The Stay-Put Traveler

These days everyone wants to travel somewhere. Get on a plane, embark on a cruise, or hop on a train. Wherever you want to go, the refrain is the same:

Vacation, vacation, vacation.

I have a good friend whose mantra is, “I keep it global,” and indeed he does. No place is too far, no land too unreachable that he can’t make the trek.  My daughter has the fever, too. She recently spent two weeks touring Europe and can’t wait to go back again. And my boss just returned from the Galapagos.


There’s nothing like Swiss chocolate–am I right??

And me? I need to be a bit more budget conscious. Getting away to parts unknown means dipping into your wallet far deeper than I care to consider. But thanks to some creative thinking I’ve come up with a solution that makes seeing the world as affordable as a stroll through your local park.

I’m talking seeing the world via a “stay-cation” and experiencing other lands through items found as close as a trip to your neighborhood grocery store. In other words, want to go to Switzerland? Pick up a box of Swiss Miss hot cocoa instead. Any variety will do. Just boil a pot of water and pour a packet into your favorite mug. Then stir in the mix. Its that simple. Close your eyes and take a sip. It’s like you’re already there, in beautiful, majestic Switzerland! Bonus: The snowy mountain picture on the box adds just the right amount of ambience.

France? Have a plate of French fries, si vous plet. With a side of ketchup or mayonnaise. It’s your adventure, so you decide!

Why go to Italy when you can wash your hands with it?  It’ll have you feeling like you’re on the Italian Riviera! Mmm…Italy has never smelled so good, even if the soap was made in America and bears no connection whatsoever to its namesake country.

A trip to Chile? A bowl of chili will do. Ole!

Hoping to plan a trip within the 50 states?


This liquid soap has nothing to do with Italy but using it makes me feeling like I’m riding the gondolas of Venice!

How about a trip to Seattle–birthplace of the biggest coffee chain in America? Instead of making the trip, all you need do is visit your neighborhood Starbucks and enjoy anything on the menu! Close your eyes and you’ll soon be seeing the Seattle Space Needle in your mind’s eye.

San Francisco?

Rice-a-Roni anyone? It’s the San Francisco treat, after all, and millions of residents can’t be wrong. Gaze dreamily upon the trolley on the cardboard box and you can almost hear the trolley bell go–“Clang, clang, clang!”

In case you’re looking for something more exotic, peanut sauce on anything will make you feel like you’re exploring Bangkok. And watching your favorite Bollywood movie will put you in the center of–you guessed it–India!

Follow these suggestions and say goodbye to the hassles of travel. No more long lines at the TSA security checkpoint for you. No need to figure out who will water your plants, walk the dogs or feed the cat while you’re away. You won’t be needing to leave Grandma Bessie to fend for herself. No, indeed.

The next time you get a hankering for the travel bug, remember this: that’s not the Zika mosquito biting at you. That’s me, reminding you that the travel of your dreams is no longer beyond reach. It’s as close as a quick run to the grocery store. You’re going to thank me and wonder why you didn’t think of this sooner. Even honeymooners will rejoice in anticipating all the cash they’ll save by turning a getaway to Brazil into a visit to aisle 3 for a can of Brazilian nuts instead.

You’re welcome!

So tell me, what exciting locale will you be visiting from the comfort of your home?

14 thoughts on “The Stay-Put Traveler

  1. While I’m constantly plotting and planning my next trip Monica, be it back to Florence or a first time visit to Barcelona, I’ve figured out my family and I can’t do it this year. So I’ve tracked my close friend’s trip to Scotland on Instagram, wondered if the pound would work in my favor after Brexit, and gone on Trip Advisor my trusted travel source to map my trip, um, the one coming up in the near future that is. I’ve recently added a goat gouda in honor of a trip to Holland. Made paella with Valencia in mind, had Tuscan lavender shortbread cookies and some delicious rose/geranium macarons with Parisienne flair. This vacation has been something else. My mum is visiting, so we’ve traveled together from my home. It’s been fun so far. She would like to go to Prague next…

    I love that handsoap by the way.

  2. I must admit Monica my best place to be is home.

    But I do travel the world on a regular basis from the comfort of my chair and aided by my computer.

    I love using Google Earth and especially where available street view, I can see places all over the world that I will never visit in person, such as Alice Springs, New York, little villages through Europe and even San Diego if the mood takes me.

    As for foreign foods, my favourites are Dutch Cheeses and German smoked meats.

    Great post Monica, next time I am in the food isles of the supermarket I will view them not as just food but a tasty atlas to the world.

  3. To imagine is one thing. To actual live the experience is another. Alas, we have so many options on how we could travel, even if it is in our dreams.

    • Luckily I live in a city that is a vacation destination for so many. Every time I leave my house, with our balmy weather and palm trees, I feel like I’m on vacation. 😉

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Monica. I, too, have been feeling a strong need to get-away-from-it-all. Perhaps that’s just a bit of boredom…and tiredness…and the need to sink my toes into some sand! Anyway, great ideas here. I think I’ll make a po’ boy sandwich and pretend I’m in New Orleans — care to join me?!?

    • Debbie, consider me there! I love New Orleans. Actually went there for my honeymoon. But I don’t hold that against the city. Favorite spot is Preservation Hall. Such history. But on my budget, next time I go will be in my dreams, lol.

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