happy as a dog with two trees,” but the clam one goes way back. Don’t they say it in England? Or is that too American? Do you even have clams over there?

      • I think definitely an American comment.

        I must find a book of British sayings, there are many that are local to certain parts of the country.

  3. Monica, I’m so happy to hear your arm is mending! I know you must have been in a world of pain (I sure was when I broke two ribs). Glad the physical therapy is working for you — I do believe the body can heal itself if we’re prudent about our recovery plan. You went to the Netherlands?? Oh, how splendid — and what gorgeous photos you brought back! Thanks especially for sharing those tulips!!

    • Thanks, Debbie. I’m practically good as new, though I’m mad that I still have the arm of a 60-year old and not a 20-year-old. Sigh. Guess you can’t have everything!

  4. I’m glad you’re on the mend. Should I be concerned that I already do most of the activities on your list of what to do while on the mend? Does that mean I might be injured and didn’t even know it?

  5. I don’t necessarily believe that things happen for a reason, but I do believe that we have choices in how we deal with circumstances that throw us out of whack. And those choices speak worlds about our spirit. So glad you’re almost at the 100% healed mark, and it warms my heart (makes me smile, too) to read about your strategies for survival. Welcome back 🙂

  6. So great to hear of your recovery!!!!! Keep healing. And thank you for the fantastic pictures from your trip. They were amazingc, looks like a beautiful, beautiful country. Take good care pretty lafy.

    • Guess what, Sher! I’m going to the PBS Annual Meeting for the first time in over a decade That’s because it’s being held here in San Diego, so I don’t have travel costs. Just need to pay astronomical registration fee. Coming up in two weeks and I’m really looking forward to it. Though, I’m going to miss the old times. Nothing like those days we spent together laughing our heads off. 🙂

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