Don’t Quote Me

Don’t quote me, but I have not been inspired to write. Blame it on all the awful news of late. Blame it on the presidential election coverage, which seems to go on forever. I’m worried!


Darth is a rescue adopted last week by Anthony, my personal trainer. The calmest, sweetest dog you’ll ever meet.

My personal trainer, Anthony, says I worry too much and that I should do what he does and not pay attention to the news. Frankly, I can’t help myself, even if Anthony says I have a better chance of dying from processed foods, carbs and sugar overload than I do from being gunned down by a terrorist (which is something I worry about more so than the M&M’s I’m craving right now, but don’t tell Anthony–he’d be mortified! Honestly, how can such pretty, colorful morsels of candy hurt anyone?)

I’m a news junkie and what’s going on in the world today is enough to make me want to hunker down in my bed, and pine for my childhood days when I could ride my trusty bicycle all over town without a care in the world, and no fears of being kidnapped, gunny-sacked or snuffed out.

In light of all this, I turn to quotes. After all, I love a good quote, even in times of woe.  Quotes that resonate, pique my interest, tickle my funny bone and soothe my soul. Here are but a few:

“Take what she says with a grain of salt. She has a very casual relationship with reality.” — Janeane Garafolo in Lifetime Channel’s Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.

“Is it hard to let go of your beauty? Yes, very. I was pretty, so it’s tough. But why would I put a knife to my face and think that’s going to reverse time?” — Kate Mulgrew in “Entertainment Weekly” magazine, April 2015

“If you have a Rolls-Royce, you don’t put crud in it.” — Cicely Tyson, age 91, on why she eats healthy

“You can’t leave us. We’re a danger to ourselves. We’re a family of fire starters, poison eaters and online prostitutes.” — From the ABC series, “Modern Family.” The character, Phil Dunphy to his youngest daughter, Alex, who the family thought brought them bad luck.

What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. — John Steinbeck, “Travels with Charley”

“It is not hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard.” — From the book, “The Whole 30,” on eating healthy and losing weight

“It wasn’t what I saw that’s stayed with me all these years later. It’s what I heard. It’s what I felt. And kept feeling, every time I walked into that building. I was an Island kid, straight to the core, raised on Roosevelt Field and Roosevelt Raceway, raised to believe the lighthouse at Montauk Point was the guiding hand of God Himself, raised to squeeze every summer hour possible at Jones Beach and Adventureland, raised on the playgrounds of Prospect Park in East Meadow and Hickey Field in Rockville Centre, raised in saloons like Fezziwig’s and the Runway and the Barefoot Peddler and St. James.” — Mike Vaccaro in a “New York Post” article about the closing of Nassau Coliseum. Aug 5, 2015

“Think before you speak. Will what you’re going to say advance the conversation or create a roadblock?” — Deanna Mackey (friend, colleague and my former boss), at her farewell party.

“What was more, Mr. Thompson’s machine proved to be a mirror of mid-century American history. For bound up in the story of its introduction is the story of Jewish assimilation, gastronomic homogenization, the decline of trade unionism, the rise of franchise retailing and the perennial tension between tradition and innovation.” — Margalit Fox, September 21 issue of “New York Times” in obit of Daniel Thompson, the man who invented the a machine for making bagels.

“We are what we remember, and the less we remember the less we are.”– Carlos Ruiz Zafón, author of “Shadow of the Wind.”

From my new favorite series, “The Grinder,” starring Rob Lowe as Dean:

Todd: Dean, I need to tell you something and it’s important.

Dean: Well Todd, You can always tell me anything.

Todd: Because we’re friends?

Dean: I wouldn’t get hung up on why.

“If libraries are to be not only repositories of society’s memory and symbols of its identity but the heart of larger social centers, then these changes must be made consciously from an intellectually strong institution that recognizes its exemplary role, and teaches us what books can do: show us our responsibilities toward one another, help us question our values and undermine our prejudices, lend us courage and ingenuity to continue to live together, and give us illuminating words that might allow us to imagine better times. According to the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus, one of the ancient libraries he saw in Egypt carried above its entrance the words: ‘Clinic of the Soul.'” — From The New York Times Opinion page, written by Alberto Manguel an Argentine-born Canadian writer, translator and editor, and the author of “Curiosity.”

And One More:

One of the victims of the recent terrorism in San Bernardino, had posted on Facebook a quote from Albert Einstein:

“The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

10 thoughts on “Don’t Quote Me

  1. There’s something about that line from ‘Shadow of the Wind’- one of my favorite books. I adore Cicely Tyson. What a wonderful way to take care of our bodies and minds. And as much as I complain of being cold.. love the soft and gentle quote from John Steinbeck.
    You’ve got me smiling. I haven’t posted, nope. No inspiration. Plenty of books to read and yet I’ve neglected all. I’m hoping to find it. By it, I mean the thing I’ve lost. That nugget, a little nudge to get me writing again. I’m not pleased with the world in general. I can’t tear myself away from CNN and when I do, it is BBC. From Lebanon and Paris to San Bernadino and the debates. I’ve had it. At first I enjoyed the entertainment Trump provided, now I just want him to stop talking.
    I’m catching up with your posts and watching Christmas movies with my girls today. Then we will make cookies for Santa. Drink some wine and wrap the last of my presents, it brings me such joy. The year has gone by too soon.. not a great year for the world, not the best for many of us, but I’m alive, healthy and I always find something to laugh about. Hugs

    • I love that Steinbeck quote. It’s a most perfect sentiment. I’m glad the quotes resonated for you. I don’t want to talk about the bad stuff so I’ll just send you hugs and warm wishes for the coming year. My best to you, MM!

  2. Indeed we live in distressing times, Monica. I like to think that anything that lifts our spirit — quotes, music, etc. — goes into that collective pool of good energy shared.

  3. Monica, I feel your pain! I, too, think my Muse took off on a long vacation without me! Consolation is, I’m not the only one feeling this way, ha!

    As a “former” journalist, I appreciate how addicted folks can get to the news. After all, it’s ON 24/7/365, and sadly, much of what’s covered is gloomy. Something about, If it bleeds, it leads, you know. I’ve found the best way to sanity is to Turn. It. Off. And slap your fingers when you start to relapse! We have to address our problems, of course, but everybody needs time off now and then (perhaps that’s why presidents and other world leaders have vacation homes?!)

    I LOVE M&Ms! Do you separate them by color, or slip them into shapes, to eat them — or do you just grab a fistful at a time? Doesn’t matter, in the overall scheme of things, because they’re just the right size — and you can’t eat just one!!

    • I have to force myself to change the channel or turn off the TV and it’s such a relief when I do. Like tonight. Instead of watching the news, I put on the latest episode of Modern Family. It’s such a funny show and allows me to escape for a little while. As for M&M’s, have you tried the mint ones. My favorite, hands down!

  4. Hi Monica.

    Nice to see you posting.
    The last quote is my favourite and very appropriate at the moment.
    Things are changing all over the world and not for the better in my opinion either.

    Because we can communicate so easily world wide these days, we are more up to date on happenings and I think because of that we think lot’s of things are worse now than they were in the past, in those days we just did not hear about them.

    I will join you in craving for M&M’s, I quite fancy a packet right now!!!!!

    As for your presidential elections, you do drag it on a bit over there, and the potential candidate getting the most coverage seems to be wearing a Shredded Wheat on his head!!

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