Christmas All Year Round

So Christmas is over and you’re feeling the ho-hum blues. All that buildup for the holidays and then what? A bit anti-climatic. Am I right?


What if retail stores kept their Christmas decorations up all year long?

Think of the prep work you did, starting in early October when the first box of tinsel went on sale at your local Michael’s. You hosted the entire family for Christmas dinner. You bought and wrapped every single present, including the one for Aunt Agatha who since you were born has gifted you a crisp one-dollar bill. No more, no less. Plus, think of the late night you spent making that gingerbread house, that little cousin Billy took apart in less than 15 seconds and fed to the cat.

Well, I don’t need to go into all the details of everything you did to make Christmas 2015 the most spectacular celebration of them all. You know you gave it your all.

You did and now it’s done. The last Spritz cookie has been eaten. The presents have been opened and you’ve placed Aunt Agatha’s dollar bill in the bowl you keep for spare change. Enough said.

And now you’re in a post-holiday funk because it’s all over, and everyone has bid farewell until next year.

Sure, the countdown to New Year’s Eve is just beginning,  but who considers New Year’s Day to be as big a deal as Christmas? Ringing in the new year is no more than an annoying reminder that you’re not getting any younger.

So now that the spirit of the season is pretty much on its way out, and you’ll be heading back to work very, very soon, what are you going to do? Keep celebrating, that’s what!

Don’t let the date on the calendar compel you to put away all the decorations for another year. Leave them all out on display! When the tree starts to fade to a crispy brown, spray paint it green! Here are some other tips to keep Christmas going all year round:

Continue baking your favorite Christmas cookies and share them with friends or bring them to the office, to share with your colleagues.

For Valentine’s Day, hold another Secret Santa with your co-workers.

Ask friends to go caroling with you come spring.

Take out your stash of holiday DVD films and watch them all–again and again! Who says you can’t watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” in March or “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in July? And though it might be getting warm outside, you can still light a fire–preferably in the fireplace–and get all cozy under a plush throw blanket, while while binge watching your collection of Christmas flicks.

Invited to a birthday party? Wrap your gift in Christmas wrap. Explain to the recipient that for you, honoring Christmas is a year-round affair, thank you very much!

Someone getting married? Offer to create a music playlist for them and choose only Christmas songs. Won’t that be a hoot in June as they walk down the aisle to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town?”

Casual Friday at the office? Not for you! You’re going to work in style–dressed as an elf!

Invited to a party for St Patrick’s Day? Don’t bring green beer, bring green eggnog!

Keep your fridge stocked with mincemeat pie. And so what if you don’t like it? Nothing says Christmas like a slice of mincemeat pie!

When friends come over, regale them with a reading of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol.” Should anyone roll their eyes when you announce your intention, impress them even more by memorizing the story and acting out all the parts. Practice saying over and over, “God bless us, everyone!”And be sure to say it often!

And while we’re on the subject, have your name legally changed to Fezziwig or Tiny Tim, just to prove how into Christmas–and Dickens–you are.

At your next hair appointment, or when you next see the dentist for your semiannual check up, ask politely, “Are you ready for the holidays?” or “Do you still have more shopping to do?” When they look at you curiously, simply keep smiling and let them know that you yourself are ready, indeed. Then hand them a candy cane from a stack you keep in your purse to help make your point.

If by some chance September arrives and finds you feeling a bit self-conscious of the fact that you haven’t stopped celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, and everyone else is holding end of summer barbecues, fear not. Within weeks we’ll all be getting ready for the holidays again, putting up the outside lights and decking the halls with boughs of holly.

And lucky you! You’ll be way ahead of the game, thanks to your perseverance and obsession with keeping glad tidings all year round.

So let’s get started, as I exclaim now and everyday this coming year,


14 thoughts on “Christmas All Year Round

  1. Well, Monica, I’m right there with you on this one! Personally, we keep our decorations up until at least Epiphany (Jan. 6), but the Church celebrates right until Jesus’s Baptism (Jan. 10 this year). Sadly, I’ve seen live Christmas trees tossed to the curb starting the day after Christmas! What were those folks thinking?!? Who wants to do all that work for a one-day event?? I sure wouldn’t want to miss St. Patrick’s Day, but it seems to me that we all need a little Christmas…maybe now more than ever!!

    • I saw two trees tossed on my street. I wanted to gather them and give them a hug. They bring so much joy for a few weeks and we, ingrates that many of us are, just throw them away without so much as a by your leave! Harumphf! I love those trees and wish we could be kinder, more thoughtful in how we transition them into their next well, life/usage.

  2. One of the easiest ways to remember Christmas all year long is to rack up piles of holiday debt. Mastercard will arrange to have someone call and remind you of last Christmas every single day.

    • Every year, I rack up the holiday debt, primarily by buying stuff for me. By August, I’ve paid most of it off, just in time for another year of swearing I’ll never do it again. It’s a vicious cycle. Sigh.

  3. There’s laundry and house cleaning and bill paying and all the other distasteful routines in life. The worst of all is taking down the Christmas tree . I’ve promised myself I will get it done by April for a change this year.

  4. Super post again Monica.
    The wife actually had 4 days off over christmas which is most unusual as she works in retail.

    Some stores opened at 6am on the 26th for their sales to start.

    Quiet christmas here as it’s the 1st anniversary of my mothers death, she died just before christmas and the funeral was just afterwards, so a funny time of year.

    The way christmas stuff gets into the shops earlier and earlier each year does make me wonder if it will be a year round event soon. Actually as some I know buy christmas presents in the January sales it may well be already!

    So Monica Happy New Year to you for 2016 and I hope your blog posts in the coming year will be as full of humour as they have been in 2015.

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