Coconut is Missing! (Or, Things I Don’t Find on My Walk)

NaBloPoMo DAY 22:



Horror of all horrors, Coconut is missing!

I don’t know how it happened or when, but on my walk today there were flyers plastered all over the neighborhood.

Missing Bird!

I immediately felt my stress levels go up up UP. Practically through the roof. How could this be? What happened and when? Despite having no idea who this Coconut is, I could only imagine the nightmare Coconut’s owners must be enduring.

Young Coconut is MIA and from the flyers I see on every corner, I surmise that his owner is in a state of absolute apoplexy. For, what kind of life can one hope for without a Coconut to sweeten it?

Why, this could prove calamitous, indeed!

Oh, Coconut, where did we go wrong? Was it in giving you too many names?

Coconut might have been suffering from multiple personality disorder. For the word on the street–or in this case, the flyers–was, that in addition to Coconut, the feathered creature answered to the names, “Mama” and “Birdie.”

Maybe it was Mama that flew the coop, but Birdie would’ve stayed. Perhaps Coconut was in a trance when it happened and didn’t hear when Mama said “There’d be days like this, there’d be days like this,” Mama said.

Which of course is no consolation for those left behind, now that Mama, Birdie and Coconut are nowhere in sight. Disappeared without a trace.

By now, Coconut and company could be anywhere. Maybe halfway across the country, though if Coconut had any smarts, he would have headed to Hawaii.

In the meantime, an APB has been put out, and there is a reward, so if you spot the winged creature please let us know. And for heaven’s sake, don’t try to confront Coconut yourself! You don’t know who you might be dealing with–Coconut, Birdie or Mama–and such things should only be handled by experts.

Coconut, if you’re reading this, and I pray that you are, come home. No questions will be asked and all will be forgiven. You are loved, if not by me who has never met you, then by someone who cares what happens to you.  Someone who smiles when she places you on her shoulder (see flyer to remind you). Someone who spent a lot of time and money printing said flyers–in color–and posting them all over town.

Come back, Mama and Birdie, too. You’re a package deal. After all, a Birdie in the hand is worth two in the bush!


Note: This month, I’m taking part in NaBloPoMo–and it’s winding down! And so far I’ve posted every day! Woo hoo!

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16 thoughts on “Coconut is Missing! (Or, Things I Don’t Find on My Walk)

  1. Being owned by a bird (Cockatoo named Merlin) for the past 23 years or so, I can honestly say there are days I want to open the window and croon, ‘fly away birdie, fly away’.

    Poor Coconut.

    I have to ask though, did you finish your walk whispering, “mama” and “birdie” hoping for a miracle.

  2. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of birds inside — they remind me of bats (which we’ve seen too many of recently!). Still, if this is a pet (and who am I to judge?), I hope these folks find their bird(s) soon!

    • Funny, you should mention bats. Years ago when my brother and sister-in-law were living in Puerto Rico, a bat flew through the patio sliding doors and into their living room. At first, they thought it was a bird. Imagine their horrors at the realization it wasn’t!

    • As I write this, I am forming a posse of volunteers to search the neighborhood, high and low, for our precious Coconut. We are making banners, “Come back, Little Coconut, come back!” Let’s hope the critter can read. I also have placed a candle in the window. Pray for Coconut’s safe return.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I hope Coconut’s owners find their beloved pet. Maybe the vet can help them put a gps pet tracker chip on her and get a special plan for her other two names, provided she comes home. Thinking positively, Nemo made it back home, but then there was just one of him.

    • Georgette, please keep Coconut in your thoughts and prayers. And, remember, as you gather around your Thanksgiving table with those you love, Coconut’s family will have one empty bird stand by their’s, with a bowl filled with birdseed and yet no feathered friend to enjoy the bounty of their love. A moment of silence, please, for our esteemed Coconut.

  4. My word, Monica. I feel so sad for Coconut; dealing with two personalities – birdie and mama, then being away from her home and owner. Or maybe like you say, she flew away because she needed to shed birdie and mama( what a burden to carry, not one name but three) and enjoy just being Coconut – a fancy stage name like Coconut could bring big bucks if she joined the entertainment industry. Hawaii or even Rio I’d say. Hopefully, she will find her way back after some much needed rest..

    • MM, Coconut is probably off somewhere having the time of its life! Perhaps the little birdie flew all the way to Hawaii and is enjoying a Piña Colada on a beach, watching the sunset. Yep, I’m convinced, with a name like Coconut, this is one bird tripping the light fantastic!

  5. I can only hope coconut has gone of to one of those rehab centers to pull herself (and mama and birdie) together. What a fun twist on your theme! You do have interesting walks.

    • Thanks, Lisa. I will say I walked past the first four or five flyers without it registering. But then around the sixth, I decided to read it, and when I did I said to myself, that’s a post if ever there was one! A bird named Coconut missing? Where do I sign up for the search party? Maybe he’s joined a carrier pigeon society. Who knows?

  6. What a bird brained idea to call a bird coconut. I would love to know what inspired the choice of name.

    Here it’s much the same when an animal disappears flyers go up all over the place, they get stuffed through the door and go straight in the bin, or the trash depending on which side of the pond you are.

    Now surprise surprise here is a little story…… At the railway station I look after we often get a couple in who ride round on bikes, and she has a parrot on her shoulder with a harness to stop it flying off, they buy it an ice cream when they each have one. She does not like it getting to excited though as if it does it expresses an interest in buying the shirt she is wearing, well we assume it want’s to buy it as it makes a noise and leaves a deposit down her back…

    As for coconut reading your post and coming home I now have this picture in my mind of the bird reading your post on a portable device sitting in a tree somewhere, so just think it won’t be far away as it will need WI-FI for the internet connection!!!!

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