International Education Week

Dr. Aaron Bruce, second from right, this summer took a group of students to the Dominican Republic.

This summer, Dr. Aaron Bruce (second from right, in the first row) took a group of students to the Dominican Republic.

First you should know, I’m sick. Which means, I’m miserable.

Miserable with a capital “M.”

I’m in agony, actually. All because of the common cold, which is very irregular when it comes to me. Because I never get sick. I get the flu shot ever year so it’s impossible for me to be sick!

But maybe there are exceptions. Like now. And I know exactly who to blame for giving this wretched cold to me. (I’m talking to you, Trisha, Clare, Lois and Barbara! You did this to me and for that you’ll pay!)

Until then, I want to chop off my nose to spite my face or something like that. Because I can’t breathe. I’m hanging on by a thread. My eyes watery, my throat, raw and scratchy. It’s just me and my stuffy nose and all the tissues in the world can’t do a thing to stop my uncontrollable urge to–to–



So, while I lay here, comatose on the couch, indulge me, won’t you?  Please read a post I just wrote for the Huffington Post, on International Education Week and my good friend and colleague, Dr. Aaron Bruce, who is passionate about giving all young people an opportunity to study abroad.

After you read it, please share with me what you plan to do to “keep it global.”

So here’s a bit of it to get you started:

Keeping It Global for International Education Week

Before you start getting ready for the holidays, take a moment to think global. In fact, take a week.

For International Education Week is just around the corner. From November 16 to 20, students and educators everywhere will be finding a multitude of ways to keep it global.

IEW, which is designed to promote cross-cultural learning, started with President Bill Clinton. In 2000, he made it a joint initiative between the US Department of State and the Department of Education. Today, it’s celebrated around the world, in over 100 countries.

Which is a far cry from when I was a kid. Back then, as a student enrolled in a public school in Queens, New York, there was little emphasis on international education. In fact, about the only thing on anyone’s mind was what to do if the Russians invaded.

(read more please)

10 thoughts on “International Education Week

  1. Mon, I hope that by now you’re fully recovered! How wonderful it would be if every student had the opportunity to study abroad! Growing up, it’s all I wanted to do. I would spend countless hours researching exchange student programs and dream what it would be like to live in Europe. I think that’s what finally made me take the leap and move here! Like Debbie, I’m not up to date on school related articles but will be sure to hop over to read the article!

    • Study abroad opens the mind and the heart and helps people learn empathy and gain a better understanding of the world around them. I hope all this violence of late doesn’t discourage youth from traveling abroad. Sigh.

  2. Poor Monica. I’m so sorry you’re feeling under the weather. Have you tried a humidifier? At any rate, be sure to drink lots of liquids and rest — no sense making it worse, you know. No, I didn’t realize International Education Week was celebrated this month. Now that Domer is out of school, I really don’t keep up with many school-related things. I’ll hop on over and give your post a read. You feel better soon, ‘k?!

    • Thanks, Debbie. I’m finally starting to feel better and it’s just a relief. Honestly, I’m not good at being sick. Anyway, the way I look at it, you don’t have to be in school to learn something knew, explore other cultures. Anyone can do something for International Education Week, like watch a documentary about another part of the planet, dine at a local Vietnamese or French restaurant, or even visit another country’s tourism website and scout out the trip of your dreams. Though of course for you, I hope it won’t be like your last trip abroad. The key is to learn and if there’s anything I believe in, it’s being a lifelong learner!

    • Even for those not planning to travel abroad there are ways to recognize International Education Week right here in the states. Through books, foreign films, and yes, through eating delicious dishes from other parts of the world! Yum!

  3. Sorry you’re not well Monica. I hope you recover soon. Just breathe on those you blame for you getting it!!!!

    I will read your post on the International Educational Week. Now we have for many international on-line communication and learning we need to reach out and learn from others. The internet is great for this but you can’t beat doing things in person. I love meeting people from other countries and cultures. Who was it who said.. We can learn from everybody, as soon as we realise we can. Answers in pencil on the back of a $100 note

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