Hasta la Vista, 2015!


2015 was a milestone year for me. I turned 60, with my son on hand to celebrate. Lordy, Miss M!

Dear 2015,

It’s official. You’re dead to me. And frankly, as far as years go, I’ve had better–1985 and 1991, for starters.

Actually, even 1995 was better. Sure, it was the year my divorce became final. But, on the other hand, it was the year my divorce became final! All for the better.

Yet you weren’t the worst in the bunch. (I’m talking to you, 1963, 1973, 1978, 1993, 1994 and 2001.)

But of all the years, of all the gin joints, you were the one that walked into my life last January, looking all innocent and hopeful. You sent me to Brazil for the first time, where I got to teach and that was an extraordinary experience I’ll never forget.

For most of us, though, you will be remembered for Paris and San Bernardino, giving new meaning to the word, incomprehensible.

You exposed a sore in our nation’s psyche, bringing to the forefront the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  Charleston, Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, and so on. I guess it’s 2016’s issue to deal with now.

Then there’s the elephant in the room. The slew of Republican candidates running for president. Sure, watching the drama–and insanity–unfold has been the best reality show on earth. This is thanks largely to a certain candidate–I won’t mention any names–who trumped all the rest as he trumpeted on and on about how amazing he is and what losers the rest of us are. Honestly, what were you thinking with that one?

Thank you for demonstrating that sometimes justice prevails, as in the capture of the two convicted killers, one of whom died, after escaping from an upstate New York prison with the assistance of a misbegotten woman.  Then there’s the recent apprehension of the “affluenza” teen after making a getaway to Mexico with his mama. Both need to be slapped and I hope this time justice does throw the book at them.

And thanks for the arrest of Bill Cosby, which was a long time coming, if you ask me. I mean, 55 women can’t all be lying and though they all won’t get to see their day in court, Cosby’s arrest represents some sort of vindication for them.

Thank you, too, for the arrest of Enrique Marquez, the friend who helped the San Bernardino terrorist couple buy the weapons, etc. With friends like that, who needs…

Let’s focus on the positive, shall we? Thank you for Adele and her hauntingly beautiful, “Hello,” and for giving me crazy dancing feet every time I heard “Uptown Funk.”  Thank you, too, for all the fun outings I went on and getting to see Jackson Browne in concert and Idina Menzel in a Broadway Musical tour of “If/Then.” And thanks for every minute, every second I got to spend with my kids. It does my heart good and I love how easily we get along, giving new meaning to the words, “comfort and joy.”

Some great movies came out in 2015. Thanks for bringing back the “Star Wars” juggernaut. “Jurassic Park,” too. Because of the new films, I came to realize just how much I love these film series.  I must admit, I also loved “Room,” “The Big Short” and “Brooklyn.”

Thank you for so many great TV shows–“Bloodline,” “Fargo,” and “The Man in the High Castle,” to name but a few.  After seven years, “The Good Wife” still delivers.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t convey my appreciation for saving the life of Henry, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who descends from royalty. Sure he can be high maintenance, barking orders, demanding his meals be served like clockwork. But we’re kind of fond of the old boy, ahem, King, and are grateful for his new lease on life.

A somewhat sarcastic thanks for the things we could’ve done without. Like drones, FCC and privacy issues; blinding lasers that are deliberately pointed at airplanes in mid-flight; and the countless injuries associated with the newest pop culture craze–hover boards. Stupid is as stupid does.

For better, for worse, you whizzed by, 2015, and now you’re gone. Dead as a door nail. Kaput. Though everyone is quick to say “Happy New Year” as they ring in the new, there are no choice words to express farewell to the year that kicks the bucket.

So in lieu of that, I’ll just say goodbye. See you never again, 2015.

2016, bring it on!

25 thoughts on “Hasta la Vista, 2015!

  1. Yeah….you can imagine I’m quite pleased to have shut the door on 2015. Can’t say I’ll never look back as there was just too much that happened to ever forget. Instead I’m choosing to force myself to learn from it all and move forward with hope and patience 🙂 Thanks for this post and for your support during one of my toughest years ever! Cheers to 2016 and accomplishing great things together.

    • You’ve been a real trooper. Yes, it was a rotten year, but you took it on the chin and kept marching on for your kids’ sake. I really think having a positive outlook, as you and I seem to have, really goes a long way to helping us move forward despite life’s ups and downs. And that’s a blessing.

  2. I knew someone would have to do this, who better than you! Wonderful summation of the year gone. Perfectly done. Happy Happy 2016 (I hope and pray, though I have my doubts).

    • All the best to you, too. I’m certain that if a time machine were built tomorrow, and you were given carte blanche, of all the years and decades you could possibly go back in time to, you would pick 2015. Maybe you could find a way to stop the Trump madness before it starts?

    • How nice of you, Renee, to say that. I was trying to figure out how to best approach this piece–all fun and games or poignant. So it means a lot to me that you think I found the right balance of both. 🙂

  3. Why is it, Monica, that a new year starts out so hopeful, while the year just past seems awful?? Perhaps it’s the same as when you buy a car and the salesman assures you it “will hold its value.” Right. Just try turning that car back in to them in four years, or more, and watch how fast they renege on their sales pitch! Oh, well, I suspect it’s best to begin with hope. Here’s to a wonderful 2016!!

    • Because the year that has ended has become tainted goods. But it would appear that I ended the year much the same as you did. Spending it with my kids and seeing the new Star Wars Force Awaken film twice–once in IMAX. It was, well, monumental!

  4. Yes happy new year to you Monica.

    60 is a milestone, or so my wife said on my birthday back in November, then again she was laughing at the time!!

    Worldwide 2015 was a hectic year and 2016 looks as though it could be the same.

    So have a great year and I am looking forward to your blog postings and being updated on Oliver & Henry etc.

    On a more serious note, but please note I rarely do serious, so this is out of my comfort zone. I hope that people will learn to live together irrespective of colour, race, religion or for that matter any beliefs. I received a Christmas card it was from the local taxi company I use. So in essence a Muslim company sent a card marking a christian event to an atheist, Now that’s what I call living together.

    • Interesting observation about the Christmas card you received. Love how the irony didn’t escape you, as it might others. Happy New Year, my friend. I look forward to your continued comments. I find them rather pithy, and I don’t often say that.

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