Awards, Awards! 1st Annual Monica’s Tangled Web Awards

Monica-big-300 Sure, sure. Just what the world needs now. More awards. But what the heck. It’s awards season, right? The Oscars, the Golden Globes–and now, brace yourself for the Monica’s Tangled Web Awards!

So without further adieu, a little drum roll please. Mr. Conductor, take it away!

Cue the music, hit the lights, and roll out the red carpet for the first annual, completely ridiculous, 2014 Monica’s Tangled Web Awards! The only award given out to those who’ve made a difference in my life–whether in my community or in the larger community known as the “Blogosphere.”

That's Zuliya on the left. I'd tell you that I'm the one on the right, but I think you all know better. Sigh.

That’s Zuliya on the left. I’d tell you that I’m the one on the right, but I think you all know better. Sigh.

Best Zumba Instructor Award: Zuliya! There are several Zumba instructors at the place that I frequent, but none is sweeter, has a bigger smile or more energetic than Zuliya! She’s more than an instructor–she’s a cheerleader! Zuliya has a way of cheering you on and making you feel special, even when you can barely follow along because you’ve had an exhausting day at the office and are feeling cranky and arthritic. I just adore Zuliya and everyone should be so lucky to have a Zumba instructor like her!

Best Blogger South of the Border Award: Kathy! Kathy, of Reinventing the Event Horizon, seems happiest when she’s living abroad, exploring new places. She and her partner, Sara, take beautiful, bursting-with-color photos of everything! She also has buckets of creativity and can turn garbage into a thing of beauty. Follow her blog and you’ll see what I mean.


Kiss wannabe’s.

Biggest Colin Firth Fan Award: I thought I was his number one fan (yes, I love you, Colin Firth!), and then I came across Meditating Mummy, another blogger who loves him even more! She keeps tabs on his whereabouts and writes him the most endearing open letters on her blog. If it weren’t for her, I’d have no idea what film he’s working on!

Best A Team Award: The folks in my department–Trisha, Ashley, Clare, Hayley and Sean. These guys work hard and love what they do. Loyal to a fault. Look at it this way: if it weren’t for them, I would never have dressed as if I’m in a rock band last Halloween. They had me at hello.

Best Photography in a Blog Award: Writingfeemail. I mean, have you seen Renee’s photos of the moon? Outstanding! That woman’s got an amazing eye for snapping pix.


Grant, ace pet sitter!

Best Dog Sitter: Grant, age seven. I love this kid. He walks and feeds the dogs when needed, and takes the responsibility seriously. He once said to me, I don’t do it for the money,  I do it because I love dogs. How can you not want to hug a kid like that? Grant, you are awesome!

Best Artist Extraordinaire Award: Totsy Mae! Her paintings are like the best jazz music you can think of–flowing, vivid, rhythmic, smooth and powerful. Ooh, I just love me a Totsy original! Don’t get me started on Beatrice from Apt 7B!

Best Words to Live By

Best Signage

The Kids Say the Darndest Things Award goes to: No competition here. Tammy, my friend and colleague, overheard her seven-year-old son say this to his five-year-old sister after she announced she wants to be a queen. It bears repeating as it was just too funny for words—and most deserving of an award! Talk about, out of the mouths of babes!

“In order to be a queen, you have to be a princess now. That would make me a prince. Which is fine. But you know that the princesses always gets kidnapped and stuff, right? Nothing ever happens to the prince, so I would be fine. Are you sure you want to be a princess? It seems like you are better off with the way things are now.”

Best Trooper Award: Bella of One Sister’s Rant. No matter what falls her way, she bounces back and lands on her feet. Maybe it’s her positive outlook on life. Maybe it’s her joie de vivre. Or maybe it’s just Roxy, her adorable dog, who makes her light up and face life with a smile. You rock, Bella!

Best Breakfast Ever: Kahlua Banana French Toast from Jeanine's Bakery of Santa Barbara and Montecito, California.

Best Breakfast Ever Award: Kahlua Banana French Toast from Jeanine’s Bakery of Santa Barbara and Montecito, California. I practically got drunk eating this for breakfast!

Best For The Psyche Award: Jodi of Heal Now and Forever knows the right thing to say at the right time. She exudes a peaceful calm through her sage advice. And sometimes, that’s all you need.

Best Train Enthusiast: Robert, hands down. I never knew a train aficionado until Robert came along. He’s branched out and now writes about Mid Life Tales. Check it out and maybe you’ll get a kick out of his wry sense of humor as much as I do.

Girls just want to have fun!

Best Broads Award! My friends, Ana & Val. What can I say? Girls just want to have fun!

Best Graphic Designer Award: Tony Z. is the nicest guy ever, and his artistic talent is through the roof! An award winning kind of guy. Proof is in his recent honor of Employee of the Every Other Month. But winning that award didn’t go to his head. (Not like winning this one will. Guaranteed!) In fact, when I told him I was doing these awards, it didn’t take much arm-twisting for him to design a logo for the award. It looks pretty, pretty cool, if you ask me. Thanks, Tony Z!

Best Mother-Daughter Duo Award: Deborah and Sara. They recently started sharing a blog and I think it’s a fabulous idea. Think of the possibilities! When I pointed this out to my own daughter she said, don’t even think about it. Enough said. IMG_0034

Well, that about wraps up the 2014 first annual MTW Awards. Winners, feel free to grab the MTW Awards logo and proudly display on your page. Lord knows you earned it just by putting up with me!

Oh, and if you didn’t win this year, you know what they say: Better luck next year!

Seriously though, special thanks to all my readers for indulging me by stopping by and reading, and for commenting too. You are all winners for you make me a winner through your love and support. I value your feedback and especially want to thank my Top 5 commenters for 2013. They are, according to WordPress–the folks in the know:  Meditating Mummy, Valentine of QBG Tilted Tiara, Debbie of Musings by an ND Domer’s Mom, Jodi and Robert. You guys are all awesome!

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  2. Kudos to all the Monica’s Tangled Web Award Winners! Dang, that was a mouthful! Seriously, they are all well-deserving. What a lovely lineup! That you took the time to put it together says a lot about YOU too, special lady! Cheers to a rocking 2014 of more words, wisdom, and wit! Looking for the wine glass emoticon, but can’t find it. (Just take me at my word, okay?)

  3. aaaahhhhh thanks Monica. I can’t believe I missed the Kiss halloween costumes, that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen – I want a poster!

  4. What fun, Monica — now I have some new blogs to check out! Thanks so much for the mention, too. Honored and pleased to be on your buddy-list! And you’re right — they did a great job with the logo for your awards!

    • And, Debbie, the nice thing about my awards is, no one has to do anything for it like write ten things about themselves, etc. Anyway, thanks for all the comments you’ve left along the way. Much appreciated!

  5. I’m sorry my internet gave out while I was commenting yesterday. (I have such a short window between clients.) Thank you so much for tagging me and all the compliments. And for introducing me to new bloggers. It’s cool because you see yourself and all the things you aren’t doing right and others just see the good stuff sometimes. Thanks for this! xoxo

  6. Thank you, Monica. How nice of you to shine the spotlight on fellow bloggers. Love that image of you too….And Daughter says, no way, Jose…I think it would be cute bonding time. 🙂

  7. Aw, Monica, I am honored! Thank you so much for the shout out. You always make my day! And for the record, your writing inspires me–always! You’re the best, amiga! Muchas gracias! Hugs!

  8. I love it. Grant just might be cuter than little Oliver, and that’s saying something. They make QUITE the pair! And of course we do have the best team, but it wouldn’t be the same without you! 🙂

    • Grant is definitely a cool kid, and you should meet his brother. The two together make a might fine team. Too cute for words! Thanks, Clare, for the kind words. Aww shucks. I’m blushing.

  9. This was awesome, so fun to see bloggers I knew (you have such good taste) and real life people that fill your world (the princess bit slayed me, no not like a dragon slaying). Grant? I hope you hug him.

    I will continue to populate your comments!

  10. Flattery will get you everywhere 😉 More to the point, you got me with the spirit of your delightful and very telling awards categories, which, in turn, reflect the spirit of what you yourself bring to the blogosphere. Thank you, Monica, and an especially big smile re: the Colin Firth Fan Award.

    • Why thank you, Deborah! I hope you and your daughter find a way to celebrate this recognition. Much deserved. As for Colin Firth, you might want to consider joining our “fan club.” We are totally over the moon for him!

  11. Thank you my dear friend. I am so touched and honored. I can’t tell you how much I love your blog, your writing and your sense of humor. Your support of me throughout all my ramblings -er, esp. those deluded notes to our Mr Firth and any notes I pop out to you randomly – I truly appreciate.
    What a beautiful way to honor everyone.

    Grant and little Oliver stole my heart. I will be checking Robert out, I read his comments to you and find him hilarious – my kind of humor.
    I recently discovered Kathy and sent her a note. Oh and your Zumba instructor is sooo cute. Love the logo btw.
    More letters to Colin coming up this year…

    • Brenda, Happy New Year to you too! Handing out these awards is a great way to celebrate the folks in my life. Perhaps more bloggers will give out their own awards, too. Lord knows there are many awards out there for blogging, but I didn’t want to limit it to blogging as there are some wonderful people in my real life, too!

  12. What a great way to celebrate the people who make your life better. And what fun to see some of my virtual and real life friends and acquaintances on the list. Bravo!

  13. Goodness, I’m SOOOOOOO honored! This is such a fun collection of awards, bloggers, and talents. And I’m sorry to say I don’t know a lot of them, so I have some great new writers to explore!

    You are awesome, Monica. And what a cutie Grant is, is by the way!

    Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Now, when are you going to come visit us?

    Hugs from Ecuador,
    Kathy and Sara

    • Kathy, I’m so glad you appreciate the award. I don’t give it out willy-nilly and I take it very seriously. Oliver and Henry each have a vote and then I toss out their suggestions and picked you! So there! Congratulations, my friend. I will have to figure out when I can visit you one of these days. Will start looking into airfares soon. Hugging you right back!

  14. Oh dear, best train enthuasist!!! I will let you into a secret Monica but don’t tell any of the others, so this will just be between us… Right now let me whisper in your ear so Henry and Oliver won’t hear, after all they are both little gossips, especially Henry!! The secret is…….. I don’t like trains!!! I know shocking isn’t it, I love photographing them but that’s about it. The steam trains are just big kettles and the Diesels are nothing but generators on wheels….

    I do agree with your statement that I am awesome…. You’re so right and I am so modest as well. If I work hard enough I may get to be 50% of the way to being as awesome as you are…

    Anyway enough of this British waffle, I would like to give you an award Monica….
    You have written my favourite blog for 2013, in it you have laid our your soul, your love and your inner warmth.

    Thanks for your words and I look forward to reading more of your words in 2014.

    • The judges are meeting as I write (the judges being me, Oliver and Sir Henry). We may decide to pull the plug on your award, based on your unexpected indifference to trains. I’ll leave it to the boys to decide. Pray they don’t judge you too harshly! 😉

  15. I’m in absolute agreement with you about the bloggers you list that I know. And your daughter may not be interested in sharing your blog (mine either) but Sir Charles is and his posts are always a delight. Incidentally, Monica – don’t you think you deserve an award yourself?

    • Yes, what would I do without my King Charles Cavalier. He really keeps me on my toes! An award for me? Pish-posh. I can think of more deserving folks. We’ll see who gets one next time. 😉

  16. Tony Z. has to be the best co-worker ever to design such a whimsical and fun icon. MTWA will become, well, iconic! Thank you for the recommendations. I have some visiting and reading to do. And, although Grant is not on the web, he sure has it right about how to approach his job. Looks like you do have a personal assistant after all.

    • Georgette, Tony Z. is so awesome. He’s crazy busy at work but he is always so helpful. He’s got a whole lot of talent and I love that he’s willing to help me make my blog look better. Wait until you see what he has in store! As for Grant, the kid is so brilliant, I’m thinking of interviewing him for an upcoming post. Should be fun!

  17. –Monica,
    I loved reading this, seeing familiar names like Bella, Totsy, Kathy& Sara, Jodi, & Meditating Mommy!!

    Congrats to all of them. They are well deserving and fabulous!

    Xxx LOVE!

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