Things I Find On My Walks #8

NaBloPoMo DAY 29:


Wanted: A Home for the Holidays

This is a sad story. An accident of circumstance, if you will, with an ending that is yet to be written. In fact, how it ends is up to you. Will you rescue sweet, Little Bear, found hopelessly waiting in an open market?

The unfortunate mishap began when Little Bear and his family came to the outdoor market one recent Saturday. It was a busy day, as you can imagine, filled with a flurry of shoppers, but Little Bear was quite content and beaming with gratitude, as he sat atop the shopping cart. Happy to be alive, he thought to himself, as he considered how much he was cared for by his family.

From his vantage point, he could see the street vendors selling their wares, the flower stalls bursting with Begonias, Sunflowers and Lilly of the Nile, and take in the aroma of fresh, out-of-the-oven, French bread, and the distinct, tempting scent of his favorite food–honey!

What a delightful outing!

A perfectly crisp, sunny day, indeed, when suddenly, from out of nowhere, a careless boy on a skateboard nicked the shopping cart. Out fell Little Bear with a soft thump. The family, too distracted buying codfish for the stew that mother would be preparing for dinner that night, didn’t notice, and kept pushing the cart down the street.

Hours later, the pint-size fellow ended up here, in an alley, hoping in vain for his family to realize their loss and return for him. Alas, days passed and now all Little Bear hopes for is a home for the holidays.  After all, the nights are getting rather chilly.

If you know someone who wouldn’t mind giving this tiny guy a special home for the holidays–and maybe even longer–please advise.

It might interest you to know that Little Bear can recite the alphabet, is partial to honey (very partial, actually), and a good listener.  He’s a bit of a homebody, enjoying rainy days and cackling fires and, in case you’re wondering, he’s never learned to surf or tango, but is willing to try if needed. He likes running errands and other mundane activities, as long as you remember to keep track of him.

He’d also like me to point out that, though his nose and mouth might be askew from the fall he took, never fear: his heart is still in the right place. With a good scrubbing, he’ll be clean as a whistle and guaranteed to melt your heart. His words, not mine.

For the right family, Little Bear is willing to travel.  At least, that’s what he claims, as I know he’s never been on an airplane and the thought of it does trouble him. But no worries. That’s a challenge he’s willing to overcome.

Anyway, if you would like more information, please inquire within. Only serious offers of love and pots of honey will be entertained. Again, his words, not mine.


Tomorrow is my last NaBloPoMo post! Thank you to all of you who have been reading these silly posts of mine. How I come up with these ideas, I haven’t a clue.

In any case, be sure to add your two cents for your chance at the prize. Announcement coming in early December–as soon as my fingers stop cramping from all this writing!


19 thoughts on “Things I Find On My Walks #8

  1. Terrible some snot child left their bear behind likely in favor of a tablet or some other high-tech gadget. You know how these terrible modern children are. Perhaps you could clean him up and send him where he would find great love, maybe a chidlren’s hospital?

    • I think I find so many toys because kids are basically careless. I will confess that I kept Nemo because I found him far from the playground and face it, he was cute. But all the others I’ve left where they were, with the hopes their owner would find them. I bet if you started looking around in your neighborhood you’d find some toys, too.

  2. I would love to have little bear stay with us, permanently if he would like it. We are partial to pots of honey ourselves; honey in our tea, honey on our toast, honey in almost anything. Little bear would almost certainly be at home. We have little monkey to keep him busy when the children are at school, i can guarantee a warm bed, lots of cuddles and even a little coat and hat for those rainy days. I myself grew up with Paddington bear – have you hear of him Monica? Oh how I loved my Paddington, with his umbrella and raincoat. I’ve never found another and have been searching. Colin was going to be his voice in the new film version but he backed out. He would’ve made a good bear I think.
    I bet little bear would have enjoyed codfish for dinner had the family not lost him. We have salmon, he might like it grilled, we use some honey on it.

    One more day Monica. So wonderful. I’ve loved all your posts! well done.

    • I think yours would make the perfect home for Little Bear. He’d be cozy and loved, and he’d give you and your girls endless kisses and hugs. I love the idea of a raincoat for this little guy. Of course I’m familiar with Paddington Bear. He’s adorable. Are you familiar with the real Little Bear book series?

  3. this just breaks my heart. I hate to think of once-loved toys becoming alone and lonely as their owners grow up. In fact, I still have most of Domer’s stuffed animals and can’t “bear” the thought of getting rid of them. And you know, even charity has a problem accepting well-loved stuffed toys, probably because of fear of spreading illness.

  4. We would be happy to offer him a home for the holidays or part of the holidays. We don’t surf and we don’t tango, but we could introduce him to the calves, ride in the gator (in not on, it’s a John Deere) through the pastures, sit in the rocking chairs on the back porch and he can have his pick of recliners in the living room. It would be fun to have a holiday guest along with other family members including children. The guest room is ready! I don’t think T-Bob would mind sharing at all.

    • Oh, Kim, he’s with the misfit toys. If he stayed with me, Oliver would have a heck of a time playing with him to bits. Literally, nothing but bits is what he’d be. Can’t have that!

  5. Yes well, my mother used to collect bears, she got rid of a lot when she moved earlier in the year.

    Fancy a bear never learning to Tango, whatever next!! Mind you I can’t Tango either I have two left feet and two right legs.

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