The Further Misadventures of Henry

Henry, upon realizing the cupboard is bare.

Today, for the first time, I present two stories about Henry, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. That’s two for the price of one! Unusual, I know.

I, Cook, wrote Story #2.  Then, just as I was getting ready to post it, one of my readers, Robert, wrote his own story about Henry, on account that I’ve been sick (as everyone knows–thanks to my Sicko in Seattle post), and he decided that a little tale about the little king might be the thing to draw me out of my cold-ridden misery.  And, he was right. So, thank you, Robert!

Herewith, two tales about a dog who descends from royalty.

1.  Henry Fends for Himself, as told by Robert

Henry sat in his royal basket looking and feeling quite dejected. What am I to do, he thought to himself. Cook is ill and cook is not cooking. What will I do for lunch? The cupboard is bare, not a bone or a royal treat to be found.

Just then, a loud sneeze and a series of sniffles could be heard from Cook’s bed chamber.

There is nothing for it, thought Henry. I will have to mix with the working classes and do this thing they call shopping.

Getting out of the basket, he put his crown on its stand by his basket and made for the door. He opened his special doggie flap in the door and climbed through, muttering to himself. Humph!! Still no crown above the flap. Any cat or dog could use it, not realising it’s just for royalty.

Outside, he debated whether to head left or right, and decided right, as the sun would then shine on his good side. Trotting down the sidewalk, he came to a grocery store. He walked through the door and was promptly picked up and put outside again. After this happened three times, he sat and barked. How dare they not let him in! He was royalty, after all. Then, he spotted the notice on the door that said,


Stupid sign, Henry muttered to himself, wondering, how can blind dogs read?

Dejected, he made his way home, and climbing through the dog flap, he smelt something nice. He smelt cooking!!!

Cook looked down at Henry, lying in his basket. “Henry, lunch is ready.”

Henry barked in joy and made his way to his bowl. He must have been imagining it. He must be cracking up!!!

2. Henry’s Thanksgiving in the Country, as told by me, Cook

This morning, I told Henry that it’s time to pack up his bags. For, I’m heading to Chicago to visit my daughter, my brother and his family.  It’s Thanksgiving soon and, while I’m away, Henry’s going to spend the holiday in the country. And, by country I mean he’s going to my friend, Trisha’s house, which isn’t in the country at all.

But, Henry thinks it is, as Trisha–or the scullery maid, as he calls her–has an ample backyard, with lots of room to roam and wonder. She also has a horse in a stable somewhere, which Henry has visited before. So, as I tell him about his impending trip, it’s clear he’s mulling it over in his head.

“Cook, will I be going to the horse stable?” he asks quizzically. Henry calls me Cook, because I’m the one who serves him his meals.

“No doubt about it, Henry. Will that be a problem?”

“I don’t fancy stables. Horses can neigh rather loudly, you know. Practically burst my eardrums last time. Got my paws all muddied while there, too. Bloody mess! Took forever to get them properly cleaned.”

“The scullery maid told me she drew you a bath after that visit, and you were just fine.”

“True, but how I suffered for it.”

“The point is, Henry, you got over it.”

“Did I?” He pauses, then inquires, “What about the Thanksgiving feast? Does the scullery maid know I only eat the white meat?”

“Yes, she knows, and she already said no.”

“Are you sure, Cook? Exactly what did she say?”

“Something about, over her dead—.”

“Never mind,” Henry replies, sulkily. “Noblesse oblige, I suppose. ‘Tis my duty to let her little wards have the good bits. “

“Oh, you mean her kids? So, you’re okay with going?”

“I don’t seem to have a choice, do I? Though, tell me, will the ranch hand be there?”

“Ranch hand? Oh, you mean Cowboy, the scullery maid’s cat. Yes, I suppose he will, seeing as that’s his home.”

“Dash it all! It wouldn’t be so horrid if the ranch hand remembered to bow in my presence. Oh well, what can you expect from the feline purr-suasion?”

“And Henry, word has it there’s a new member in the family. Seems as though the scullery maid has taken in a dog, too.”

“A horse, a cat and now a dog?? Should make for a rather chaotic visit, if you ask me,” muses Henry, adding, “So, when exactly are you returning?”

Sigh. Summing up every ounce of patience, I glibly reply,

“Henry, I’ll be returning soon enough and that’s all you need to know.”

“Fine,” he snorts. “Abandon me to the country if you need to, but please, whatever you do, don’t put this in your blog. I have a reputation to maintain. No one need know that you’ve put me in a mood or that I’m pulling a face. Especially not the scullery maid. Don’t want to start off on the wrong paw, you know.”

Henry prepares for his journey to “the country.”

“Yikes. Too late,” I say. “Already posted.”

“Is that so? Then, make sure they also know how utterly delighted I am, too. In fact, I’m going to don my purple fascinator to show my joy.  I’m going to the country! Maybe I’ll blog about it, too!”

“Sarcasm doesn’t become you, Henry.”

And just like that, Henry leaves the room to fetch his petite chapeau.

Happy Thanksgiving from Henry and me!

Now tell me. Whether or not you celebrate, what are your plans this coming week?

40 thoughts on “The Further Misadventures of Henry

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  2. All of Henry’s pictures makes me convinced that he’s full of personality. And guess what I did for Thanksgiving? I didn’t go shopping! You should do an article on crazy Holiday shopping…something tells me that it would be a great read.

    P.S. Merry Christmas!

    • Henry is rich with personality! He’s royalty, after all. As for shopping, I didn’t do Black Friday either. But I did do Cyber Friday, Cyber Saturday and so on. The two national holidays blurred together, with Cyber being my favorite way to shop these days. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, too, but hopefully I’ll talk to you again before Dec 25th. 😉

  3. I don’t know, it’s a toss up, both are wonderful. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. It goes so fast, yes? I can’t believe I am back behind my desk in the office already. I miss having a dog so much. We have to cats, love them, but they are not the same as a having those puppy dogs eyes like Henry.

    • Hey Brenda, how’s it going? Gosh, I feel like I’ve been gone so long, so I do appreciate you stopping by. Yeah, the holidays always go by so fast. Hope one day you’re able to get a puppy. They make such terrific friends. 😉

  4. Oh, Henry, I think you would love the photo of Maggie patiently hoping for a scrap of that oh-so-delicious smelling bird on the center island of our kitchen waiting to be carved That was her first Thanksgiving in our home after we adopted her years ago. Thanksgiving isn’t quite the same without her 😦 and this year we’re making the long trek to Long Island to be with family (and a few furry creatures). You do add color to Cook’s life, and there is clearly much you both have to be thankful for ;-). Btw, Have a wonderful holiday, Monica.

    • Both Henry and I would love to see this photo of Maggie you’re talking about. I’m sure she was well loved and you no doubt indulged her in more than a scrap or two. Henry’s already left for the country, and my plane leaves in a few hours. As I finish up packing, I keep expecting Henry to climb into my bed and get cozy watching me pack, but alas. The house is feeling a tad empty right now…

      Happy Thanksgiving, Deborah!

  5. Monica, both your story and Robert’s are delightful! I enjoyed every word and really, Sir Henry looks smashing in his fascinator! Oh my! He is indeed ready for a visit to the countryside. Too bad the “scullery maid” doesn’t live anywhere near where Sir Henry thinks he’s going! ha! Roxy thinks Henry looks very debonair and she sends his warm hugs. I hope you will have a wonderful time with your family! Happy Thanksgiving, amiga! 🙂

    • Henry sends you and Roxy his best, and we both hope you start feeling better real soon. And, yes, Henry’s in for a rude awakening this week, when and if he discovers he’s not enjoying the country life at all! Tee-hee!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Monica, have a wonderful time with your daughter, brother and his family. Now you know, I have a special place for HRH Henry. I love Robert’s story. Henry certainly deserves to rule the land. He is much to regal and intelligent to while away his time without putting his talents to good use and I definitely understand how perturbed royalty can get over a Guide Dogs Only sign, after all, he is important. Perhaps, he should publish his story, I bet he has much to say. I hope he doesn’t miss his cook too much. After all, he is used to luxury 🙂

    • MM, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too. Henry left today for the country and I packed him up with all his favorite snacks and toys. His fascinator, too! 😉 The scullery maid has all the instructions and her wards promised to treat him in the manner to which he was born.

      In other words, ALL BETS ARE OFF! Watch out, Henry. You’re in for it now! 😉

    • Kim, Henry would cover you with sloppy kisses, given the chance. He’s half cat, though, as he’s quite independent and sometimes “acts” aloof. As if he’s saying, “I don’t need this, and I don’t need you.” But then, everyday when I get home from work, he’s all over me. Gotta admit, he’s a keeper. 😉

  7. I love both stories about Sir Henry! He has the most marvelous adventures. Have a safe trip and a Happy Thanksgiving, Monica. I’ll be celebrating on the quiet side, but Dallas is already excited on two counts — Domer is coming home, and The Feast is coming out of hiding!

  8. Henry has such great adventures. I can’t wait to find out what happens while he’s in the country. I’d love to go to a place with lots of new smells and I don’t really mind getting a little dirty. I have trouble with horses, though, because they seem to need herding. And cats… well I just can’t help myself. They exist to be chased. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I can’t imagine the look on Henry’s face had the sign said “service dogs only”! He’d be begging you to get him one. He truly is the star of his own kingdom. Have a great Thanksgiving to all of you.

  10. Oh, you inspire me, dear Monica. I want to write in the voices of Ralph and Lucy. Sara has been encouraging me to do it for years. My love for this post may be the thing that pushes me over that wishful cliff–so to speak.
    And thanks SO much for encouraging your twitter followers to follow me. You’re a sweetie! Love to Henry.

    • Kathy, I’m glad I inspired you. Sara is right by the way. It’s so much fun to do, and once you start, it gets easier and easier. The thing is you have to start believing this is what they’d say, based on their personality. If it doesn’t sound authentic, I leave it out. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Sara. Hope you have wonderful plans!

    • Georgette, I know he’ll have much comfort in knowing that. He’s always quite worried about his image, you know. Particularly concerned that the Queen, who he hoped to be reunited with someday, doesn’t develop a bad impression of him. 😉

  11. Well Monica,

    I prefer your story!!!

    I must work on another.

    Over here in the backwoods we don’t do thanksgiving we put all our efforts into overspending for Christmas. Though with the economic climate as it is many are still paying for last year I gather.

    Poor little Henry will be so overcome with all this literary praise that he will want his own web site next!!! He looks a lovely little chap, I must do a blog post sometime about the poodles we had, well mum had when I lived at home.

    Trust that your fully recovered now and back to feeling chipper, I must admit I am a pain when I am ill, I don’t make a good patient at all.

    As to what I am doing this week, well it’s a busy one with a new project started and needing work, still plodding along with the book as well which is coming along nicely even if I say so myself.

    Then a week on Wednesday is my birthday!!!! No birthday cake though as I cant stand icing.

    Have a great week and Woof Woof to young Henry

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