Somebody, Talk Me Down!


No political debates here.

I can’t watch the presidential elections anymore. I can’t. I absolutely cannot!

It’s killing me. If I hear one more insult, one more low blow, I’m going to run for the hills. And by that I mean Canada or, better yet, back to Brazil. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Just spent two weeks there and the best part? No political drama.

Seriously, have you been following the presidential elections as I have? Well, it’s a crazy circus, that’s what it is. A bunch of clowns on the high wire with no trampoline to catch them when they fall. And believe me, they fall, you can take that to the bank.

Actually, it’s more like the Three Stooges but instead of Larry, Curly and Moe poking each other in the eye and slapping themselves silly, we have Trump, Cruz and Rubio doing a great imitation of the Stooges. Frankly, it’s enough to make my blood boil, all my hairs stand on end and put my panties in a twist. It’s enough to make me want to jump off a cliff, trust me.

I. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore!


OMG, where does one end and the other begin??

Yikes, spikes. Somebody, talk me down before I succumb to this Bermuda Triangle.

I know what I must do! I must think of something else to calm me. I know! I’ll think about Brazil. Lovely Brazil. Warm weather, balmy breezes, nice people, walks along the beach…the sunset. Sigh, I never felt so relaxed…

Wait. Did Trump really get into a kerfuffle with the Pope? Did he just say what he said and did Cruz really lie about Carson dropping out of the race back in Iowa?

And whatever happened to Sarah Palin after she endorsed Trump, for crying out loud? What, did Trump do–eat her for breakfast? Could be and wouldn’t blame him. After all, she was her usual incoherent self when giving her endorsement, and Trump sure looked embarrassed as she meandered through her speech. A shame, really, especially since I wanted to find out where she got that porcupine jacket she was wearing that day. Now I guess I’ll never know.


Palm trees, blue skies and not a one presidential candidate in view. As it should be.

Antonio Carlos Jobim. Ah, such a nice, smooth beat. A little dancing in the moonlight…under the stars. A girl could get used to this…

And why does Rubio think he won South Carolina? And Cruz, too, for that matter. Cruz fired his communications director because of the Rubio video about the bible. Seriously? That Rick Tyler has done much worse, if you ask me. Um, Carson, anyone? Oh my blood is getting ready to boil again!

I need to stop watching and decompress. Think happy thoughts, Monica. Yeah. That’s the ticket. Oh yeah, Where was I? Brazil. Samba. Sergio Mendes and buff men.

What’s that? Trump wants to build a wall and make the Mexican president pay, but the Mexican government isn’t buying it? So Trump is going teach them a lesson by building an even bigger wall?  Awkward.

Suddenly, I’m feeling like Alice in Wonderland and I need a pill to make it all go away. The crazy talk, the mean-spirited clatter, the down and dirty clamor of the Presidential Campaign that seems to go on forever. Calgon, take me away and back to Brazil!


Two Americans abroad & thousands of miles away from the political din.

Brazil, Brazil. Such beauty, so exotic. Like an orchid. The rainforest, the trees, the folk art, fresh, juicy pineapples. Brazil, where the nuts come from. Brazilian nuts. Nuts, nuts…that reminds me of something…oh yeah—the crazies!

I can’t stop thinking about the insane elections! The taunts, the who’s-sweating-more and who’s putting on more makeup. Worst is all the name calling!


The con artist (Trump), the choke artist (Rubio), the liar (Cruz), the baby (Rubio again).

TrusTED, Feel the Bern, Make America great again.

What in blazes is going on? When will this merry-go-round end?

Brazil! How soon can I go back??


14 thoughts on “Somebody, Talk Me Down!

  1. Oh I’m so glad you’re back Monica. Although I would take Sergio Mendes, and balmy weathered Brazil over this political nightmare. In fact, I would join you in that Samba. If your brother wants to move to Panama, I don’t blame him one bit, I might move back to Australia. I watch the debates, well, er, sometimes. I think I like to punish myself by watching Trump reinvent himself. He forgets, he refuses to answer and wants to do it the following week – which means he doesn’t know the answer, he’s entertaining and he sure thinks of himself as rather presidential – delusional man. Sarah Palin disappeared when she realized Trump wouldn’t make her his VP, oh wait, that’s Chris Christie. I have nothing on Palin. I wish she could speak. That’s right she did, didn’t she, but I didn’t understand her. Maybe Robert should send her that dictionary.

    • If his momentum keeps building, how in blazes are we going to get through the next four or worse, eight years??? My brother is thinking he’ll move to Panama. Maybe I should explore that, too.

  2. Over here in my lounge room, the minute any semblance of the US election comes on, I switch channels. I honestly don’t care! If someone like Trump is going to potentially run your country and people vote him in, they’ll regret it forever. Let’s hope that it never happens. For your sake.

    Brazil sounds a lot nicer right now. Go on get on that plane and fly there. Rest. Enjoy.

    • I am flummoxed as to his popularity. What am I missing? Did I forget to drink the Kool-Aid, join the bandwagon? Am I holding on to my scruples too tightly? And where’s that cliff I need to jump off of?

      That loud noise you now hear is the sound of my head exploding.

  3. You’re BACK!!! Glad you had such an idyllic time in Brazil — welcome to the country of craziness. I’ve got an entire post of my own on this nonsense (great minds travel along the same roads, don’t they?!) Well, at least you got a two-week break — sad that you didn’t find much changed upon your return!

    • Thanks for the warm welcome, Debbie. I’m back but don’t know what I came back to. Part of me wishes I could’ve stayed away until this whole thing was over. Sigh.

      Anyway, when did you write about it? I went to your site but didn’t see it. Please send me the link. Thanks!

  4. I’ve watched every single debate.
    It’s like, well, I can’t stop…
    ….because I simply can’t believe what I’m seeing here.
    Is this a nightmare? Is this our country?


    • Watching all the political fodder is like watching a train wreck. You know you shouldn’t, but you can’t seem to look away. Aack. It’s all rather depressing. What has become of our country?

  5. Hi Monica.

    Nice to see you back and posting.
    Been following your political stuff over there, I thought we got bitchy but your side of the pond has us beat with the candidates. He still has that shredded Wheat on his head as well!!

    But we now have our own four months of excitement, lying, back stabbing, pity parties and the who can spout the most competition.

    We are voting wether to stay in or leave the European Union. I mean four months!!!! Even our general election campaigns don’t last that long!!

    In answer to your question about Sarah Palin, apparently she is still trying to find an American American dictionary. Perhaps I should send her an English Dictionary and tell her it’s the same thing providing I cross out the occasional U and E from some words.

    • That shredded Wheat ain’t going nowhere. In fact, I’m thinking of copying that look. After all, it’s working for him. Besides, if you can’t fight ’em, join ’em! 😉

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