Same Locale, Sunny Day

Another morning and this time, it’s sunny! Very unusual when you live by the coast, which makes this day feel all the more like a treasure. If you ask me, nature’s colors seem all the more vivid, and more alive thanks to the bright and welcoming sunshine!  (To all of you enduring extremely hot temperatures, I don’t mean to brag about our temperate, breezy weather. Tee-hee!)

How gorgeous and inviting the Pacific Ocean looks on this sunny and cheery morning.

These two seem to be engrossed in conversation. What are they talking about?

This dad seems to be helping his daughter make an ant hill. It’s been said that San Diego was built on an ant hill.

Walking around the neighborhood, I love encountering interesting front doors, like this one. I can’t help but  wonder, what’s on the other side?

Here’s another door that caught my eye. It’s the bougainvillaea that did it. Dare I go in?

A big part of this neighborhood is the local, and very popular, Del Mar Race track. Horse racing begins in mid-July, and goes through early September. This restaurant’s door is an elegant nod to the sport of horse racing.

The dense and unusual-looking foliage caught my eye. Seems like a perfect home for a Hobbit.

La Entrada: And one more door. This one needs to “remind” you, albeit in Spanish, what it’s for.

32 thoughts on “Same Locale, Sunny Day

  1. Bella, and if you were here, we could take Henry and Roxy to a beach at the northern end of Del Mar set aside for dogs. Where you see many dogs frolicking along the water getting splashed by the waves and loving it. They’d have so much fun–together at last!

  2. Monica, I’m playing catch up with your lovely blog like a crazy person! My goodness, I can’t believe how much I’ve missed! I’m so sorry, amiga. I find myself having less time and patience to deal with the Internet while on vacation. Nevertheless, I’m so glad I persevered. This post is fantastic! The doors are amazing and the last one that says, “Entrada,” is just charming. I love the little flowers that surround the frame. It’s wonderful that you have the beach so close to you. I would spend many a day walking on the sand. Cold or hot weather–it wouldn’t matter just as long as I can see and hear the ocean waves! 🙂

  3. I live in San Francisco, so I am always close by a beach, but there is always something inviting about pictures of beach in a town not my own. They make me yearn for the road, some coco butter, a floppy happy, flip flops, a beach side bar that whips up Margaritas from scratch. I can taste the sea breeze on my lips now.

    • Brenda, don’t you just love the beach. What a wonderful way to relax. I can just lose myself watching the tide ebb and flow. So entrancing! And I love me the smell of coco butter. I also love how you describe a day by the sea!

    • Yeah, Misty, the first one is pretty cool. I got lucky that I happened on that vista, between two houses, on a dead end street. But now, I use that photo as my computer’s wallpaper. 😉

  4. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I’m ready to jump in (to the water, duh), though the artful shots of doors and windows are inviting in their own way. 😉

    • Brace yourself, Deborah, as beautiful as the water looks, it’s also cold here. But on the other hand, with your heatwave, 65 degree water might sound refreshing about now. 😉

  5. Monica, thank you SO much for taking me along on your walk! You have beautiful scenery on a sunny day, my friend, and now I’m sure I need to add “visit San Diego” to my bucket list! Those colors in your first shot simply pop, and I love those doors!

    • Debbie, I hope I’ve convinced you that this is a gorgeous spot to visit. Wait until you see the photos I’m posting next week of a slightly different part of town! 🙂

  6. I love doors and gates. I think it’s definitely the mystery of what’s behind them. Of course, if they’re open, Lola tries to drag me through. She’s not shy! Great photos.

  7. Fabulous pictures Monica. The one of the impressive ‘ant hill’ is amazing – a lot of effort on a warm day! I love the pictures of the doors, especially the one at the Del Mar Race track – beautiful!

    • Thank you, Tall Person! Yes, I thought the “ant hill” was tremendous. I wonder how long it took them to get it that high. The door with the horse carved into it is also a great restaurant. They have delicious, char-broiled burgers!

  8. It’s good to know a breeze is somewhere. I’ll think about and imagine it coming this way. Very nice photos. I’d love to put my feet in the water right about now.

    • Oh, Totsy, hopefully you’ll be home soon enough and get some breezes there. In the meantime, you can always stick your feet in the bathtub or sink, close your eyes, and pretend you’re by the sea!

  9. Lovely shots Monica.

    I love the shots of the doors. Especially the wooden double ones.

    Nice to see people on the beach as well and to see sand castle building is going strong over there!!

    As for your weather, no comment. We have it very humid here this morning with driving rain and many flood warnings in force, not the best of summers here in the UK!!!

  10. I need to have that bungalow and find out what all those plants in the yard are. Those photos are fabulous. Thanks for the tour. It’s been years since I’ve been to S.D.

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