Someday at Christmas

Have you heard the song in the latest Apple commercial? It’s outstanding. They redid an old song, “Someday at Christmas,” turning it into a duet with Stevie Wonder and Andra Day. Brilliant. Andra’s dulcet tones tug at the heart and I just love Stevie singing anything.

I haven’t felt such emotion in a Christmas song since Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.” But like all good songs, this one got me thinking and of course, I figured I’d share with you.

Why can’t “someday” be today?

Permit me to unravel my web of thoughts. Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room:  Isis.

Lately ISIS has me thinking of ices. You know, the frosty delight that has been a childhood favorite of many a kid? Way back when, I’d buy Italian ices from the ice cream truck that visited my block in Queens each summer evening. Like a knight in shining armor, it saved us kids from having to eat our mother’s tapioca pudding or worse–fruit.

As soon as we’d hear the distinct bell of the ice cream truck, we’d race outside and shimmy up alongside the truck with our coins firmly in fist. hp-4947_1z-1

But did I want cherry, lemon or cola-flavored ices? Decisions, decisions. Finally it was my turn.

Cola ices, please!

Mama Mia, that was yummy and refreshing like nothing else.

Yes, ices are awesome, but ISIS is another matter entirely. And thinking of ISIS reminds me of the “Someday at Christmas” song. A song that gives hope.

What would happen if we gave ISIS some ices? Sure, they’re hungry for power, but maybe a treat to tickle the tummy would do the trick?

Or how about if we gave them a purple crayon? One of my favorite books to read as a child was “Harold and the Purple Crayon.” I even have a “Harold and the Purple Crayon” tee shirt that I often wear to my Zumba class (see photo). And of course, looking at the book cover on my tee begs the question:

What if we handed the ISIS terrorists a purple crayon so they can draw themselves a new–and improved–life and see the world from a new perspective?

What if Jamie Oliver, aka The Naked Chef, could teach them to use their hands to hold a ladle, not a weapon, and and make a tasty meal instead of a dirty bomb?

Maybe we could teach them to knit sweaters and mittens for each other, for those cold, desert nights? Instead of taking prisoners they’d take each others measurements to make sure the knitted sweaters and vests fit nicely.

12074880_10153131899897478_6718987665353356343_nOr what if we gave them a good book to read, like “The Little Prince” or “My Friend Flicka?” Can you imagine that?

What if they joined us in a round of “Someday at Christmas?”

What if we could teach them empathy through our words, our books, our songs and a hug?

What if we could kill them with kindness and not drone strikes? Would the world be a better place? Could we ever get along–or is this just a pipe dream, much like the song, “Someday at Christmas?”

Well, if I had a purple crayon, I’d draw a world where terrorists don’t exist and where people are kind, respectful and courteous to each other. Where folks remember to stop and smell the flowers, gaze at the stars in the night sky, and appreciate the wonder of this world. Where “Someday at Christmas” is not a pipe dream, but very real.

Now, what would you do if you had a purple crayon?

Happy Holidays, my friends. Merry Christmas, dear ones! You make the world a better place. Now, enjoy this beautiful song, performed by Andra Day and Stevie Wonder (I know it’s a commercial, but try to ignore that part.) Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Someday at Christmas

  1. That elephant in the room has me running for cover Monica, and not just any old cover, I’m talking a move, like moving back to Australia where assault weapons are banned and GMOs too, for that matter. I will get back to Isis in a bit because you know I have lots to say.
    I LOVE that commercial and this version of the song so much I could weep. It’s inexplicable. Do you know that my best friend and I have a mantra towards those who wield too much power – it is exactly what you’ve said.. kill them with kindness and we sure apply it to all those who are grumpy, refuse to laugh, smile or giggle, even the simply nasty. Now if only we could tickle Isis.
    Didn’t you just loved those ices. We called them that too. I adore Jamie Oliver and since he’s so good at trying to change the way people eat, he could completely change Isis. There’s hope there. Although that change has to begin from the ground up.
    If I had a purple crayon I would paint everything a royal purple and sing for joy. Maybe Isis will join.
    Do you watch that show Homeland? It is so good and relevant to our current dilemma. The world’s dilemma in fact. It makes you have a think about things.
    Happy Holidays my dear friend. Beautiful photo of you. Here’s to new inspiration in the new year, lots of family time and above all Hope!!!

    • MM, I absolutely love Someday at Christmas. I have to play it at least once a day. And oh yes, I was crazy about ices. Preferred them to just plain old ice cream. Wouldn’t you love to have a magical purple crayon. I would definitely draw a whole new world, where the good in people rises to the top and no one is mean or hurtful. Why oh why can’t something like that exist?? I hope you and your family are enjoying the holidays as much as we are. We’ve been watching this wonderful series on Amazon Prime called The Man in the High Tower. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to add it to your list!

    • Thanks, Val. The one thing that’s innate in humans, that no other animal has, is hope. Our political and world landscape can be bleak and yet we remain hopeful for a better future. And neither ISIS or Donald Duck, I mean Trump, can take that away from us.

      Merry Christmas!

  2. There is the story of the bees nest and the children Monica.

    The nest was in a quiet part of the garden which people knew existed but few visited.

    The bees were happy buzzing around their own little area and only causing problems around the nest.

    In another part of the garden were a bunch of children, those children had big sticks and were prone to hit smaller children with them.

    Well one day some of the children noticed the area of the garden where the bees were had greener grass to play on, so the ventured there, but instead of visiting peacefully they took their big sticks with them. Once there they poked the bees nest with the big sticks hoping the bees would do as the small children had done and realise those with sticks were better.

    Instead the bees swarmed round the children and tried to sting them, the children with their sticks went back to where they had come from and made noises and threats towards the area where the bees were.

    But the bees instead of attacking with a big force instead attacked the children in threes and fours and often managed to sting and hurt them. The children did not realise the bees had started hiding in the open in their part of the garden so they could have more success stinging, and by the time they did it was too late.

    Moral of the story, don’t go poking around where you don’t belong and you wont offend anybody, big sticks have been known to fail!!!

    • Most interesting story. A mind-your-own-business kind of fable. Thanks for sharing, though I’m not quite sure I see how it relates. Merry Christmas, Robert. Will there be snow in your neck of the woods?

      • Well I suppose you could relate it to ISIS if you tried hard enough, though then again it might just be a load of old rubbish or trash as you call it over there.

        No a white Christmas is not expected here currently around 50c with storms expected over Christmas. A friend of mine is spending Christmas in Vienna and she says the Austrians are lamenting the lack of snow.

        We normally get the horrible weather in January & February, if your desperate to see British snow I have lot’s of pictures from previous years.

        Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

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