Things I Find on My Walks, #7

NaBloPoMo DAY 25:IMG_4614

I found Nemo!

Sure he’s missing his stripes, but he’s none the worse for wear! And what’s he doing two miles from the sea, here in San Diego, I do not know. Nor do I ask, as it’s none of my business.  All the same,


Of course, you might be thinking, “I thought he was already found and reunited with his dad, in the film, ‘Finding Nemo.'”

Well, I thought so, too. But there you are. Go figure. He was lost and I found him, and I can say without any doubt or hesitation, it was meant to be.  For, I am an expert at finding things, especially those lost by others and not by me.

Indeed, I have had little success finding things that I’ve lost. In fact, I’m still missing my ruby red watch that I purchased in Switzerland nearly a decade ago, so if you find it, you know where to find me.  I’m with Nemo. 😉

Anyway, I digress.

Lucky me, I found Nemo, and now, it goes without saying, the world is a better place for it.  He looks so happy, doesn’t he?  That’s because he’s been located, sitting atop a whosie-whatsit in the middle of nowhere, better known as my neighborhood. There are worse places to end up, you know. This is not one of them.

So now that I found him, there is one thing I need to know:

Is there a reward for finding Nemo?

Thank you to all of you who keep reading my posts. Posting everyday is a blessing and a curse but I appreciate you being here all the same!

Now, have at it:  Comment away! There’s a prize you know!

14 thoughts on “Things I Find on My Walks, #7

  1. Finding a lotta toys this time of year. I’m suspecting you’re gonna be Secret Santa. On the job, that is. Wrap those little babies up in newspaper and your shopping is all done.

  2. I must confess I love Nemo, Monica. Although I love Dory more. Let’s face it, the little guy is adorable. I don’t know why, I get the feeling he wanted to explore in spite of his dad’s warning. Since there aren’t any turtles in your neighborhood, I’m glad you found him. It can’t be safe for him to be so far from his home. I bet his dad was worried. Now for that reward – finding Nemo requires quite a big thank-you. I hope it is something delightful.
    Hmmm.. as for the ruby red watch. I’m keeping an eye out. Such a gorgeous color too.

    • Ellen as Dory was magnificent. I hope by now he’s found his way back to the sea, which is just a couple of miles down the road. MM, I can’t tell you how beautiful that watch was. It’s a brand that is simply not available in this country. I don’t know how I lost it, but I so wish it would turn up. It was truly one of a kind.

  3. Good for you! Finding Nemo had to be the highlight of your day. As for a reward, well, gee, maybe. I don’t know. Did you see any fliers posted advertising a reward? Did you see an ad in the newspaper? If not, I imagine the only reward is the satisfaction of knowing you’ve Found Nemo!!

    • This Nemo is so adorable I couldn’t help but wonder why anyone would leave it behind. As for the reward, I’m told I’m going to be paid in kelp. Isn’t that grand? I knew finding Nemo would lead to greater things!

  4. Grandson has to read Robert Louis Stevenson’s Garden of Verse over Thanksgiving break. So I have been sitting here with him reading”My Shadow,” “The Swing,” “Rain,” “The Lamplighter,” “The Land of Counterpane.” We’re taking a break and will finish in a while, but I must say as I read this post, it occurred to me it would make a great children’s poem…with just a little revision. Really, your sentences and playfulness just sing off the page.

  5. Monica

    This is a fishy tale……..

    I will now admit something, but only because it’s you and me and nobody else will read what I am typing!!! I enjoyed the film Finding Nemo. Now I would not admit that to anybody else but as it’s just the two of us here I know my secret is safe!!!!!

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