Meet Oliver Twist

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This week, Henry, my Cavalier King Charles who descends from royalty, has written a post about our new arrival.

Oliver Twist is so much healthier now, which is good news for Henry. Or maybe not.

Cook says I’ve been remiss in not revealing something of significance, but if truth be known, I saw no point. After all, why stir up news of a troubling nature?

Yet, Cook says it’s not troubling at all. It’s wonderful news, she adds, a tad too happily.

Ahem. I beg to differ.

It seems we have a new addition to our household. A Maltipoo, of all things. Of course, as a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is the only descendant of royalty (and of sound mind) residing in this abode, I ought to have had the power to veto bringing in a new soul, even if the soul in question is an orphan, rescued from the ravaged streets of our fair city.


When Oliver Twist arrived, he was underfed and ridden with Sarcoptic mange and roundworms.

But alas, Cook seems to have forgotten that little fact of my lineage, and left me unceremoniously out of the loop the day she decided to take the imp into our home. Make that, my home.

Naturally, I would be delighted with the arrival of said dog had Cook brought him here to serve as my footman. One can never have enough, you know, particularly when one has none at all. Thus, that would have made sense, especially when you consider the rascal is always underfoot.

But, there you have it. That is our, ahem, splendid news. Oh, did I say splendid? I meant disastrous.

Oliver Twist is the name he bears. Cook says it’s an homage to a hooligan from a Charles Dickens novel.  I wonder if that other Oliver would have given me a case of mites. I’ll never know.

Young Oliver Twist arrived to our familial tableau weighing a mere 1.75 pounds, about the same amount as one of my meals. Hmm. Not that I’m getting any ideas, mind you.

Cook says a man of questionable circumstances, no doubt, with a nefarious look in his eye, was selling the ragamuffin on the streets–practically in the gutter. Feeling bad for the scamp, she took him in, only to discover Oliver, at four weeks (not eight weeks old, as she’d been told), was undernourished and laden with a slew of ailments. One of which was passed on to me. Bloody mites.

Thus, Cook was duped and royal that I am, I had no choice but to suffer in silence as I took the medicinal cure that awaited me.

Feeding time!

Feeding time!

And now, it’s been nearly four weeks since his arrival, and–blasted!–he now seems to be thriving. Nothing like a little R&R I’ve always said, which is something I myself strive for every hour of every day.

The rapscallion is slowly gaining weight, and getting perkier by the day. Confound it. I despise perky. He’s rather a bit of a bloody nuisance, too, and insists on playing with my handsome, feathery tail, and on pulling at my leash.

Oh, the things a royal must bear. Noblesse oblige, I suppose.

Not a word to Cook, but first chance I get, I’m teaching young Oliver how to be my footman. That is, once I figure out precisely what it is a footman does. There’s still hope for him yet.

Incidentally, speaking of Cook, she has added two videos here of the boisterous lad, so that you can see what a bother he can be. Frankly, I don’t understand what Cook sees in the little fellow. Perhaps you can tell me?

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  2. Bella and DiDi, With each day I am finding that having a little whippersnapper around is not so horrible after all. The boy does have his merits. I think you’re right. I will teach him well, as if the blood of royalty courses through his veins, so that he grows up to be as regal as me. That’s the ticket! 😉

  3. Henry,

    We know this is a time of adjustment but trust us- Oliver is your pup to mold. It is your job and privilege to teach him all he needs to know. Don’t forget to show him to respect his elders. Puppies can forget that part.

    We hope you become more comfortable. Let us know if you need any help.

    -Bella and DiDi

  4. Oliver, I think you’re being a tremendous sport about all this, and your mom is a saint for rescuing the little guy. Give it some time. I bet when he grows up a bet you will be best of friends.

    • We shall see. Let’s just say that puppies and I do not mix. We are certainly not birds of a feather. But maybe someday, when he’s older and learns to settle down. For now, the lad has too much energy for my tastes.

  5. My dear old chap, (and you know I mean no disrespect) I see the perfect opportunity for you to mold young Oliver into any role you want. He can be a footman, open the door for you, lead the way and announce your arrival in a room full of admirers, there are many uses for a young pup. I must confess he is quite adorable and I loved the video Cook posted. However, I have always adored you, and since I am more inclined to support royal blood, I think you should look at the advantages and er, enjoy the role you will play in bringing him up, exactly as you wish. I can’t wait to read about his progress. Under your guidance, he will serve quite well, of that I am fairly certain.

    • Meditating Mummy, I’m glad you see the benefits in making a footman out of young Oliver. He needs someone like me to show him the ropes. Which is why, last night I had him sit down with me to watch an episode off Downton Abbey. I wanted him to learn what it means to be a footman. However, five minutes in, and he was out like a light. Maybe next time.

  6. It was so nice of you to bring him in, they both look really happy, and you can see they are taking care of. I am sure Oliver is really happy with his new house and family. He’s so cute and fluffy, thanks for sharing with us Henry. Bless you.

    • Megan, Oliver has acclimated rather well, I’d say. In fact, too well. He feels comfortable enough to jump on my face at a moment’s notice. He also continues to pounce on my tail, sneaking up when I’m napping, and pulling on it. He’s happy. Me? I suppose I’ve been through worse.

  7. Oh, Henry — I predict that in no time at all you’ll be charmed just like the rest of us. Dogs are creatures of habit, yes, but they really are pack animals as well. But you knew that, didn’t you? 😉

    • Deborah, yesterday Cook bought us matching harnesses. Not happy about that. Had to give up the royal leash just so I could match the guttersnipe. It’s most unbecoming if you ask me.

  8. Sir Henry and Cook Monica, I want to say thank you, thank you for making me laugh so much this morning! Sir Henry, you look absolutely dashing in the second video (Roxy thinks so too!) and I can understand why you would be a bit annoyed with the little furry friend. He’s young, naive, and energetic, my friend, and surely he does not know the ways of royalty—yet! I’m sure that you will make a formidable mentor for little Oliver and bring him up to cue on the type of behavior that is expected to take place at the Medina Mansion! I will say this, the both of you had me in stitches with your playful exchange! Oliver, you are adorable (as are you, Sir Henry!). You both make Roxy and me smile! Hugs and kisses from the two of us to the two of you! And to Cook as well, of course! 🙂

    • My Dear Bella, I am delighted I could bring a smile to your lips, particularly since I know you have been under the weather of late. Yet, I cannot fathom why anyone would find humor in a little rascal like Oliver pulling on my leash. This morning the fiend tried several times to jump on my face. Tolerant soul that I am, I said nothing at first and allowed him to try. But after repeated attempts, I gave him one of my most ferocious snarls. He ran for the hills, only to return five minutes later, ready to cause more havoc in my life. Sigh.

      • Hang in there, Sir Henry. The little rascal will soon come to know and hopefully, embody your royal ways! Hugs! 🙂

  9. Henry he is a cutie but not near as handsome as you! I am sure once you show him who is boss,uh I mean the ropes you will find he will be very useful, er I mean fun to be around. Cook is his angel, just think what might have happened to little Oliver Twist if she had not happened upon him. Just give it a little time 😉

    • Oliver is an adequate name. Henry, though, is a very special name. Cook says, she’s planning to combine our names for when she calls us for supper. Instead of saying, Henry! Oliver!, she plans to say, “O’Henry!” At least my name won’t be abbreviated. O’Henry it is.

  10. That is the most adorable little dog I’ve ever seen! I want one, too! Soooooo cute!!!!! And that wonderful photo of the two of them together — splendid — I sent it to my sisters.

    • Why is it everyone thinks he’s so cute? You know, I was a puppy once, too, yet no one seems to remember that. Now that I’m middle-aged, I just don’t see it. Oliver Twist should be out picking pockets, not here trying to eat out of my bowl. The very idea!

  11. Your new housemate is a bite-sized little thing, isn’t he! He’ll grow, though, and if you train him right, he’ll make an excellent footman. My person says he’s adorable and that you’ll love having a pal to keep you company. She’s probably right, but if I were you, I’d make sure he never forgets who is in charge. Woof!

    • Thank you, Gale. I have corrected the error which I blame on Oliver. He’s such a distraction.

  12. Monica, you’re a dear for rescuing little Oliver! And just look how he’s thrived! Sir Henry, all is not lost. You’ve gained a new pal (and someone to blame if there are any “accidents” on the floor!). Loved the videos — what a darling puppy. No wonder you were smitten with him!

    • Let me assure you, I NEVER have accidents and if I do, it’s because I’m under the weather, or tired, or because Cook has forgotten to take me outside. But I never have accidents (without good reason).

      • Sir Henry, I’m so sorry. Did I give offense? None was meant. Royals NEVER would have an accident on the floor. Why, even my Sheltie would sooner burst than go on the floor!!

  13. My dear Charles, You’ve neglected to mention the idea of the addition as a fashion accessory! One chooses the close help with an eye to affecting the appropriate setting to show oneself in the best possible light. This little muff does seem to compliment your regal bearing. I’m sure eventually you will have him trained to appropriate manners.

    • Does he complement my regal bearing? Now that’s something I can embrace. I’m always looking for compliments of any kind. 😉

    • The thing of it is, he bats my tail incessantly. I have a good mind to bat his. It’s so little.

    • Not you, too. Since Oliver came into our lives I can no longer take a walk without being stopped ever ten feet in order for yet another person to “ooh and ah” over the little beast.

  14. Love the new addition.

    As for you young Henry just be grateful the new arrival is not called Oliver Cromwell, I mean look what he did to the Royals over here!!!!

    • I am no more familiar with Oliver Cromwell than I am with Mr. Twist. I only know I’d prefer if the Twist lad would find another home. One that is far from mine. Sigh.

      • Well young Henry Oliver Cromwell was one of those that signed the death warrant for King Charles the 1st in 1649, and you of course are a King Charles………

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