Singing the Bad Luck Blues–Again!

Here we go again. Yep, I’m singing the bad luck blues. But not for me. Sure, there are days when everything goes wrong and all I want to say is, why me? But not this time. Nope. This time, I’m saying,

Why Clare?

Clare smiles, even through her bad luck.

Clare smiles, even through her rotten luck.

That woman has been through the ringer. Again. Oh, you don’t know who I’m talking about?

Well, some of you smart cookies–and longtime readers–might remember I once wrote about Clare. She’s the woman with The Bad Luck Blues. It’s been two years since I wrote that post, and guess what?

She’s still got ‘em!

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but for Clare, one could say she’s been “struck” at least 50 times. Put it this way, her bout with bad luck is so frequent, most of us who know her have lost track. We’ve come to expect it. In fact, it’s when she has good luck that we’re shocked!

Besides, even she can’t remember all the times her fortune has gone south.

When we last left her, she had endured everything from gunfire to a blue-haired lady driving into her parked car, then buying a new car, only to have it stolen.

This time around, here’s a sampling:

She went to get gas and while filling up, another car swiped hers and knocked her rear bumper to the ground in one fell swoop.

Her bike was stolen right from the locked courtyard of her building, where she kept it bolted to a bike rack. Did I mention it was in a locked, fenced off area? Sigh.

Sadly, her sister, who lives with Clare, lost her beloved cat, when the cat innocently  followed Clare to the Laundromat located across the street from where they live. On the way there, the poor thing was hit by a car. Clearly, the cat was unaware of the bad luck cloud hanging over Clare’s head!


Clare with a friend at San Diego’s Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park.

And, let’s not forget the time she dropped off her laptop at the repair shop and, what was supposed to be finished in a day, ended up taking two, three, four…seven–ten days! It was then that they finally admitted her laptop was MIA. The explanation provided was hazy, to say the least, but the bottom line is someone stole it. Inside job? Perhaps. Who’s to say? Not Clare.

To compensate her, the repair store owner offered her an older, lesser quality refurbished laptop (Gee, so generous!) and requested she not report the incident to the police. Keep in mind, this store has had a slew of excellent reviews on Yelp, which is why Clare went there in the first place. But, needless to say, she didn’t accept the offer and she did report it, but it took ages to resolve and suffice it to say, Clare no longer has a laptop. Just a modest sum given to her by the insurance company, and nowhere near enough to buy the same caliber of laptop she once had. Oh well.

Most recently, she went to yoga and while in class, someone bashed in her car window and made off with her purse, which she thought she had safely hidden on the floor of the car, under a sweatshirt. In the time it took her to do one back bend and a downward-facing dog pose, the thief managed to use her credit cards in six different stores, racking up nearly one thousand smackers in credit card bills!!

So, is there no end to Clare’s bad luck blues??

Luckily, Clare takes this all in stride. She’s the most even keel, sweet tempered person I know. She wouldn’t harm a fly unless it swatted her on the face first. And, she’s helpful and courteous, and abides by the law 99 percent of the time. (Don’t ask what she does with the other one percent. Sheesh!) So, I ask you,


Seriously, if you know the answer, do tell. And, when was the last time you had a bout with rotten luck? Or, good luck, for that matter.

Incidentally, do you think Clare should play the lottery? I’m just asking, because lately a group of us have been buying lottery tickets together. With Clare. But, so far we’ve won nothing. Nada. Zippo. I’m starting to wonder if Clare has anything to do with that. Hmm…

40 thoughts on “Singing the Bad Luck Blues–Again!

  1. If I were you I would reconsider my lottery investment strategy. Although, my grandpa used to say a person is either lucky in life or lucky in gambling, maybe she should hit Vegas and see what happens. As for luck or the rain of bad luck. I like to think we all go through pockets of bad, and then some good follows. It’s a dreamy view of things, but I choose to believe that’s how it goes.

  2. Oh dear, this is so unfair. Clare is one of the sweetest people I know and deserving of only good luck! Perhaps if we all send positive thoughts her way, that things will turn around for her.

    • Thanks Susan! I’d say my life is generally pretty peachy, despite the periodic slip of luck. All in all though I’ll take what I got because it could definitely be worse!

  3. Oh dear Monica, I really do think these small and unpleasant surprises that seem to be coming Clare’s way will end soon. She sounds so sweet and positive, I will wish for nothing but good luck to come her way. By the way, I know two very dear people born on Dec.15, another born Dec.13 and yet another born Dec. 18. They are the loveliest people with no more than your average string of ill luck, hitting them, about the same as everyone else. I don’t think it is your birthday Clare. Keep on smiling, Only good luck can follow you now.

    • Yeah, MM, I didn’t think it was her birthday. Just a string of bad luck. And with you thinking good thoughts and sending positive vibes, Clare’s bound to have a change of luck soon!

  4. Well…i don’t know what to say besides those old cliches…Could be worse…Better her than me…I don’t envy her…

    Though, I believe if Clare’s channel’s her thoughts, more good would happen or maybe she’s not focused on the best things that are happening? I don’t know. We all experience the pros and cons. At least her deodorant works and mine failed twice this week. I’d say that was pretty unlucky.

  5. I have a friend like Clare, too. We have a name for her: Shit-magnet. Clare needs to examine her beliefs to see what the hell she’s putting out into the Universe that is causing such chaos and darkness to seek her out.

    • I can’t imagine Clare is putting anything out there that’s bad. She’s the nicest, sweetest person you can ever meet! One of those cases, when bad things happen to good people. Sigh.

  6. Poor Clare,
    Better these little annoyance than something big and horrible. You don’t deserve this, not at all, but that’s the thing, none of us deservs any of the bad things we endure ( maybe some people do) but I guess that means it is not really about deserving! Hmmm. Got to be some good coming your way to balance it out!

    • I agree. I think most of the time these things balance out anyway. In that vein, LOTS of good things come my way. I think I’m just as lucky as I am unlucky, so that’s pretty darn lucky!! Haha, now I’ve confused myself…. oh dear.

  7. Dear Clare (now THAT’S a song to look up)… Good job keeping your chin up. My husband and I combined have your luck — in spurts — so I can’t imagine what it’s like for just one person to bear.
    In related news, who else loves the word “spurts?”

    • Thanks! Sorry to hear about your lousy luck too. I try to look on the bright side– most of the time I’d say a lot more things are going well than going poorly… it’s really all about perspective. Choose to focus on the good and the bad won’t seem so important, because usually it isn’t!

      And spurts is an excellent word. 🙂

  8. Wow, Clare certainly has had more than her share of rotten luck, hasn’t she? It’s hard to believe that anybody could live under a storm cloud for that long — and still find reason to smile! Here’s hoping Clare’s luck turns for the better, real soon!

  9. Hi everybody- thanks for the good luck wishes! It’s definitely a string of bad luck, but it could ALWAYS be worse… so I am careful to count my blessings, which are many! I’m starting to wonder if it could be my birthday that’s the source of it all… a stranger told me his sister was born on the same day and has the same kind of things happen to her. Anyone know if December 15th is a particularly foreboding day to be born?

  10. I hope that Clare will have a lot of good luck soon. I am sorry to hear about the cat and the bad luck incidents. I am not sure if she will try lottery since it still needs luck and strategy. But if she has some winning numbers in mind, then she should go for it. Good luck to her.

    • Alice, first let me say I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. There’s nothing I love more than comments (okay, maybe there are a few things…)

      Anyway, Clare’s luck needs to turn around soon. Here’s hoping her gray skies clear up pronto!

  11. Poor Clare! When things go wrong for me, I tell myself that it isn’t personal. It’s just part of the chaos of life. But it does seem that for Clare, there’s some cosmic mischief at play. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that her luck changes soon.

  12. Just left a comment that I was told could not be posted. Might check your spam to see if it went there.

    Sorry about Clare. Sounds like your not winning the lottery has more to do with the million to one odds against you than anything to do with Clare or anyone else. It’s math.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Kathy, I looked for your comment but couldn’t find it. Not even in spam. I’m sure you’re right that not winning is due to the odds, but, just for the heck of it, I prefer to think Clare’s jinxing us. heh-heh

  13. I think good luck comes in three ways. Some have it and ride a never ending wave. Other times it comes as a total surprise. Perhaps we need to stop thinking about it, and go for the surprise. It’s hard to do, stop thinking “when is my luck going to change?, ” I know. Another way? Collective prayers can be powerful.

  14. Thought not superstitious, I would have to say somewhere, sometime Clare simply crossed paths with someone unkind. I am with Gina on this one find a person who can help, a spiritual cleansing of whatever dark cloud is hanging over her head seems to be in order.

    Isn’t it always this way though Monica? Those who seem to have the worst luck also have the sweetest temperments.

    I would stop playing the lottery with your friend Clare though, doesn’t seem like this is a winning strategy.

  15. Oh dear poor Clare.
    I am not sure about people attracting bad luck, these things just happen.
    Clare should perhaps think that each bit of bad luck takes her one step closer to some super good luck.

    As for not winning the lottery perhaps Clare being involved is doing you a favour, I know of two people who won over one million pounds on the lottery and both are not as happy now as they were before they won, as one said winning solved a lot of problems but left space for a whole load of new ones.

    So stick with it Clare, as the song goes…. The only way is up.

      • Check your email I have sent you a link to the song.

        As for the lottery, as they say if money does not make you happy then you’re not trying hard enough.

  16. Oh poor Clare!!! I feel so sorry! If I were superstitious I’d say someone’s given her the evil eye. Consider, just for fun, seeing a spiritualist that could give Clare some kind if spiritual cleansing from all things evil. Just a thought.

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