Coronado: Just Across the Bridge

When you live in Southern California, blessed with year-round sunshine, blue skies and breezy weather, you don’t have to go far to feel like you’re on vacation. Take last weekend. On Memorial Day, the family and I–with Oliver and Henry in tow–made a day trip to Coronado, an island that’s just minutes away, reachable by crossing the Coronado Bridge or taking a ferry.

It’s a treasure to be certain, home of the beautiful and majestic Hotel del Coronado or, as we locals call it, The Del. It is a hotel rich with history. The Del has served as the backdrop for several movies, including one of my favorites, Some Like it Hot, with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

L. Frank Baum (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) did much of his writing here, and many a U.S. president has checked in for a stay in one of its many well-appointed rooms.

Coronado is a spectacular place, indeed. Go there and you are immediately overtaken by its pristine and natural beauty, bright colors, and its openness and a grandeur that harken back to days of yore. And, of course, we couldn’t spend the day there without taking a few photographs. A feast for the eyes!

Wish you were here?

The Hotel del Coronado.

The Hotel del Coronado.

Strolling along the walkway by The Del.

Strolling along the walkway by The Del.


The average cost of a home here is out of range for most of us.

Lucky is the person who can afford to live here.

Or here.

Or here.

I just love Jacaranda trees, particularly when they're in full bloom!

I just love Jacaranda trees, particularly when they’re in full bloom! (By the way, see if you can spot Henry!)


Fields of gold

Of course, since it was Memorial Day, we came across a good many flags, including this vintage one.

Of course, since it was Memorial Day, we came across a good many flags, including this vintage one.

Even the dogs put on their best patriotic colors!

Even the dogs put on their best patriotic colors!

Sock monkeys, too!

Along the main drag, known as Orange Avenue, there are many boutique shops and restaurants that cater to outdoor dining. Plus, you'll find an abundance of beautiful flowers.

Along the main drag, known as Orange Avenue, there are many boutique shops and restaurants that cater to outdoor dining. Plus, you’ll find an abundance of beautiful flowers pretty much everywhere.

That's my daughter posing in front of the San Diego skyline, as seen from Coronado.

That’s my daughter posing in front of the San Diego skyline, as seen from Coronado.

So, next time you’re visiting San Diego, be sure to add Coronado to your must-see list. But, in the meantime, what’s your favorite vacation spot near your home?

Finally, this is as good a time as any to welcome the more than 300 new followers my blog has gained since I started the Lightning in a Jar series (which, by the way, returns later this week). And, a special thank you to all my followers. You are the best part of blogging!

40 thoughts on “Coronado: Just Across the Bridge

  1. Monica, thanks for promoting our village. Sometimes we take it for granted so thanks for the reminder of what a great community we have here. It’s a great place to walk, ride bikes, go boating, surfing, take the dogs to dog beach. We have great restaurants and shops too.

    • I live relatively nearby and I sometimes forget. Then when I do make the trip across the bridge, I feel like I’ve found a little bit of heaven. How nice you get to live there!

  2. Monica, the photo “Fields of Gold” is simply stunning! I love it! Coronado sounds like my kind of place–beach, sun, dogs that dress up! hee hee! You’re right–who needs to travel when you have that beautiful beach so close by! You lucky lady, you! I imagine little Oliver and Sir Henry had a blast! Roxy loves the beach but unfortunately is not allowed on the sand unless it’s low season (between October and May). Love the captures, chica! πŸ™‚

    • You and Roxy must come and visit. Yes, Henry and Oliver had a good time, but although it was nice and breezy, the sun was strong and Henry got pooped pretty fast. He was breathing so heavily poor thing, that we had to leave earlier than expected. Guess we walked too much. Oliver didn’t mind because half the time, he wasn’t walking. He was in his snugly!

  3. It is one of my favorite places to visit when I’m San Diego. That — and the zoo. πŸ˜‰ I could be happy writing at the Hotel Del. The photos are wonderful.

  4. I haven’t been down there in ages. I was in San Clemente a couple months back, not the same, but still, a slice of heaven. You are right about So Cal, one does not have to travel far to get away. I love traveling to distant places but I am equally happy renting a condo or room on a beach anywhere in California. We are truly lucky to live here. Beautiful and inviting posts as ever, Monica.

  5. I would love to go there! We went to Florida this year and I didn’t find it beautiful as this. It was too built up, this looks gorgeous! I am so happy for you about the new followers! Lightening In a Jar deserves them. I am enjoying it so much!

    • Jodi, I know what you mean about too built up. Here, there are strict rules prohibiting that. It’s so pristine. I was there on a holiday weekend and it wasn’t crowded at all. Pure heaven. Maybe you’ll come out here next year. Start saving up!

  6. An iconic landmark for sure. Your photos are stunning! I remember staying at a hotel once that looked out over the Del and wondered ‘why aren’t we staying there?’. Those people with the patriotic sock monkey and dog? They need help πŸ˜‰

    • You probably didn’t stay there because it costs a pretty penny to do so. I’ve never stayed there either, but they have shops on the lower level, vintage photographs depicting its history, and a lovely outdoor dining area, which I’ve enjoyed, that has a sweeping view of the ocean. πŸ™‚

  7. Isn’t your daughter just a gorgeous girl! I’m biased, I think she looks like you. I love your photos as always, Monica, especially of those homes and our Henry looking smart yet carefree. This will be on my ‘must see’ list the next time we come down. We did not spend enough time. I think I’ve told you just how much I loved San Diego, reminds me of my city by the bay. I think it’s not the touristy part of San Francisco I would enjoy the most if I was on vacation but the Mission district with its eclectic mix of hip, vintage and chic. I would explore it and eat there as often as possible.

    • Well, MM, now you’ve said two different things–that my daughter is gorgeous and that she looks like me. I’ll take the first one, and yes I wholeheartedly agree! πŸ˜‰
      I think Mission Hills is a lovely neighborhood. Hopefully, you’ll get to see both on your next visit. Have a great week!

  8. Sadly, The Del has been on my wish lit for some time… and still is. Glorious pictures, and I love the jacarandas, they smell SO good when they are in bloom.

    The colors in your photos are STUNNING, especially the “fields of gold” one. And your daughter is lovely – she must get it from her mama.

    • Thank you, Beverly. When Jacarandas are in bloom it’s like an explosion of color. Magnificent! Glad you liked my photos. Let me know if you ever do make the drive down here. Would love to meet up!

  9. What a gorgeous spot, Monica! Yes, I found Sir Henry. I’m partial to living in the fifth photo, the one with the interesting shapes. I do believe I could finally finish my novel if I could afford to hole-up at a lovely place like that! And, from your daughter’s picture, San Diego looks so warm, sunny, and inviting — such a difference from the gray, 62-degree day we’re having here! Thanks for pointing out yet another must-see place.

    • And the nice thing about visiting Coronado is, no dealing with Euros! πŸ˜‰

      But I agree. I wouldn’t mind living in that one, with its view of the ocean. There are so many beautiful homes here!

    • I think that’s a perfect locale for a honeymoon. My niece is getting married this fall in Santa Barbara, but I was thinking she should marry here at the Del. It’s such a romantic place!

  10. I love Coronado! Dog beach is my favorite place!!! I must have just missed you and Henry and Ollie because I was there Monday afternoon. Woo hoo!

      • It’s at the northwest end of Ocean Blvd. Park as near as you can to the gates of the base, then walk toward the water along the golf course fence. It’s very well marked from that point. It’s Lola’s happiest place.

  11. I’ve never been to San Diego or Catalina. Someday…. your photos are always wonderful and make me want to visit whatever place you are photographing!

  12. “Field of Gold” and all your pics are spectacular. When I return I must make the “Del” a destination and maybe even stay for a night, a very convenient spot to connect. πŸ™‚ You are always on the go! Congratulations on your follower surge.

    • Thank you, Georgette! And thank you for all the compliments re my writing. I really appreciate it! And, yes, I’d love to spend the day with you in Coronado. It’s a great walking community. There’s a huge Naval base there too. I once planned an outing with some local teachers to visit the base and we got a demonstration on how the Navy trains and works with dolphins. It was very interesting.

    • It sure is, and they have a display of photos of the stars when they were here making the film, to prove it. Funny, the movie was supposed to be set in Florida, but Coronado is much closer to Hollywood and doubled quite nicely, if you ask me.

  13. Like I said before, I love Coronado πŸ™‚ I stayed at the Del once with family — can’t wait to go back. And when I do, I’ll visit you!
    PS Your daughter is absolutely lovely.

    • Thanks, Caps. I hope you do come back. If you drive down, know that I’m on the way! Would love to meet your family. And thanks for the kind words about my daughter. She’s gone back to Chicago and already I miss her.

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