Southern California’s Jewel

Just down the way from me, a few miles south, you’ll find La Jolla which means, jewel, and it truly is a gem of the region. Whenever I have out-of-town visitors, this is where I bring them. To take a stroll along this path and gaze upon this gorgeous view. Not to mention the seals.

Years ago, a short time after I moved here, harbor seals took over what is still, pretty much known as La Jolla’s Children’s Pool. This particular beach had once been designated as a beach for children, as requested by San Diego philanthropist Ellen Browning Scripps, and when I first moved to this area, I actually brought my kids to this beach a couple of times. However, a seal colony soon took it over and the rest is history.

I love seeing the seals in this natural setting, living and thriving right here, in our midst. But, since they’re arrival, 20 years ago, there’s been an ongoing battle between environmentalists who want to protect them and their right to be here, and those who want to reclaim this beach for children. But, the seals have been here so long now, (it’s become a tourist attraction, as tour buses bring visitors here daily), that I can’t imagine how they’d do if they were forced to leave and resettle elsewhere.

So, take a look at my photos of La Jolla, and tell me, isn’t this the most beautiful place for a stroll? I feel so lucky to live here!

If you’re going to live by the ocean, might as well enjoy the view, as this bicyclist is doing.

These Harbor seals claimed this cove as their home about about two decades ago, yet it’s still called Children’s Pool. Debate looms whether humans should be allowed into their habitat. For now, some, as pictured here, do impose themselves on the seals’ habitat.

This automobile screams, So Cal! The Beach Boys surely must be nearby.

Some folks will wear just about anything on the beach. Hope they remembered sunblock.

I just love the view from here!

If I wasn’t lucky enough to live here, I’d certainly want to vacation here, along the rugged coastline.

This house is directly across the street from the ocean. I could definitely see why anyone would want to live here, perhaps relax on this appealing bench and lose themselves for hours in the seaside view.

I can’t think of a better place for yoga, can you?

Another perfect bench for a respite. Care to join me?

Henry wasn’t the only dog enjoying a stroll along the La Jolla Shores.

A variety of gulls make their home here–Willet and Western gulls. Heermann’s Gulls, too. From a distance, I swear these gulls look like penguins.

There is so much beauty to feast upon along the jagged coast of La Jolla.

And One More…

Over the years, here, too, the trees have succumbed to the flow of the wind. Yet, they still thrive, and are works of art created by nature’s hand.

47 thoughts on “Southern California’s Jewel

  1. Love the old blue Chevy with matching surfboard on top and the two middle aged men on the beach. The Pacific Coast is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Do you work for the San Diego Travel Bureau? You should, the photos are most inviting. We are having winter in San Francisco today (typical) but heat is forecasted for the weekend. I am hoping I can go pack to sandals. Loved the images of the park bench. I could see you there with pen and journal writing away.

  3. Monica one of our humans has been there and wanted us to tell you that it is one of the most beautiful places she has ever been. She would love to live there. We would like it too! πŸ™‚

  4. I love the photos Monica. Thank you sharing one of your favorite places – it is lovely. I love the photo of the person sitting on the beach next to the seals and your picture of the twisted trees is awesome.

  5. Your photography is breathtaking – I do so love an ocean view. Also, as much as I love children, I do wish for the seals to be maintained in their now natural home. Thanks for sharing!

    • Astra, I hope the seals get to stay, too. That would be so awesome, not just for us, but for generations to come. Once they move in, they’re loathe to move out. Besides, it’s a perfect place for them, with plenty of fish in these waters.

  6. It’s been several years since I visited La Jolla, but I love love love it — the seals, the views, the climate, etc. etc. On my last visit, I do recall a place (possibly retirement living??) called Casa de Manana. Can you see me there?

    • Wow, Deborah. How funny you remember Casa de MaΓ±ana. I have always imagined that there can’t be a better place to see out the golden years. Glad to know that you’ve been casing out the place, too. πŸ˜‰

  7. You have such a great eye to capture these beach scenes! It takes much more than captivating scenery–it’s the way you crop and frame images, and the things you pay attention to. Lovely!

    • Thank you so much, Uvi! I am speechless! Photography is a hobby, but I’m pleased as punch that you can see how much I put into taking my photographs. It’s such an enjoyable pastime!

  8. Lovely images Monica.

    You have captured the area well.

    A photographers dream location.

    Love the seals, always nicer to see them as they should be seen and not in a zoo.

    • You know, Robert, I took over 100 photos that day. It really was hard deciding which ones to include, because there are so many worthy ones. The captivating scenery makes it easy to take good shots!

      • Yes I know what you mean, it’s often harder to decide what to leave out than it is to decide what to put in.

        I would put some of the ones you included in my Oh I wish I had taken that myself list!!!

  9. Nature is perfect. I say leave the seals alone. So cool to be able to have access to the beach and enjoy the seals. I’ve never seen a live seal myself.

    • Totsy, I agree. I’d love to see the seals stay because seeing them in their natural habitat is rare indeed. It’s an ongoing controversy and while the debate goes on, no one is making the seals go anywhere. Thank goodness!

  10. Such great shots Monica! I never knew what La Jolla meant, but it certainly looks as if it deserves its name! (But … is that an NYC pigeon I see in the 5th photo??) πŸ™‚

    • LOL, Lisa. What can I say, but, the pigeons have come home to roost? Maybe not, but just goes to show you that even pigeons can appreciate a good view when they see one, and for this one, well, I’m sure he feels it was worth the trip!

  11. What a gorgeous place. There’s nothing more peaceful and soothing to me than a walk on the beach. No wonder you take folks there! Hope your weekend is going well, Monica.

    • I know what you mean, Kathy. It’s so soothing and yet, so rejuvenating. One of my favorite memories is of having a picnic there with friends many years ago, and playing lawn bowling by the sea. What a pleasant day!

  12. Monica, these photos are gorgeous! I can totally picture me and you sitting on that bench overlooking the waves, chatting about anything and everything! Now you’ve given me another place I MUST see!

  13. That’s where I’m going to be for a wedding next month!

    Can’t wait…

    So what kind of temps should I expect of late-August in La Jolla? I just love having the inside scoop… πŸ˜‰

    • Think temperate, Mikalee. The weather here doesn’t fluctuate too much. Even in summer, it often is cool in the morning and evening and gorgeous through the day. Bring sweaters or sweatshirts, short-sleeves and tanks, and you’ll be fine! I would expect high 60’s in the morn and 80’s during the day, down to 70 or so in the eve. I can’t wait to meet you face-to-face!

  14. We love going to La Jolla and we always take visitors there to walk along the coast and… see the seals. I understand the legal problem since the land for the Children’s Pool was given to the city for a specific purpose, but the seals are so much fun to watch. I hope they get to stay.

  15. The La Jolla Cove offers one of the best swim spots in California. The kelp beds are full of fish as you swim by, and it is a wonderful protected area if you time your swim with the low tide. There is nothing better than doing the backstroke and gazing at the cliffs. You are fortunate to live so close.

    • Wow, Judy, I had no idea about the kelp beds. The seals moved in shortly after I did, and I’ve never ventured out there. Sounds amazing, though. And I agree. I’m very fortunate to live nearby.

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