The Longest Week

Who can resist such pretty, festive cards? Not me!

Who can resist this sampling of my holiday cards? Not me!

This has been the longest week ever.

It’s the last week before Christmas and I swear it doesn’t want to end.  Not only are kids everywhere counting the days until Santa comes down their chimney, but I’m waiting for my vacation to begin and for my daughter’s plane to land, sometime late tonight. I can’t wait, which is why I’m tired of waiting.

All this waiting has made the week so tedious. S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g it out as long as possible, sucking the excitement and anticipation of the holidays out of me in one fell swoop. In fact, the only anticipation I’m feeling is wondering whether this week will EVER END??

And so I wait.  All the while, my mind’s playing tricks on me.

I woke up Monday, gleefully thinking it already was Wednesday.  By Tuesday I was sure it was Thursday and seriously shocked when I learned it wasn’t. Which made me wonder:

Why does a watched pot never boil, anyway?

I’m waiting. Waiting. Holding-my-breath waiting, while visions of sugar plums explode in my head from all this WAITING!

It’s not fair! 99 percent of the time I 100-percent believe that time flies faster than the speed of light.  Take any other week of the year and watch how fast it goes.  But this week, the week before Christmas is milking the last millisecond out of me. Sheesh.

The longest week brought torrential rains to Southern California on Tuesday night and all the way into the wee hours of Wednesday. When I awoke, I was convinced it was Thursday only to discover it was merely Wednesday.

Hump Day, what are you doing to me??

On Thursday, I found myself believing it was actually Wednesday again and that maybe I was in that movie, “Groundhog Day,” where Bill Murray is forced to relive the same day over and over. I almost missed an important meeting because of it! And when I realized the error of my ways, I had to pinch myself five times–ouch!–to convince myself it actually was Thursday, which, if you ask me, seemed too good to be true.

In the meantime, while waiting, I’ve been working all week and spending evenings getting ready for the holidays. And by that I mean, I’ve been attending holiday celebrations and drinking festive drinks like Margarita’s and Mojito’s. Festive for Southern California, that is.

I’ve also been whiling away the hours, addressing greeting cards to friends who no longer send cards of their own, a tradition that has been all but abandoned, and frankly, I can’t blame them. In fact, the only reason I still send cards is because I have so many boxes of cards from past day-after-Christmas sales, that I have to use them in order to justify having accumulated so many. What can I say, I find it hard to resist a pretty greeting card.

Wait–here’s a thought: I wonder if I can give these countless boxes of Christmas and Chanukah cards away as gifts, so that some other poor sap is forced to send cards next year, instead of me?


Anyway, I’m still waiting. Today is Friday and I had a nightmare that my alarm went off, and I jumped out of bed, thinking it was Monday the 15th and the longest week had rebooted itself. Thankfully, I turned on the news and realized it was all a dream and that Friday was indeed upon us.

Friday! My last day of work for the year! Hooray for TGIFriday!!

Of course my daughter’s flight arrives very late tonight. So late that it might as well be arriving on Saturday. Sigh. I’m already counting the hours.

And still I wait…

So, how has your week been thus far?

27 thoughts on “The Longest Week

    • Thank you, Jodi. It was a truly wonderful holiday with just me, my children and the dogs, Henry and Oliver. What an amazing time! I will treasure every minute of it. Hope yours was special, too!

  1. Well, at least you can’t catch Robert’s virus over the internet. That’s a good thing. (Feel better Robert!) I’ve been so busy I want the week to slow down. I need more time. Help! Merry Christmas Monica!

  2. Holy Moses! All this waiting has exhausted me! Safe to say, I’ve felt the exact same way. Enjoy Christmas with your daughter. Blessings!

  3. Oh Monica, yes, yes and yes! Longest week for sure. Mine just ended with school, with teacher gifts and with feast day. Children are home. We drove home in torrents of rain. Slipping around like an eel. I was out yesterday finalizing teacher gifts – I put a lot of thought into it you see. I did not like the crowds, the lack of patience, the rude cutting me off. All I can say is patience is a virtue and we need it on the roads.
    I am now done. It is down to family presents, playing board games, making cookies and catching up on my books, writing and tv shows. I will be starting a new show with Clive Owen.
    Have a wonderful time with your daughter – I know the waiting is endless. Happy Holidays and much love.

    • It all sounds heavenly, MM. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. My daughter and I plan to see a show, see some movies and just have a good time. An entire two weeks with nothing to do but have fun!

  4. So glad you asked, Monica. Not only was my week long, it pretty much sucked. I should’ve been drinking ’til it spilled out my pores, the week was so long and sucky. This time last year, my week was nothing like this. I hope the next two weeks draaaaaag by ’cause I don’t work ’til next year either.

  5. Like Debbie, I’m working on my last post for the year to go out Sunday. Shopping online is done. Our new kitchen was installed on Monday minus the kitchen sink and plumbing to the dishwasher. That’s supposed to happen today between noon and 5. They better come because we have guests coming next week not to mention it’s Christmas and that would really dampen my spirits. But it’s Christmas, so I’m thinking positively. Talk about waiting. Did the Museum of Health with grandson’s class yesterday, his Christmas party this morning. Labeled 32 “Melted Snowman” water bottles last night, and more.

    Have a wonderful, well-deserved vacation and enjoy every minute with your daughter.

  6. Poor ^Robert^ — I feel your pain. My mom had that stuff, and it took her a week to get well. Seems like it’s making the rounds, too. What a horrid time of year to be sick! Prayers for a speedy recovery.

    Monica, I know what you mean about this being a LONG week. Domer is coming in tonight, too, and, while it’s going to be wonderful having him home, there is SO MUCH to be done before he arrives! Enjoy your time off work and with your kids — I think I’ll do one more post before the end of this year, then take some time off myself.

    • One of the reasons I love this time of year so much is that it brings families together. We hunker down and get cozy together, binge watching our favorite shows, spending time together and feasting on extraordinary delights. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  7. I’ve been delighted about how much I’ve managed to get done (mostly because I’ve been ignoring all the things that haven’t) I still have presents to wrap. I’ve been meaning to address cards (forget writing them) since October. The ordinary chores (laundry, bills) have slid so far on the back burner they are threatening to fall off the stove. It’s been a long week, just not long enough. 🙂

    • I know what you mean, Lisa. Feels like there’s never enough time in the day, especially during the holidays when there’s all this extra stuff we need or want to do, like decorating, shopping for gifts, a tree, etc. and yet with all that, this week still seemed to take Forever. Go figure!

  8. My week is terrible.

    I am in bed with a vomiting virus and leaking both ends.

    Mum is in hospital with Pneumonia and at 87 she is not expected to get better. Because of the virus I can’t visit her which is a bit upsetting.

    So all in all I have had better weeks.

    I don’t send cards I can’t see the point to be honest of sending a card to somebody you only hear from at Christmas.

    So if I could rewind this week I would be a happy chappie, but of course life is like that.

    Have a great time over the holiday season Monica, here is will be quiet and reflective

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