Dear Summer, I Miss You Already

Sure. I know what you’re thinking. In San Diego, it’s summer all year long, so what’s the big deal if the season is practically over?


For starters, just so you know, we do have seasons. Sure, they’re not as drastically different as in other parts of the country (I’m talking to you, Minnesota!) But we do get cooler temps in late fall and winter. I mean, it can get into the fifties and even forties sometimes. Brrr!

Plus, end of summer means school’s back in session. Starting today. Which means for me, more traffic. Where I live, I’m surrounded by schools. The elementary school is right across the street. A few blocks to the south is the middle school and a few blocks to the north, the high school.  Directly behind me is a school just for fifth and sixth graders!

And, believe me, there’s nothing like school traffic, with every parent driving their kid to school and double parking because they want to get out of the car and walk their little bundles of joy to their classrooms. It’s bumper to bumper traffic in my neighborhood, weekdays from 7:30 to 8:30 am, so don’t even try leaving home at that hour. Yikes!

And, when I finally do escape and reach my work, I then have to battle the college traffic around campus. They’re back in session as of today, too! So, forget about finding a parking space anytime soon.

Then there’s the holiday season. I don’t have to tell you how they all start blending together, one coming right after another, in rapid succession. September 1 means getting ready for Halloween. Oh, Lordy. I’m not ready for Halloween!

So, before my head explodes, join me in remembering the summer of ’13. Ah, I miss it already.

This summer I…

We visited Sea World.

Visited Sea World.

Gazed upon the beauty of a sunset.

Gazed upon the tranquility of a sunset.

Zoned out watching the seals of La Jolla.

Zoned out watching the seals of La Jolla.

Marveled at the beauty of floral centerpieces.

Marveled at the beauty of flowers in centerpieces…

And in their natural state.

…and in their natural state.

Strolled through Balboa Park, home of the 1915-16 Panama-California Exposition.

Strolled through Balboa Park, home of the 1915-16 Panama-California Exposition.

Participated in a Pride Parade.

Participated in a Pride Parade.

Took time for quite moments.

Took time for quite moments, thankful for my country.

Took a walk under the freeway in Chicano Park.

Explored the murals of Chicano Park, located under a freeway.

Enjoyed dinner with local heroes at a club overlooking America's Finest City.

Enjoyed dinner with local heroes at a club with a view of San Diego and the Coronado Bridge.

Watched a puppy delight over his first ice cream.

Watched a puppy delight over his first ice cream.

Renewed my sense of wonder over a simple bird's nest.

Renewed my sense of wonder over a simple bird’s nest.

Was captivated by dancers in a Chicago park.

Found myself captivated by dancers in a city park…

Found the Bean in Chicago mesmerizing.

…and mesmerized by the Chicago Bean.

Thrilled to the sounds of Train in concert.

Thrilled to the sounds of Train in concert at the county fair.

Discovered a plucky flower in search of light.

Discovered a plucky flower in search of light.

Dreamed of one day going bike riding again. Sigh.

Day-dreamed of one day going bike riding again. Sigh.

Visited the Hollywood Bowl...

Saw Josh Groban perform at the Hollywood Bowl…

...and met a Josh Groban lookalike, to boot.

…and met a Josh Groban lookalike, to boot.

And discovered that even dogs have souls.

And discovered that even dogs have souls.

Now, I’d love to know what you’ve done this summer. Do tell!

38 thoughts on “Dear Summer, I Miss You Already

  1. You could be a spokesperson for San Diego. Lovely and enticing photos. And you’re right, we Californians do have our own versions of seasons.

    I went to Europe for a couple of weeks, and then spent the rest of the summer writing, reading, and ….. supervising the husband’s home renovation efforts, which are still going on. ARGH! I know everything is going to be beautiful when he’s finished, but for now I’ve come to live in the mess.

    • Brenda, so nice to see you back! I’d love to be a spokesperson for San Diego. It’s such a beautiful place with perfect weather. How nice you got to go to Europe. Don’t worry the renovating will be done before you know it, and you’ll be glad you hubby was able to do it! Have a wonderful week!

  2. I love summer . . . even with heat waves in the Northeast. Something about the carefree time it evokes — long days, the symphony of crickets/katydids/tree frogs at night, barbecues. (OK, there’s nothing to love about mosquitoes.) Why is it so fleeting? Your photo trip down summer (memory) lane is delightful.

  3. Monica, San Diego is sooo beautiful … I love your photos. You saw Josh Groban? Love. I love Train too, my girls as well.
    We began our Summer May 31. We were in rehearsals for Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty culminating in the ballet show for my girls June 16.
    I planted my first Olive tree, we hiked, swam, cooked and went to the movies. Summer was done July 24 with the girls getting back to school. School supply shopping was done before most deals were advertised. Sigh.
    Battling traffic has been the worst. We live 40 mins away from school, we leave at 7am and sit in traffic for a while before getting to school at 8am.
    With everyone going back to school, traffic has been horrendous this past week. We are now immersed in soccer and more ballet 🙂

    • Wow, you’ve had a very busy summer. Tchaikovsky’s Sleepign Beauty is one of my favorite ballets. How wonderful that your girls perform. They must be wonderful dancers. Sorry about your commute. Yikes. That’s long, but the way I see it, at least you get some extra quality time with the kids! 😉

  4. Gorgeous photos, and as much as I’d like to deny summer is over – it’s not, it’s NOT! I too have the back-to-school traffic hinting mebbe it is.

    My summer started early with a visit to Crater Lake park in Oregon and almost getting trapped in a snowstorm, to baking and chillin’ by the pool, to marveling at the courage of the men and women who ventured to space in the Endeavour.

    • You did a lot this summer. I used to live in the Northwest and enjoyed visiting Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood and even Mt. St. Helens. There’s nothing like the beauty of those mountains!

  5. I’m a lover of all 4 seasons here in Ottawa; however, the summer went by faaaaaar too quickly. Loved your photos and love your site’s new background (very summery!)!

  6. Love the photo journal!! This summer flew by. Hard to believe kids go back to school next week. Yikes! We still need to go ‘back to school’ shopping!

  7. As always a great post Monica.
    This weekend has been a Bank Holiday here, the last one before Christmas and Sunday and Monday have been real summer weather.
    But in the UK it could all change tomorrow to driving rain, after all that’s what we had on Saturday.
    A lady who is 84 and who’s energy puts me to shame does the garden at my station and she says in the UK we don’t have seasons we have samples, I reckon she could be spot on.

    I have not done a lot this summer, as always busy playing trains every weekend, but
    it has been an enjoyable one, I have met lots of super visitors, progress3ed with my book and communicated with some super blog writers. All in all a great summer.

    Our local hooligans go back to school in a weeks time.

  8. Ah, I know well that traffic congestion! We have an elementary school nearby, and poor Dallas and I have to wait until after 8:30 (when it’s nice and HOT!) to walk because we can’t get across the street for the kid-toting vehicles! Well, we *could* walk early, but yuck! I’ve been WAY too busy this summer, but I see a break in the not-too-distant future — wheeee!

    • Debbie, I get so spoiled by the summer, especially at work. I park in a campus lot and in the summer there are oodles of parking spaces. Now, well, you got to get there when the rooster crows to find a space. Not that we have roosters on campus but you know what I mean. 😉

  9. Don’t forget, delighted us all your faithful followers with you wonderful look back at your school days and first love.

    What a wonderful summer you have had. Thank you for reminding us with your beautiful pictures.

    • Thank you, Val. Thank you for saying that. It takes a lot of time and emotional energy to dig deep into my past and try to capture as it was, so I’m touched you’ve been enjoying my story. Will continue it soon!

  10. Love the photo journal of your summer! You managed to squeeze in so many great experinces. I don’t have any pictures this year because I spent the last three months in a dance studio rehearsing for a tap dance concert. Only 6 days to go… I hope I’m ready!

  11. Sorry to hear you will now have to face the traffic demon again every morning. Here in Cuenca school starts next week. Not sure how that will affect traffic here. I suppose there will be more crowding on the buses.

    What did I do this summer? I moved to Ecuador!

    Hugs from my new country,

  12. Your Summer ends and mine begins! Our Summer in Australia starts on December 1. Winter is just about over and in just 5 more days Spring starts here! Hooray!!! Keep smiling 🙂


    • Talk about upside down, Gina! I think I’d be discombobulated living there. On the other hand, if I’d lived there all my life, this here in the states would be doggone crazy! Hope you keep smiling, too!

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