Unexpected Kindness


An unexpected act of kindness comes from the heart and is something to treasure. It can lift your spirits, make your heart sing and remind you of all that’s good in the world.

As it did for me.

If it happens to you, consider yourself blessed. That’s how I’m feeling. Truly blessed and filled with immense gratitude.

On this Valentine’s Day, my cup runneth over.

Now, you should know that it’s been a long time since I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day. Normally, it’s a holiday that’s not even a blip on my radar.  I mean, I love Henry and Oliver but I can’t recall a time they ever brought me flowers, or even made me a card for Valentine’s Day.  But then something happened last night, which changed everything.

5cfa6c61-0aeb-4f0a-a618-6124da028f47I had just returned home from attending a work engagement, eager to see Henry and Oliver, though a little tired. I was ready for bed. Yet before I could retire for the night, there was one more thing I needed to do.  Walk the dogs.

Just as I was fastening Henry and Oliver’s leashes to their collars, I heard an abrupt knock at the door.  Oliver went into berserk barking mode, jumping around like a mad dog on a Pogo stick. And Henry gave a low growl.

“Who is it?” I asked before opening the door.


“Who is it?” I asked again, this time more firmly, raising my voice. I peeked through the peep hole, and noticed that the patio gate was wide open.  But could see no one.

With dog leashes firmly in hand, I carefully I opened the door, hoping my Henry and Oliver were ready to go into attack mode.  If need be. 4ff15a1a-6889-41b5-bf38-8fd6962b40ab

Not a soul in sight.  But here’s what I did see. Valentine cookies, Valentine flowers made from pink, red and white paper, and a Valentine gift bag!  Then I also saw that my front door had been decorated with Valentine hearts!

My heart melted, as I’m sure I felt Cupid’s arrow pierce it.  What a wonderful surprise! And it suddenly occurred to me, though I may live alone, far away from all my family, here in my small community, I am loved. Loved and appreciated. And that’s the best feeling in the world!

To think, someone–who wishes to remain anonymous, went to all this trouble–just for me!

But then it hit me. Whoever did this didn’t “go through all this trouble” at all. For them, it was something they did out of love.

54980880-8504-4981-af19-2e25c6b287a2Though I may never know with certainty who did this act of kindness (a quick round of phone calls to my neighbors didn’t get me any closer to knowing the truth, as no one would confess to the deed!), I have a pretty good feeling.  And I’m filled with utter joy because of their generous hearts and deeds.

Unexpected acts of kindness. To me, these are the best kinds of gifts of all. And this act of kindness has made me feel like I’m the luckiest woman in the world. It really is a wonderful life. Today and everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friends!



16 thoughts on “Unexpected Kindness

  1. I love that your small community showed you their appreciation in such a loving, heartfelt way. Lifts my spirit to see you, Henry and Oliver celebrated. Happy Valentines Day my dear friend xx

  2. That’s such a beautiful story . I have found that even when someone in a Starbuck’s drive-thru line pays for your coffee, it makes you feel so great afterwards. Once I
    I was in a line where it turned out 45 people had paid for the person behind them. And random kindness on a large scale that you read about from time to time is truly one of life’s most beautiful things. Needs to happen all the time.

  3. This is adorable! I love the little Henry and Oliver sticking out of the flowers. So cute and thoughtful. What a nice treat.

  4. Aw, what a sweet story, Monica! Yes, indeed, you’re blessed to have such a thoughtful admirer(s). Looks like he/she/they covered ALL the bases! And I must say, you’re one brave woman — I think, even with Dallas by my side, I might have been just a touch frightened to have received an anonymous knock on my door and see the patio gate wide open!! Your doggins are fierce protectors. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie!

    • Not so brave. It took me a long time to open that door. I tend to be super cautious, as I am also inclined to always think the worst! But when I finally did open the door, I was duly rewarded such wonderful gifts from the heart!

  5. How nice Monica.

    Was not me, bit too far for a quick fleeting visit!! Plus I don’t have a passport!!

    Sometimes things happen and not just on valentines day but during the rest of the year that make our day, week, month or even year that little bit better. The unexpected is always more pleasurable than the expected.

    Have a great Valentines Monica.

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