My Secret Garden


NaBloPoMo DAY 21:


This is one of my absolute favorite photos.

If you’ve been following my blog this month, then you know I’ve started a new series which I call “Things I Find on My Walks.”

Today, I’m going to share with you another aspect of my walks:  the colorful, radiant flowers I come across each day. It’s like strolling through my very own secret garden! Soothing and delightful, these floral lovelies are a celebration of all that’s good in the world. Mother Nature’s treasures. A feast for the eyes and a gift for all to enjoy!

San Diego has an abundance of flowers. Year round there’s something of beauty to see that fills my heart with gladness and lifts my spirits. So it’s only natural, that I take photos of these.  Frankly, I can’t help myself!

Now, I’m not an expert by any means, so I don’t know the names of most of these flowers. I just know what I like, capiche?

Which is why I’m sharing these pictures with you. In a way, this was Robert’s idea for a post. He suggested I do one on my favorite photographs that I’ve taken. Well, so many of the pictures that I like are of flowers! So, I hope you appreciate these as much as I do!

And for all of you, suffering through the biggest snowstorm in decades, most of these photos were taken in the last few weeks! Yes, it’s gorgeous here in San Diego!


Daisies. Thanks, Debbie!




As I walk down the steps from my complex to the main road, I make a right and encounter this path. Magnificent, no?



The petals have fallen off these flowers, and I was so intrigued with how it made the ground look, I had to capture it for all time.





More Daisies!






I love Bougainvillea. They’re not really flowers, but aren’t the a delight?



Thanks to Debbie & Lisa, I now know this red beauty is a Hibiscus.








I don’t know why, but Birds of Paradise seem like ladies of leisure to me, watching the passers by while enjoying some mindless chatter.

By the way, if you know the name of any of these flowers I’ve included, please let me know and I’ll add it to the caption. Thanks!

Note: This month, I’m taking part in NaBloPoMo. Thirty days, 30 posts.  

EXCITING NEWS! I’ve decided it’s better to be late than sorry, though it’s the early bird that catches the worm. And what am I going to do with a bunch of worms, anyway?

One lucky reader–the one person who has commented on the most posts this month–will win an Amazon gift card. Twenty bucks, woo hoo! If there’s a tie, I’ll do a drawing, announcing the results in early December.  Good luck!

Thank you for reading.  And if you find a cure for what ails me, please don’t tell me! I don’t want to know, after all. I’m on a roll!

15 thoughts on “My Secret Garden

  1. How blissful your walks must be, Monica. Like you, I find it heavenly to be around flowers and wish mine were still blooming. I do have my Camellias coming out and the only flowers in Winter to look forward to. I grew up with a pink variety of the Hibiscus and they were just gorgeous. Bougainvillea was abundant too. What a lovely post, your photos make me wish I was in San Diego right now. We’re having rain – which we desperately need, so I shall complain no more. I will have to visit in the Winter. The first photo is breathtaking. I love purple flowers.. hydrangeas, lilacs, daisies, you name it.

    • Blissful is right, MM. I seem to spend a lot of time on my walks taking snapshots of much of what I see, particularly the flowers. Btw, my favorite color is purple. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to the flowers in the first photo so much.

  2. Ah, Monica, these photos make me pea-green with envy for beautiful summery days, rather than the grey, ice-cold weather we’ve been having! What a lovely walk you’ve shown us.

    As for the flower IDs, the red (just above the purple con-shaped flower) is Hibiscus. Numbers 1 and 5, I believe are some variety of Daisy. Amazing how many different kinds of flowers exist in our country alone!

  3. The red under the boganvillia is hibiscus. I love neighbors gardens too, but there are no flowers peaking out through the snow. We won’t see those outside until April or May. Enjoying yours.

  4. I love your “on my walk” posts! I’ve had some of my most profound moments on a quiet, early-morning walk so I always enjoy your imaginative observations.

  5. Some beautiful flowers there Monica.

    Regretfully I am not an expert on flower names so unable to name any of them in your pictures, i love photographing flowers, on macro especially the colours can really stand out.

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