A Birthday Ends & Life Goes On

I'm as young as Disneyland!

This year is Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration, which makes me as young as Disneyland. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Now that it’s October, I suppose I should stop celebrating my birthday, but I have to tell you:  Nothing beats a birthday hug from Minnie. Thank you, Minnie, and thank you to all my family and friends who made my birthday celebrations memorable, I’ve had a blast milking it for all it’s worth!

Of course, now that I’m a whole year older, I can’t help but wonder, why don’t I feel a whole year wiser? You’d think at my age I’d be able to impart all kinds of wisdom and knowledge like some wise Sensei. But inside I’m still the same person with not so much an iota of enlightenment. Just me, trying to remember to pick up my dry cleaning, make an appointment to get my hair done, and worrying about who’s going to be our next POTUS, which is still over a year away but somehow I’m fretting about it now. (Thanks, 24/7 Cable News!)

I love you, Minnie Mouse!

I love you, Minnie Mouse!

So the moral of the story is this:  After the birthday celebration is over and the last balloon has popped, life goes on.

Item:  I think I’ve met my match at work. Her name is Caitlin and she’s half my age, but she’s so much smarter and funnier than yours truly. Why, just the other day I overheard this in the office when I ran into her talking to our CFO:

Me to CFO guy: Hey, you stood me up for a meeting today. What gives??

CFO guy to Caitlin (ignoring me): When Monica talks, I listen.

Caitlin to CFO guy: Yeah, me too. In one ear and out the other.

Item:  When did we Americans become so lazy that we can’t even open our own window blinds and need technology to do it for us?

The other day I was listening to talk radio when a commercial popped up for window blinds that open via remote control. Heaven forbid you’d have to get up and walk a few feet, just to let some light into the room. After all, who’d want to use their muscles to lift themselves up from the couch to a standing position and make the short trek to the windows all because you need some light? Clearly, not us!

Celebrating in style. Good friends, good times.

Celebrating in style. Good friends, good times.

Easy, shmeasy. We Americans don’t like our lives too complicated and want convenience at our fingertips. The less we have to lift a finger, the better, right? I like to take walks everyday but I won’t be surprised the day I step outside and find all the sidewalks have been replaced by moving walkways, like the kind currently reserved for airports. Mark my words: the day it happens isn’t that far off.

In the meantime, just in case you need it, there’s a service that’ll provide you with a button to push for when you’ve fallen and can’t get up, all because you don’t remember how.

Item:  Why is it that something that should be seemingly painless, like hiring someone to remodel your kitchen, can turn out to be a huge nightmare ending with you throwing good money out the window, hand over fist? For those of you wondering why I haven’t been posting lately, that’s why. I’m in the throes of remodeling.

Frankly, I’m not even remodeling the entire kitchen. No. Just trying to replace my counters with something nicer. Sheesh. It’s been so much trouble, you’d think I’d taken on building my very own Sistine Chapel. Nothing is simple!

There are so many things to consider when remodeling. What started out as, what I thought was pretty straight forward—replacing the counter—has culminated with me needing a new microwave even though the one I’ve had for years still works perfectly fine!

Trust me, you don’t want to know what hell it’s been. But know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I think. After six weeks of going back and forth with the installer, I finally have a date for the demolition and the installation! Wish me luck! Lord knows, I’m going to need it.

Item:  You meet all kinds of folks in the blogosphere but few entertain me as much as Nate Von Shenkmeister. Have you ready his blog? Hilarious! Have you met him? Well, darlings, I have and I can tell you he’s just as funny in person. The guy totally cracks me up. Just check out a few of his gems:

“I’m going to start a GoFundMe account for no reason. Make sure to donate.”

“I should have bought the country of Paraguay instead of this drink at Whole Foods.”

“I’m glad it’s not too hot outside, only 127 (degrees).”

“I’m so proud of my fish for only eating a few of their siblings while I was away.”


“Well there goes my Friday night.”

“I’m going to Target. Keep my wallet in your prayers you guys.”

“This summer I put 5,237 miles on my SUV driving through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. It was worth every minute…even if my car has filed a restraining order against me.”

“I’m working on my PhD in understanding iCloud.”

“Good morning. Have a great day, watch out for kidnappers.”

Well, Nate, I make it a point to stay clear of kidnappers every day, but thanks all the same for the reminder!

Now readers, what have you been up to lately?

11 thoughts on “A Birthday Ends & Life Goes On

  1. Well look at you Monica, don’t you look pretty darn fabulous. Something’s going on with wordpress and I didn’t get your post until I searched for it, don’t you just love technology? Needless to say, here I am and of course you put a smile on my face.. lickety-split. I love that Minnie hugged you. Such a great way to celebrate. That would have made my day and month. A hug from Colin would be awfully special. I mean any time really, or even a simple how are you? would suffice. Now that he’s filming the 3rd installment of Bridget Jones, I am so excited by all the photos the Daily Mail is kind enough to send our way.

    You are remodeling? ugh! kitchen counters are the worst. We just moved, brand new. My quartz – which is white with specs of silver – and love dearly is coming up with spots the installers cannot explain. My guess is they will have to fix it quick. Good luck! I hope you have photos to show.

    Oooh Isn’t Caitlyn lovely.. she sounds like so much fun. I am worrying about our next POTUS too. The debates have done little to reassure me I’m afraid.

    My birthday is in two weeks. A day before Halloween to be exact. I plan to milk it for all its worth – all the way until Nov.30.I hope it works. I am running my first 5k on Nov.15. So exciting.

    • MM, I’ve missed you so! I haven’t been blogging much and it makes me mad that you haven’t been receiving notifications (and you’re not the only one who’s told me that!)

      Hugging Minnie was the best. Read my response to Val below for a full explanation as to why. But yes, I would love a hug from Colin. I still can’t get over that they’re doing another Bridget Jones movie. At their age. Is Renee going to be in it? If so, I’m sad. She has had so much plastic surgery I no longer recognize her.

      The POTUS debates are the best reality show ever. Did you see Larry David on SNL doing his Bernie Sanders imitation? Perfection! Now, I’d vote for Larry hands down!

  2. First, happy birthday … with Mini no less. I didn’t do the whole celebration thing, kept it really low key, in fact I pretended it didn’t happen. I am glad you celebrated for both of us.

    As to the rest, last time I tried to remodel…well lets just say I didn’t get my house back for nearly three months. I dread the next project.

    You look absolutely fabulous. Did I mention that?

    • Thank you, Val! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to the wonderful comment you left me. It was during the throes of Henry being in the hospital when everything went by the wayside so I could focus on him.
      I love Minnie Mouse and the experience I had with her in that moment was a bit surreal. It’s as if she understood the wealth of emotions I was feeling in turning 60, and remembering my childhood love for all things Disney at the same time. It kind of felt like two women having a conversation, though she didn’t talk of course. But she stayed with me longer than she needed to, (when there were all these kids around us demanding her attention), and when she hugged me, she held me longer than she needed to. But it was just what I needed. I will never forget it.

  3. Glad your B-day celebration went so well — Disneyland sounds like a great place to visit! I’ve missed seeing you here, but figured you were still celebrating. I’m fascinated with the idea of automatic window blinds. I heard the other day that companies are going to stop installing cords on blinds in an effort to prevent kids from strangling themselves on them. How are adults going to raise and lower blinds without cords?? (Maybe this is where the automatic idea comes in??)

    Your remodeling project sounds trying. Guess you can always hang onto the thought that it’s going to look SUPER, once it’s done! Bet the boys love having company all day long though, ha!

  4. Super post Monica. As always of course.

    My 60th is at the end of November but I don’t expect Mini Mouse to be involved, mind you with the strange neighbours I have anything is possible I suppose.

    Caitlin sounds a real bright spark, just make sure she does not start too many fires.

    Not sure of the remote control blinds, it’s amazing what people will buy to save effort, and then they buy on-line to save the effort of going out.

    As to what I have been up to….. Well….. Last week I got elected to the board of directors of the heritage railway I volunteer at, so I can now tell myself off!! It also means I am a trustee of the charity as well. So looking forward to a few interesting years.

    Have a great week and weekend, and remember after the weekend the following five days are always the hardest!!

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