Random thoughts from a Crazed Woman

I have too much going on, and too many thoughts spinning around my head. How does that old adage go? Oh, yeah. I remember.

So much to do, so little time. Here’s a glimpse of my weekend:

Zumba, zumba, zumba:  I love Zumba. I love to dance, so it’s the perfect exercise. The music’s lively and loud, the Zumba instructors dance with verve and the class is, well, fun.  My only complaint is that I wish I had more time in the day, so I could go more often. Say, three times a week, instead of two.

Saturday Night Gala:  If it’s Saturday night, chances are there’s a gala somewhere in town. This past Saturday was no exception. It’s actually part of my job to get all dressed up, drive downtown, and attend a gala for a worthy cause. This particular one was a fundraiser for The Center, a non-profit that provides resources and support to San Diego’s LGBT community. Great band, large dance floor. Which meant, after networking and presentations were done, I had to dance to the music at least once.

Atlantic Meets Pacific:  Yesterday, I attended a conference called “Atlantic Meets Pacific,” in which editors of the Atlantic Monthly magazine, in partnership with the University of California at San Diego, host two and a half days of lively, provocative topics covering everything from media and politics to energy and health. Fascinating stuff, if you ask me.

Happy Birthday, Regina! (That’s me, standing directly behind my sister.)

So, I took along my son, who is an avid Atlantic Monthly reader/subscriber, and we headed for the opening talk, which was just up my alley: a discussion on the 2012 Presidential Election Politics.

You should know that I am a political newshound, and that’s an understatement.  I won’t regale you with all the details, but know that I tweeted a lot about the political banter, and picked up nine new followers as a result. Which means, if I can get one more follower, I’ll have an even 600!

Best line I heard was from Republican strategist, Steve Schmidt.  When asked, why he though President Obama wasn’t up to par at the debates last week, Schmidt responded:

“The seven P’s:  Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance.”

Of course, the audience burst out in laughter when he said that. But you know, there just may be something to it.

Race 2012 Blogging Project:  There are 20 bloggers contributing their personal stories and sharing their perspectives. And, I am coordinating their participation. I love my bloggers, but, honey, it ain’t easy keeping track of the coordination part.  This is sure to keep me busy through the elections.  Which brings me to…

…The Elections: OMG, I LOVE LOVE the elections! I cannot stop watching the news shows, listening to the radio and reading all about it online. I need my fix of politics—and I need it NOW! Can I tell you? This morning, going through presidential debate withdrawal, I turned on the radio and got to hear a pre-recorded debate between Senator Eric Cantor (R) of Virginia, and his  opponent, Wayne Powell.  Let me tell you, this Wayne Powell is a real dynamo!  He is a veteran, having served 30 years in the military, and he has a law degree. As I listened to Powell, I was reminded of the film with James Stewart, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. For, I found Powell to be compassionate, stating his case assertively and to the point. He’d certainly be a much-needed breath of fresh air in Congress.

Henry:  Boy, if I had a dollar for every time my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel wanted to go for a walk. Why doesn’t driving him around in my car, while I do errands count? Darn, if that dog doesn’t keep insisting on his “constitutionals.”

My Son:  With my son over yesterday, so that we could go to the conference together, I just had to bake a chocolate chip pumpkin bread for him. And then we had to watch the first episode of the new season of Homeland, and it didn’t disappoint. No wonder it’s our favorite show.

Isn’t my sister a cutie patootie?

TV:  Now I know what you’re thinking. “Monica, if you’re so busy, why watch TV?” Simple. Because I LOVE it! I have too many favorite shows and I know I would get the DT’s to give any of them up.  I already mentioned Homeland. And, Sunday nights are the worst now that the fall is here and the shows have returned.  And, by worst, I mean, all the shows I watch seem to fall on Sunday night! Maybe in another post, I’ll confess more of my addiction.

My Sister: My sister is the youngest among my siblings, trailing me, the next youngest, by eight years. Well, today is her birthday, and I’m so very proud of her and all that she’s accomplished. For starters, she’s a journalist for a major daily newspaper, and she’s doing what she loves. So, Happy Birthday, Regina!  Oh, and by the way, if you ever run into her while she’s covering a story, ask her this question:

“Who the heck is Lois Nettleton??”

She’ll know the answer or my name is mud.

So, tell me. What did you do this weekend?

45 thoughts on “Random thoughts from a Crazed Woman

  1. You are crazy busy! Zumba is fun though and worth making time for. This week my schedule is wide open… I’m on vacation. So, of course, I’m running non-stop every day. When I get back home I’ll have time to catch up on my sleep. 🙂

    • Shary, another Zumba aficionado, eh? How marvelous. I should have known, what with your penchant for dancing. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Since I just came back from a yoga class, maybe I can slow things down for you 😉 — at least enough to let you know that I share your love of Zumba, in particular, and dancing, in general. Re: the election — I promised myself I wouldn’t check polls as regularly as I do. I admire your spirit.

    • Deborah, my brother told me that, for my own sanity, I shouldn’t follow the news until next Tuesday, when Mitt and Obama debate again. That way I won’t get apoplexed every time a new poll comes out. The anxiety of it all! Meanwhile, let’s Zumba!

  3. So you know, I am the complete opposite. I’d happily bury my head in a book and not have to bother with politics. It’s OK for you to shake your head in disgust. My very British, uber political husband does the same. YET – give the state of the world, even I have had to pull my head out of my dream world and pay attention. As for my weekend, I wrote .. a 10K word story .. or did the story write itself. It came out in a rush. I love when the words and I are in accord on the page.

    • In my youth, I was like you, not really caring what happened in the run up tot he elections, though I did always vote. Nowadays, I’m chomping at the bit looking for any news I can cling to, that my candidate is ahead. I love watching the pundits and dream of one day becoming one. 😉

  4. This is great. Being busy is a good thing especially if you are doing things you love. You know you are a politically junkie if you are listening to random debates! LOL..I love it.

    • Julene, I have to laugh at your comment, but I guess you’re right. I’m so addicted I’ll listen to a debate in which I don’t have a say in either candidate. It’s out of my district and then some. 😉

  5. I like Zumba too but the only classes in my area are late in the evening. Too bad. Sometimes my schedule is totally crazed. But this weekend, I tried to catch up with the cleaning, laundry, mail, etc. There’s always a catch-up time or things get out of hand!

    • How late, Renee. My class is at 7pm during the week and 8am on Saturdays. Both times work for me. They have daytime classes by I can never go because of work. The 8am Saturday class is perfect, because then I have the rest of the day to get the rest of my agenda done. 🙂

  6. Oh boy, that is a huge load Monica. I imagine keeping track of all the Race 2012 bloggers alone is hard work, not to mention coordinating the tweets and posting them on your blog as well. I think I have it hard… Oooh I love to dance, in fact I want to learn the samba. I have never gone to a zumba class, but it is on my ever growing list of things to do. I love doing things with my girls, so I’m sure going out with your son must have been fantastic. We had a soccer game early Saturday morning, a trip to the farmer’s market to get our produce, an 8 yr old birthday party, a big meltdown after the party and soccer game, cooking for an entire week, weeding, trimming hedges, more cooking and a lovely family outing to see hotel Transylvania – love Adam Sandler. There were tears over a school biography project… I have two biographies to help with and math – fractions. I would take Henry on a walk any day. can you send him over?

    • Well, MM, your schedule sounds even crazier, if you ask me. We’re all busy, I guess. The secret to getting it all done is to stay focused. I keep lists. Also this weekend, I had to balance my checkbook, do laundry, help my daughter, and get a mammogram. If you’re not busy this weekend, I’ll put young Henry on a train (I’ll tell him he’s going to England) and I’ll send him to you. You can give him the royal treatment, which he’ll appreciate very much!

      • It would be my pleasure Monica. Oh what a lovely break that would be, to walk Henry peacefully and not run this way and that. My girls are home for a break this week, lots going on…

    • Valentine, I’m not really complaining. I do enjoy having a full plate. The alternative would be moping about my children being gone. After all, the little beasts became adults and moved out, much to my chagrin. So instead I focus on a multitude of things. Though, if I could do anything, I’d rather it be writing!

    • We should start a Lois Nettleton fan club. My sister and I used to joke that for a woman who didn’t seem to be well-known (always hovering just beneath stardom), she sure showed up in a lot of TV shows. It was fun seeing where she’d turn up next. That woman had quite a range.

  7. Monica, all this activity should more than make up for the Zumba class you wish you could take in the week! I’m panting and out of breath as I read your “itinerary.” I wonder what Sir Henry thinks of Cook being so busy! hee hee! Talking about Zumba, I wish I could zumba away all my stress. Roxy’s little phase is draining the mental energy right out of me and I’ve taken to being cautious about walking during hours when I know other furry friends will be out and about. I wish Sir Henry and you lived next door. He and his cultured fine ways would be a great example to the little minx! 🙂

    • I wish it did, Bella, but when you look at this old girl, you’ll say yourself, “Get this broad to a Zumba class and STAT!” Three times a week could do a gal good. Too bad I’m so lazy. 😉

      I wish you and Roxy lived next door. They’d make great friends; as do we. 😉

  8. You continue to build character with all that work. I don’t Zumba but I’ve heard folk talking about it. I worked all weekend…Well, most of the weekend. I didn’t see where you did any writing but I understand. I can’t throw stones there.

    • Zumba is hot, Totsy. It makes an hour of exercising go super fast! And, trust me, I got plenty of writing in, given all I had going. Wish it could’ve been more, but hey, I wrote this post, didn’t I? 😉

  9. Monica – you are one busy lady. I love Zumba also – I attend one class a week. I’ve also tried Zumba toning – dancing with small weights – it is a fun way to exercise your upper body. I can’t go often though because I have to leave work early in order to make the class.
    I’ve never watched Homeland. I am going to have to check it out.
    I am going on vacation soon, so most of my weekend was getting things done before I leave.
    Have a great week.

    • Savvy, on Saturdays I take regular Zumba. On Tuesday’s I have toning Zumba, which is my favorite. Recently, I bought my own set of 2 1/2 pound weights. Love how they sound like maracas. It’s Salsa time, Baby!

  10. Sounds similar in business to my weekend. I am too tired to list it out. But in some way it would be so gratifying to do so. Maybe someone can get a glimpse into the many things that makes up my life. 🙂

    • Absolutely, Jodi. You should write it out too, and turn it into a post. I promise you, it’s therapeutic. Felt good, even though I left a few things out, like helping my daughter write a letter to prospective employers. She’s a college senior, after all. 😉

  11. Wow, Monica, you do juggle a full load! I love that you are involved in so many different aspects of life. That’s what makes you such an interesting person and so much fun to have as a friend!

  12. Happy birthday, Regina! Hope you have a lovely opportunity to celebrate.

    And, Monica, you are busy! Don’t know how you fit it all in. I, too, love the election season–love to listen to spin. By the way, did you see the cover of the New Yorker? I’m a huge Obama supporter, but I must admit–the cartoon was funny–sad–but funny.


  13. You are one busy person Monica, I am out of breath just reading about it.

    Not sure about the exercising though, I am built for comfort not speed.

    Spent the weekend as always on the railway, it was our last big event of the year and it was a 1940’s weekend which was popular, pictures if your desperate on my blog

    Have a good week and you take Young Henry for lots of walks.

      • I would love to Monica, but I would be shattered by the time I walked there to do it.

        Just pop me down as a cyber walker for young Henry, then just put my fees in the post!!

  14. What a busy weekend you had! But Monica, you know driving a dog around isn’t anywhere near as fun for him as walking — why, with walking, you get all these interesting smells! And I think I read that dog owners regularly need to stimulate their dog’s senses to keep them young-at-heart. It was a beautiful weekend here, so the Sheltie and I did quite a bit of walking!

  15. You are indeed busy. I freed up a lot of time by completely turning off any election coverage. I used to be a big political and news junkie but I found it agitated me a lot more often than it informed.

    • Paul, I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t do that. It would be akin to letting the country decide on who the next president is without first consulting me. I’d hate to be surprised. I need to have full command of my wits about me and if necessary, have the ability to brace myself for the worst. But know that I applaud you for being able to cut that umbilical cord. Too tough for me.

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