Comic Con or How I Spent a Weekend with 130,000 of My Closest Friends & Had the OUTLANDER Experience of a Lifetime


In which I go crazy, head over heels for the “Outlander” street team, a handsome bunch, if you ask me.

This has been a year of firsts. Traveled to Brazil to train teachers how to teach science to their students? Check. Visited Chicago for Mother’s Day to spend time with my daughter? Check. Started working out with a personal trainer? Check! Went to Comic Con last week? Check, check! And, I might add, I had a blast, to boot! And the theme of this weekend for me? OUTLANDER! From attending a private party hosted by Penguin Random House where I got to meet Diana Gabaldon–the author of “Outlander,” the highly popular series about time travel, history, adventure and love–to waiting on a V-E-R-Y L-O-N-G line to get to see the stars of the “Outlander” TV series on Starz Channel, Caitriona Balfe, and the very hot and handsome, Sam Heughan. I’m in love with Jamie Fraser and am trying to figure out how I can travel back in time to the Scotland of his day! The best way to see Comic Con is to not bring your car, but to take the trolley. Made things so much easier. Also, don’t fight the crowds, don’t even try to avoid them. You can’t. They’re everywhere. So if you can’t fight ‘em, join ‘em and embrace the fact that you are experiencing Comic Con with 130,000 of your closest friends! After all, you’re all there for the same reason. To see your favorite TV and comic book heroes, to rub elbows and hob nob with the rich and famous, and to have a blast! So of course I just have to share with you some of the hundreds of photos I took–highlights of the three glorious, crazy technicolor days I spent at Comic Con.

In order to gain entry to the hottest convention in town, a bunch of us volunteered to work it. Good times.

In order to gain entry to the hottest convention in town, a bunch of us volunteered to work it. Good times.

I met Diana Gabaldon and she was nice! Her

I met Diana Gabaldon and she was so nice and told me she plans to write two more books to round out the series. How exciting! “Outlander” rocks. Of course, I may be biased. I just love books about time travel, history and steamy sex.


I’m obsessed with the TV series, “Outlander.” Could Sam Heughan, who plays the lead character, Jamie Fraser, be the reason? Hmm….Of course, Claire Randall, played by Caitriona Balfe (right), is a heroine for the ages.


The stars of “Outlander.” Isn’t Sam a cutie??


Comic Con is a place where you can be yourself–by being someone else! The costumes were amazing.



The women on the left look good but the angel on the right? A little scantily clad, if you ask me. But, let’s just say, she wasn’t the only one at the convention wearing, ahem, next to nothing.


That’s me with my son!



Everywhere you looked, you could see one thing: Crowds! Do the words, “standing room only” mean anything to you? There may have been 130,000 people registered to attend Comic Con, but there were at least another 500,000 to a million folk outside the convention center enjoying the entertainment there. So much to see and do! Gadzooks!

26 thoughts on “Comic Con or How I Spent a Weekend with 130,000 of My Closest Friends & Had the OUTLANDER Experience of a Lifetime

  1. My niece and her husband attend comic-con every year. This year she wasn’t enamored with the crowds. She thought Sunday was awful. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I have so mnay clients who go to them and I live vicariously. They sound like a blast! Anytime people have passion about something and gather, you can feel the energy of it. It is contageous! What a year you have had. Glad you are living your dream!

    • How wonderful to hear from you!
      Oh I am, I really am, Jodi. Life’s grand. I don’t know I get so lucky with these opportunities but who’s complaining. It just keeps getting better!

  3. I always wondered about the bad guy soldiers in the white armor and helmets from Star Wars. They all get gunned down so easily and fall all over the place. Sure must be very cheap stuff. Why don’t they get better armor ? I mean the space ships gotta cost “astro”nomical $ so why not spend a few more bucks for better armor ?

      • Yep that’s right because I have an eye for such things. Of course when you read adventure and sci-fy fiction or see the movies you are supposed to suspend reality a bit but certain stuff still gotta be scientific but a little stretch is OK I suppose.

    • Val, we would’ve had a great time. Braving the crowds is key. And ogling them, too. So many had amazing costumes. I felt like I’d walked into a spectacular Halloween party!

  4. Y’all have all the COOL stuff going on, don’t you, Monica?! Domer would’ve loved going to Comic Con, and I’d have loved being there, too. Looks like you had a wonderful time, despite the crowds. That poor woman in the angel getup? She needs more covering, ha!

    • Oh yes, here in San Diego we have it all (except water). When my kids were little, I took them to Comic Con, but this was before it became the sensation it is today. Back then you didn’t need to buy your tickets in advance. $8 got you in. But back then, all there was to see was comic books. Rows and rows of them. Now, it’s awesome. Tons of celebrities, the cast of the new Star Wars was here, including Harrison Ford, talking about the new film. I got to see the premiere episode of a new Fox series coming this fall, Scream Queens, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michelle. The show’s cast arrived just before it began, to say a few words. I got to go to an HBO Masquerade party. It was all like a dream and I loved it!

  5. Oh my gosh!! did you hear me scream? I did. I did. You met Sam and Cait… I love those books. I’ve read them back to front and front to back. I saw Diana one time, but did not have my books with me to get her to sign them. I have my graphic novel signed by her. She was so nice, she signed collection after collection of books. And read to us from book 9. I still can’t believe it. Monica, I love the show and I could talk for hours about it. I am going through your photos and I want to scream again. The next best thing to Colin Firth.

    • Ha ha, MM. You’re making me laugh, but you should’ve seen me. I was so giddy with excitement, practically chasing them down for another glimpse. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sam.

      Sam and Cait were so adorable during the panel they did on Season Two. You can watch it on YouTube, you know. Plus they showed us a 7-minute preview of what’s coming. Omg, it looked awesome. I can’t wait! Wish we could watch it together!

      • Oh I so wish we could watch it together, Monica. I can’t believe how close you got to them. I’ve been looking up Sam & Cait’s interviews together whenever Diana leaves a link on her Facebook page.. But I’m going on YouTube now to take a look.
        I have been re – reading Dragonfly in Amber to prepare myself. I’m getting giddy myself. I loved all your other photos but this was my favorite.

  6. Believe it or not comic con is on my list of events to visit, used to love comics and the like when I was younger.

    From the pictures I see you had a great time.

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