Things I Find on My Walks #2

NaBloPoMo DAY 7IMG_3901:

Somewhere there’s a fresh box of crayons missing the color of sunflowers, butter, lemons and bananas.

Somewhere, there’s a child who will never be able to draw Curious George and the man in a yellow hat, or the yellow submarine we allegedly all live in.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of said crayon box or child, please advise. If neither come to claim this sad and lonely crayon, I am committed to finding this little fella a home. So, if anyone is willing to adopt this hapless crayon–which has surely seen better times and hopefully will again–know that I’m taking it to the Home for Wayward Crayons, a local shelter for forgotten crayons and other writing instruments (pens, Sharpies, #2 pencils, feather pens, quills, etc).

In the meantime, please keep this little yellow guy in your thoughts and prayers.


(Note: I’m taking part in NaBloPoMo. The more civilized name is National Blog Posting Month. Thirty days, 30 posts.

Thank you to all of you who continue to hang in there with me in this crazy escapade of mine. I love your support and comments. Frankly, it’s what is keeping me going!)

10 thoughts on “Things I Find on My Walks #2

  1. I’m not the owner, but if I didn’t live so far away, I would be happy to take her in. We’re always looking for yellow. Is that strange? I don’t know. We draw many things in yellow; sun flowers and strange looking mice. By the way, I love Curious George and the Man in the yellow hat.
    I hope you find many more treasures on your walks Monica. Waiting to see if yellow finds her home.

    • If the Yellow Crayon hasn’t been claimed, I will have the Home for Wayward Crayons get in touch with you, so that you can being the adoption process. I’m sure Yellow would love a home in which it’s appreciated. 😉

  2. That’s a fresh crayon you found there. Looks lonely. I don’t reckon it’s worth an ad for the owner to come for but with that Z, they could go for a cool 50 cents. I may be under pricing the value, however.

  3. Do you live near an elementary school, Monica? Or do you have lots of neighbors with kids? I’m intrigued by the things you find on your walks (the magnetic Z, this crayon) — both of which, if I remember correctly, are yellow!!

    • That is so funny you say that. Guess I’ve never mentioned, but I’m surrounded by schools! The elementary school is directly in front and across the street from my complex. The school for 5th and 6th graders is behind my complex. The middle school is one block south and the high school is about four blocks north. Now, what was your question? 😉

      And, yes, you remember right! They’re both yellow, something I never noticed. The plot thickens!

  4. I’m enjoying the “Things I Find on My Walks” posts. I’m a little worried about that crayon though. It looks so bright and fresh and most of those wayward pens are no good.

    • Of course you’ll be seeing me. You’ll be seeing me every single day this month, and then I may go into hibernation for a few days or more. We’ll see. Anyway that’s the goal.

      Single socks have always been a mystery. But wayward writing tools started disappearing with the onset of keyboards, something they weren’t too keen on. The feather pen once said to the fountain pen who then said to the ballpoint pen, “Ha, I told you so! One day even you would become useless!”
      “Hush,” said the ballpoint. “You don’t want the little yellow crayon to hear you. You might scare her off.”
      Too late. Lil’ Yellow, as she came to be called, was shivering and crying into her yellow paper wrapping. Her future, already predestined. So sad.

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