Old Friends

This photo was snapped about 15 years ago.

There’s nothing like old friends.

In May, I got together with a few old friends in Seattle, who I hadn’t seen in practically forever: Pam, Clare and Pat. We had such an amazing time together, falling back into our own rhythm, much like the way we were back when we’d see each other all the time. It nourished my heart and my soul to be with my longtime friends, so much so, that I plan to go back this fall for another round with them, just hanging in the Northwest.

This past weekend, I got together with another old friend. Christine.

Years ago, Christine and I worked together, right here in San Diego. Then she moved away and we lost track. A couple of years ago, she came back into my life (Thank you, Facebook!), and we haven’t missed a beat since.

I have so much fun with Christine. She’s smart, cheerful, hilariously funny and oozes joie de vivre, to boot! Her happiness can’t help but rub off on me. Which makes me very joyful, indeed!

So, though I don’t see Christine often—she lives two and a half hours away, for crying out loud—when we do get together, we’re guaranteed to have a blast. Make that an explosion of fun!

This weekend, we met halfway, and spent the entire day losing track of time, by doing the following:

1. Shopping to our heart’s content at our favorite department store.

Isn’t she lovely?

2. Trying on expensive makeup from Australia. Talented makeup artist, Tim, worked hard to make me look halfway decent, but had a much easier go of it with Christine, who is beautiful, with striking eyes, a gorgeous smile and flawless skin. He sold her two products to get that look (see photo, above). He told me I needed 15 different products and a prayer, and that I should “hope for the best.” Sigh.

This is Christine, holding her brand new shoes, and starving while waiting for me to pick a place to eat. She graciously allowed me to snap gads of photos.

3. Laughing and giggling while shopping for a travel purse (for me), a pair of pink wedge shoes (for Christine), and a blouse from the sale rack that was such a good price, it became a must-have! (Christine, again).

4. Searching like crazy for a place to lunch. (We’d waited so long, we were famished!) And confiding, and laughing over avocado egg rolls, once we found the perfect spot.

5. Trying on all sorts of clothes in the women’s department, which was seemingly deserted–not even a salesperson in sight! It was as if the store had closed and we were accidentally trapped inside to wreak havoc. What fun!

6. Finally, when we were so exhausted we could have fallen asleep right there, between the dresses and the pants rack, we stopped at a café for refreshing Frappuccino’s, and used it as another opportunity to chat some more. While we were at it, we set a date for our next encounter, thank you, very much.

Then, regretfully, we hugged and said our goodbyes, with neither of us looking forward to the long drive ahead that awaited us. Me heading south, and Christine, due north.

One last chat before parting.

Until next time, Christine!

So, tell me. What’s the best day you ever spent with an old friend?

This is us just before heading home. What a day!

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  1. Hi Monica!

    How ironic that I read this today. My best friend of 30 plus years is on her way to stay the ENTIRE weekend with me! I am so excited! Although we talk and FB one another we haven’t actually visited in over 3 years. We’re planning on a weekend of gabbing, drinking wine, eating (she is a fabulous cook) more gabbing, walking our dogs and just hanging out.

    I’m so glad you were also able to reconnect with Christine…and hopefully you won’t have to wait so long for one another’s next visit.

  2. I think it would be wonderful thing to be an old friend of Mistress Monica. Friends come and go in life, some last a lifetime, some we carry in our hearts an entire lifetime, others are as quick as a wink. Regardless, we cherish their presence in our lives, as you do with yours. On a side note, the photos are beautiful. The two of you look comfortable with one another. I love makeup parties and makeovers, btw. They are so fun. Christine, you’re a lucky gal.

    • Brenda, I’m so glad you appreciate the pleasures that come when you’re in the company of old friends. Spending time with Christine is like a being given a beautiful spray of flowers, and a breath of fresh air. I’m glad the joy of our friendship comes across in these photos.

  3. I reconnected with my oldest friend about a year ago, after years of no contact. In one way it’s like coming home; and yet it’s also a reminder of the circumstances that drew us apart and the changes in our lives. There’s nothing like that love between old friends, and the bonds I share with the special women in my life. Shopping, eating avocado egg rolls ;-), reminiscing — you capture the spirit of it all in a way that brings a very heartwarming smile of recognition. If this a cult, I’m a lifelong member.

  4. Sadly, my friends have always had to take a back seat to my busy life as a mom. I’ve managed to have kids at all the times my friends either didn’t have them yet, or were through having them when I started over. My newer friends have kids and are thoroughly familiar with and practiced at canceling!

    That said, one of the best times I had with an old friend was a visit to Arizona in which we did nothing but eat our favorite healthy foods (we both get into that like we’re on a candy binge), try new workouts together, watch movies, and chat until way too late in the evenings. She’s coming here in a couple of months and I’m sure she is going to drag me out shopping once she sees the dismal state of my closet!

    • Britton, you’re not alone. When my kids were younger, friends also took backseat. Now that they’re grown, it’s different. I am my own person again, and can make plans without worrying about who’s going to watch the kids. I thought I’d dread this day, to be honest, but having grown kids has its own reward. All this to say, maybe someday it’ll be different for you, too. 😉

  5. —-You are both beeeeautiful.
    I love that you enjoy one another’s company so much! Girlfriends are FABulous.
    My best days / nights were spent with my sister. We’d shop, discuss our goal & dreams, read at Barnes and Noble, bake, EAT great food, and LAUGH endlessly.

    Great Post, Monica.

    • Thank you, Kim! Yes, girlfriends are the best, and I’m looking forward to seeing Christine again soon. We’re aiming for early September! I know what your sister means to you, and I’m glad you have those memories of the simple, ordinary things you did together that were so special because of her. Hugs!

  6. Nice post Monica!

    Oh the wonder of facebook, truly a wonderful way to connect and re-connect. I was leery when I first started my fb account but I am so glad I did. It has been a great way to find old school mates, family and make new friends.

    My best days with my bff are where else but the dog shows, lol

  7. my 2 best friends live in other places so whenever I get to spend time with either one of them, it is special. Nothing like playing catch up!

    • Absolutely right. There is nothing like catching up with old friends. In this day and age of mobility, though, so many of our dearest, old friends live far away, it seems. Which makes our time together all the more priceless.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for signing up to receive notification of new posts. I am always so happy to get new followers. You’ve made my day! 🙂

  8. There’s nothing like old friends. I have one from third grade and another who was my college roommate, both of which live in the Pacific Northwest. I can’t wait to head that way next month and reconnect. More than doing activities together, we mostly just enjoy hanging out–often in the backyard–catching up face to face. It always feels like we saw each other yesterday, even though a year has usually passed.

    • Becky, that’s exactly right. You hit the nail on the head. Old friends make you feel as though no time has passed at all. Lucky you, you get to see yours next month. I’m going back to Seattle in November. I know it’s going to be swell! 🙂

  9. What fun that must have been! Great pictures too. And *you* are beautiful!

    I can’t remember the last time I had a day like that. Which tells me that I need to put it on the to-do list! And I seriously need a makeup revamp. 8)

    • Thanks, Eloise. The pictures are great because Christine is very photogenic. So she made it easy to take nice photos. However, I am definitely showing signs of aging, which is why I like taking photos not being in them! 😉

  10. I’m so glad you were able to catch up with old friends. One of the hazards of moving a lot is that many of my dear friends live far away. I think it’s worth the effort to keep in touch, though. We manage with e-mail and phone calls, but it’s always best when we can get together. I have a tradition of spending a long weekend with my college roommates once a year. We never plan much… never need to. It’s just so great to relax together. I love how we can pick up where we left off.

    • Me, too, Shary! I rarely get such days, so when I do, they’re all the more special. It is worth the effort. Which is why I’ve already purchased my plane ticket to return to Seattle. I know that even if we do nothing at all, it’ll be fun. Your long weekend with college friends sounds like perfection. The best kind of getaway, if you ask me!

  11. Two beautiful ladies. What a lovely day you’ve had Monica. I spent a day just like that yesterday with my friend from Australia while the husbands worked/took care of our children. It really nourishes the spirit. We are leaving for our trip to Disneyland/Sea World tomorrow. More fun on the road – I think.

    • Yes, MM, it was a terrific day. I felt like I was on some cloud, without a care in the world! How nice that you got to spend a day with your friend from afar. Ooh, what fun you’re going to have visiting down this way. Hope you got my suggestions for dining! Hugs to you, my friend!

      • Monica, I can’t seem to find your message with the dining suggestions. I will scroll through them again. I love that feeling of not having a care in the world… don’t you? We need more days like it. We’re so blessed aren’t we? We are on our drive to LA, stuck in traffic.. The girls are so excited. Many hugs

      • You mentioned in an earlier message about coming down here, but now I don’t remember which one. Anyway, I suggested, that if you want Mexican food, go to Old Town. Casa Guadalajara on Taylor Street or Freds Mexican Cafe, an Award Winning Baja Infused Menu, on 2470 San Diego Avenue. Best place for ecclectic, C-Level on Harbor Island (across from the airport). It’s so good. Great view, too. Be sure to order the nut-crusted brie as an appetizer. Out of this world!

  12. Great post Monica. I love connecting with old friends, and your shopping day with Christine reminds me that I need to do that more often. Glad you two had so much fun!!!

  13. Awww…you’re making me miss one of my BFFs, who lives in Idaho. It’s amazing how you can pick up as if you never really left off with some friends…I guess that’s one of the components of true friendship.

    It looks like you had a marvelous day! 🙂

  14. Lucky you, having an “old” friend so close — my best old friend lives clear across the country, and it’s been years since we were together. But I think you’ve inspired me — perhaps I need to take a road trip and have one of those “girls’ days” like you mentioned?!

  15. Great post, Monica. Just over a year ago, Sara and I took a weekend break from Haiti on South Beach. Twenty eight years ago I taught writing to an amazing student, who is now an attorney in Miami. We’ve remained friends ever since. What was great about this visit was the chance for him to meet Sara for the first time–over dinner with his girl friend–a Cuban exile. It was a delightful evening.

    • What a wonderful memory, Kathy. Sounds like you and Sara had a great evening with your friends. And, while 28 years may seem like a long time, those years went fast, didn’t they?

  16. Nice post Monica.

    I have made contact with a few old friends I had lost contact with when they came across me on the internet. Some I was pleased to hear from again but I must admit some did not really excite me when they made contact and we have drifted away again. I suppose to be honest I have many aquantances but very few friends. This comes from the fact that often I like my own company. Though I do enjoy trips out with people, but often I find the best part of a day out is getting home again.

    Christine certainly looks a very happy person, just the kind of person to spend a day with when your feeling a bit down. You seem to have both enjoyed your girlie shopping expedition. Having worked in the past in retail for seventeen years I am not a great fan of going round shops, not my idea of fun. If I need to buy something from a shop I tend to go in buy it and then out again.

    I am not sure I have a best day when I met up with an old friend that I could choose to be honest. These days we all tend to keep in toch on a regular basis via the internet.

    There is a person I would class as a good friend and he lives in Halifax NS but we have never met and most likely never will, we met through my interest in marine radio communications. We exchange emails on a regular basis and I did a basic web site for him as well as a gift.

    • I think friendships between guys is a bit different. There’s probably no way you could have a day like I had with Christine without someone laughing at you. But having a friend who shares your interest in marine radio communications, but you’ve never met, is also very special. Good for you, Robert! 😉

      • You could well be right Monica, the nearest I am likely to get with my friends is wandering through a computer store, normally muttering that the prices are too high.
        I have never worked out why women love to shop for hours, it is a black art to me I will admit.
        Yes my friend Spud in Halifax is a mine of information, he even has a connection with films, he was the radio operator on the ship they used for Mutiny on the Bounty with Marlon Brando in. Which I am ashamed to say is a film I have never seen.

      • You should try to see Mutiny on the Bounty sometime. But I actually recommend the earlier, 1935 version, staring Charles Laughton (a great actor!) as Captain Bligh and Clark Gable as Mr. Christian. A gem!

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